Reaper of the Martial World
48 You Must Survive 1
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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48 You Must Survive 1

Dyon's mind was working on overdrive. He had just realized something that made this situation a lot more dangerous than he assumed, it was likely that if he spent too much to get out of this one that he'd die even if he managed to survive.

'How laughable, I revealed my cards to the big sects and the God Clans because I thought this world would be worth the risk. When I compared the information I knew about this world with my master's memory, I deduced that it must be the legacy world of an expert that surpassed dao formation. But…'

Unfortunately for Dyon, the only thing that was true was the power of the owner of this world. If Dyon was right… this wasn't a legacy world at all. And now, all of those who had followed him in were infected with a demonic qi that was supposedly meant to help them with the coming trials. But, if Dyon was correct… all that meant was that they'd have no chance to resist when the time came.

Dyon's eyes sharpened, 'you think it's that easy to use me, hm? I don't know why you've set up this farce, but I promise you that playing with me won't be easy.'

Dyon knew that even though these were his enemies, he would have to work with them if any of them wanted to leave alive. That meant he'd need to find the first opportunity possible to wash them over with celestial will and remove the demonic qi.


The doors closed behind them. They found themselves in a room that looked more like a control center. There was an array formation and a clear place of deposit for energy stones.

'this… the tower is a device? Can it move?...'

"As you can see, this entire tower is actually the legacy I've chosen to leave behind. It's known as the Netherworld Tower. It's a Supreme Treasure surpassing transcendent treasures. As my successor, you'd be able to use your blood to form a contract with it once I officially pass on. You'll have to become stronger to open the floors all the way to the top, but, as long as you have the enough transcendent stones, the speed you reach will be incomparable to anything else. It will also provide you with a base level of defense that can also be boosted with transcendent stones. Other than that, all of my life's techniques, treasures and thoughts on cultivation can be found as long as you have the strength to ascend the top."

"Senior, I'm not sure of how long it has been since you created this legacy world, but transcendent stones are incomparably rare. Is it possible to power this tower with dao stones instead?"

The figure tossed a look of Dyon assumed was disdain since he couldn't see the expert's face, "you can power the tower with any kind of stones as long as you have enough. If you want to waste millions of dao stones just to move a small distance, it would be nothing but a waste. If you want to be my successor yet can't even get transcendent stones, then why would I even choose you?"

Dyon smiled, nodding.

"dumbass," muttered Ace.

Dyon seemed unbothered. Only he knew the reason he asked the question.

"I'm actually interested in your story senior. I know you're an unparalleled expert, but I want to know your story so that I can properly represent you as your successor," Dyon said politely.

Dyon was smirking on the inside, 'this guy sure is a good actor. Why is he telling us about a treasure he has no intention of giving us? There must be a reason he needs to maintain a façade even against people so much weaker than him.'

The other geniuses were interested as well, but Niveus seemed to sense that something was off with the way Dyon was acting. But, sending secret messages in the presence of such an expert was impossible.

"Ai, I'm the Sage of the Demon Empire. I was an expert body cultivator and my understanding of the demonic and destructive was unparalleled. I've created many techniques in my life, but, among my most prideful would be my Blood Sacrifice technique," the expert smirked, proud that his technique could maintain its place in history despite its simple name – a testament to its power.

The geniuses who knew of the technique trembled to think the creator of such a powerful technique was right in front of them.

Dyon's eyes narrowed when he heard this, 'no wonder they were able to open this world after sacrificing a few thousand students. I was confused before. Although many students had died, in the face of hundreds of years of accumulating energy, some 3rd and 4th foundation layer students should have been a drop in the bucket… it seems that the world itself resonated with the technique, making it willing to open itself up.'

"I reached a transcendent realm of cultivation. However, my life came to an when end my life span had reached its final day…"

A silence pervaded the room.

"enough! Let's begin with the test. The remaining candidate will have the opportunity to completely fuse with my soul, giving you all the memories of my life. This will make your future cultivation smoother."

With a wave of his hands, they disappeared from the control room and entered another.

"this is one of the training rooms within the tower. The first test was a measure your intelligence and your strength. You needed to not only kill the creatures, but also understand the reason why it would be best if you didn't avoid too many of them just so you could reach the tower faster. This one, however, will test your comprehension abilities towards martial techniques."

Massive obsidian stones sat in the middle of the room.

"This will be the final test. Each stone contains the same technique. Whoever reaches small success of its first stage fastest will not only attain my blood essence, but also gain the right to fuse with me soul. The blood essence of a body cultivation expert like me should be something you all dream of. Think of it as a last gift for my successor."

A flash of lightning his Dyon as he heard this, 'he… he needs a body!'


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