Reaper of the Martial World
46 Legacy World Opening 2
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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46 Legacy World Opening 2

Days later, Dyon had firmly stepped into a peak first level understanding of demonic will and was already at the edge of a clearing. All that was left to do was walk the half a kilometer distance to the looming tower. But, with so many enemies, Dyon had to be careful.

'I should risk it and use a concealment array. The initial flash might catch someone's eye, but by the time they reach the source, I should be gone. It's really dark, but a single spot on this red soil would be really obvious'

Little Black was taking a nap on Dyon head, oblivious to the seriousness of the situation. But, Dyon let him sleep. He had been working hard for the past few days, cleansing all of the creatures they had come up against. Dyon gently placed Little Black into his spatial ring.

Sometimes, Dyon had no choice but to fight, doing his best to infuse celestial will in his fists in order to penetrate the tough skin of the creatures. This left him tired and worn out. The skin of his fists and the bones in his arms had been broken so often now that Dyon almost felt like his whole arm had been reformed.

It would have been much easier to use his sword, but now that he knew they were people, how could he do that? But, Dyon knew that his method of dealing with this trial would only lead to problems. The demonic qi provided by the expert of this world was meant to artificially boost demonic will within a person for the duration that they were in this world. Essentially, the laws of a legacy world created by an expert were formed to their will. So, something like this was considered very mild as a possible effect.

But, what this meant was that although Dyon had used the artificial demonic qi to understand genuine demonic will, it would still leave him at a disadvantage in comparison to the other geniuses who he was sure would have taken full advantage of the creatures. In fact, Dyon wouldn't be surprised if they had even broken past the 5th layer of demonic will. By his calculations, that would have only required dealing with a couple hundred creatures.

Although Dyon had purified numbers in the thousands, their demonic qi had dispersed. He was well aware that this would leave him at a severe disadvantage. For all he knew, only demonic will was allowed to be used within the tower.

'This is going to be a problem…'

With a flash, Dyon disappeared within his concealment formation, sprinting towards the tower


A few miles away, also at the edge of the same clearing, a group of Storm family members noticed a flash.

"What was that?"

"The color was gold, it might have been that bastard Dyon…"

Their first brother started slowly walking forward, not paying attention to their words.

"Let's follow first brother," whispered Autumn.

They all emitted thick demonic qi. It was clear that the had killed many creatures.

"Why haven't we found Tammy?"

"It's possible her emblem was destroyed during an encounter… Those creatures got very strong. If it wasn't for first brother, we would have died…"

"It doesn't matter, she can take care of herself. At worst, she'll just be ejected without seeing the true inheritance."

The group of 5 moved silently towards the tower, relying on their numbers.


Dyon waited patiently at the large towering doors of the tower. He could go in, but he had no idea if there were any people inside. If a door opened and no one showed up, it would obviously be a dead give away.

Soon, Dyon's patience paid off. He jumped and hung on one of the engraved patterns of the door.

"So, this is where the inheritance should be," spoke Callidora, rearranging the straps to her split spears.

Autumn took the bow off of her back, readying an arrow.

Their first brother placed his hand on the door. His long hair flowed as he forced the door open.

Dyon's eyes widened as he sensed danger. Immediately diving into the tower, narrowly dodging a massive ruby crystal that embedded itself into the place he was just at.


"That clearly hit nothing Saeclum, are you sure you're not going senile?" Sneered Ipsum.

Saeclum frowned, "my senses are unparalleled among those at the same cultivation levels. There's no way I made a mistake. Clearly he dodged your weak attack."

"Weak!? You want to try it out you man-woman?!"

Saeclum was about to retort when Dyon spoke out, "*sigh*, I just got here, and people are already attacking me. Can't you all be more civil?"

After saying this Dyon immediately used a higher-level concealment array, jumping back to give himself time while scanning the room.

The room was completely bland. It only had a single wide stair case to an equally bland door. But, everything emitted a deadly qi that could make anyone shudder. Candles were the only light in the high-ceilinged room, even decorating the chandelier.

Before Ipsum could attack again, Dyon had already disappeared and moved, watching quietly at those who had made it.

'I don't see Oliver or Caedlum… and Chenglei isn't here either… But, it seems like all the God Clan affiliates are here plus a few faces I've never seen before. Not to mention it seems like the big sect geniuses are here too. Only 13 people including myself…'

"Come down here you coward!" boomed Ace.

Dyon deflected his voice using his wind will, "you blow with that mouth of yours too much Ace… people would never think that you were a dignified member of the God Clans."


A spear stuck in the wall where Dyon had projected his voice, causing him to chuckle, "dumbass."

Ace trembled in anger. But, before he could say anything else, a booming voice filled the room. It sounded like metal was scraping against each other and filled with incomparable blood lust.

"This is what my signal brought me? A bunch on inconsequential weak children. This is the best the martial world has to offer in the younger generation? How pathetic."

An aura swept the area, completing destroying Dyon's concealment array and causing his face to pale. A cold snort filled the room almost as if to make fun of Dyon for trying to conceal himself in his presence.

Dyon smiled bitterly, but he breathed a sigh of relief as he noticed that the concealment he had put on the strength of his soul stayed.

A dozen pairs of eyes bore into Dyon, but they didn't dare move for fear of disrespecting the expert.

An illusory figure appeared at the top of the stairs. His face was covered in a black hood. You couldn't make out the outline of his body, but the form of his aura gave him a presence that couldn't be compared.

The figure quietly scanned the room before his eyes fell on Dyon, "Why do you have no demonic qi within you?"

Dyon expecting this, answered respectfully, "Senior put so much effort into your legacy world, so I thought it would be a shame if I lost all of after I left. So, I decided to learn real demonic will instead of the fake kind my supposed competitors learned."

Although Dyon couldn't see it, the expert started in surprise, 'this world has only been opened for a few days, but he learned demonic will already?'

Ace couldn't hold it in anymore, "IMPOSSIBLE! Just admit you couldn't kill a single one of the creatures with your weak cultivation level! Demonic will is among the most unattainable among the wills along with celestial, time and a few others, how could you learn it in a few days?! And you want to say that I'm the one who blows nonsense!"

Although the senior didn't like his conversations interrupted, he had to agree.

Dyon didn't reply, instead letting a blood thirsty aura emit from his body, "how about you shut your mouth?"

Ace stumbled, "you… you…"

"HAHAHAHAHAHAHA, I don't care whether you had already known demonic will before coming here and are lying to me. The fact you know it at such a young age is enough for you to be considered a genius in any era. Good, Good. Maybe this hasn't all been in vein.

Now, the rest of you release your artificial wills. It will allow me to gauge the amount of creatures you killed."

A slight smile appeared on Dyon's face. He noticed two things. For one, the senior didn't have full observational abilities even over his world. Secondly, he wasn't even able to tell that Dyon had demonic will without him releasing it. Thirdly, he needed the rest to release their wills voluntarily for him to see their levels.

'His soul is weakened enough to not be able to do what an expert should clearly be able to do… He must have weakened to saint level if I give him every possible advantage. Saint level is still much too much for me to handle though… but… celestial will might give me an advantage here'

As the figures inside the tower released their wills, the figure's eyes landed on Elof, Ace, the tall blond young man from the Storm family, Niveus, and a boy with red hair that seemed to be from the flame sword sect.

"You've each surpassed the 6th level of demonic will. Technically, only you 5 would have passed to enter this second level. But, I'll allow the child over there to enter as well as he's already comprehended the true demonic will."

The figure turned around, expecting them to follow.

Dyon frowned, '6th level?' He had expected the 5th would be possible. But, them surpassing the 6th meant they were at the very least 7th. That was well out of Dyon's expectations.

'They're strong… But, they should have had help. At the very least the tall blond guy had help.'

As they entered the door a faint voice rang out, "other legacy worlds have smaller treasures for those who aren't worthy of the main challenge… unfortunately, I can't bother with losers…"

The other geniuses could only clutch their fists in anger. They were hoping to teach Dyon a lesson, but it seemed they wouldn't get a chance.

The words of the figure made Dyon pause, 'This…'. Dyon immediately imperceptibly sent out of a string of first level time will.

The result made Dyon pale, 'this is not good…'


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