Reaper of the Martial World
45 Legacy World Opening 1
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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45 Legacy World Opening 1

Dyon appeared in a world of darkness. The only light came from the cracked soil beneath his feet that seemed to glow a blood red. The sky had no stars, there was only the faint outline of a tower in the distance that glowed its own red color.

The air was heavy, and the sense of danger made Dyon's hairs stand on end. The space around him was filled with what looked like the outlines of trees, but when Dyon used his aurora to inspect them, he was startled to find that they were made of charred bone rising to such a height that even with the help of his golden eyes, Dyon couldn't see the top of. If it wasn't for them being so thin, he would have never seen the tower.

'what kind of world is this?...'

From his master's memory, Dyon was fully aware that every world of legacy left behind by an expert was different. However, one thing stayed the same: each and every one was a test to find the best successor.

'For this world to be so dark and blood thirsty… what kind of expert created it…'

Dyon immediately decided to travel atop the charred bone trees. With his eyes as an advantage in the dark, he wouldn't need to rely on the glowing soil. He couldn't be sure if the other geniuses had eyesight boosting treasures, so he would still need to take precautions. Also, he would have to refrain from using arrays – they were too flashy in such a dark world.

'the best bet for now is to make it to the tower…'


Dyon froze atop a thin branch, holding his breath. A few 100 meters to Dyon's right, he heard a horrible beast crashing in his direction.

Dyon smiled bitterly, 'of course they wouldn't let it be so easy…'

The charred bone trees snapped as a massive creature rushed for Dyon.

It was disgusting. Its head was too massive for its 4-meter-tall body, glowing a sickly grey color. Its body was naked and covered in pasty skin. It ran on all fours, carrying a sword that was broken in many places along its edge, giving it a sinister feel. But, what was the most shocking, was its distinctly bald human-like face.

Dyon jumped before the creature could break the tree he stood on, grabbing his sword from his back and grasping the branch of an adjacent tree.

Dyon looked down as the creature raged at him, 'since you want to die, how about you die then?'

Dyon took no chances, slashing out with his full power.


He immediately let go of the branch, falling towards the injured creature. Dyon's steps flashed, executing his celestial movement technique and appearing right below the neck of the creature and immediately slicing upwards.

Dyon skipped backwards watching the creature writhe on the ground, rapidly losing blood.

'what the hell is that thing… it was only at the peak of the foundation stage, but I actually needed to use my sword to kill it… what's going on…'

Dyon didn't get time to think as more roars sounded around him. The ground rumbled as larger and larger creatures began running towards him.

Dyon smiled bitterly, 'how could it be possible for me to not use arrays and do this at the same time …'

Dyon froze as a sad song began being sung by the creatures

"Darkness prevails over all

The blood seeps into the ground

The strong slay the weak and stand tall

While the unfortunate are silenced without a sound

The sage of the demon empire is supreme

Unmatched and unprecedented

Unchallenged and without flaw

Immortal and esteemed

He leaves his legacy for only those as evil as he

Only those as ruthless and heartless

Cast away your humanity for strength

Drench the soil in the blood of your enemies

Plant the seed of your life within it

Become the next sage of the demon empire "

Dyon had been about to slash and kill his next creature, but he felt something within him change. He shook his head, 'something's wrong…'

'Human-like creatures? A sage and yet a demon? Cast away humanity? Blood on the soil? What the hell?'

Dyon did something that would have made sense to no one else. He immediately sprinted to the dying creature and pumped as much of his aurora and celestial will into it as he could. It was much more difficult to heal this creature than it had been to heal Eli, because its cultivation was so much higher than Eli's.

Something magnificent began happening. Slowly, the once ugly creature became a little boy. The wound on his neck slowly closing as Dyon spent more and more to heal him.

Dyon looked incomparably angry, 'you want me to throw away my humanity just for this piss poor amount of power? You imprison a little boy in the god forsaken darkness for so long? Then have the audacity to call yourself strong?'

The boy remained unconscious, but Dyon immediately sent him into the world within his ring before pulling Little Black out.

Looking into the little creature's adorable black eyes, Dyon spoke, "Little Black, I need your help. We need to cleanse these people of the demonic qi that's afflicting them. I need your celestial will."

The truth was that Dyon had no idea how powerful Little Black was. When he first met him, he was faster than even his aurora could keep up with – an aurora that could clearly see Oliver attacking him at full speed. Yet, it seemed like the little guy was only getting stronger as time went on.

Little Black jumped out of Dyon's arms, washing over a radius of 50meters with his celestial will.

'wow... His Celestial Will has already evolved into a first level intent… Wait, that's not it… It's a level 7 will, but he's using his bloodline and crystal will to boost it. So, crystals and body cultivation can be used like that too?'

Dyon's Celestial will was only at the 3rd level, so it was much more efficient for Little Black to do most of the work as he placed the unconscious people into his ring.

Dyon shivered as he thought about the changes within him when he had attacked the creature. He figured out that the point of the test was to withstand demonic qi. The more you killed, the more you'd be infused with that demonic qi, then it would do you good in what Dyon assumed would be the next trials. However, something seemed off to Dyon. Not only were the creatures displaying the same symptoms as those afflicted with demonic qi overdose, the song was incomparably disgusting.

Had Dyon not felt the influx of demonic qi, he might not have put the story together. But, he breathed a sigh of relief as he was glad he hadn't brought his friends in with him.

'It looks like I might need to deal with the geniuses and a past expert… But, since you've given me this demonic qi, I might as well do you one better by understanding demonic will, right? I'll turn your evil into something good for myself. At most you're left as a weakened soul, how could you match up against my celestial will? If that doesn't work… I still have one other strand of hope…'

Dyon say cross legged on the cracked soil as Little Black purified the creatures who approached him.

'I've felt this before… in the Focus Academy Ponds. It's slightly different from the death qi I felt then… But, the hatred and animosity… the will to destroy everything… the feeling is nearly the same.'

What Dyon didn't know was that he had stumbled upon his first contact with the path of a will. The reason the death will felt in the pond and the demonic will felt here were similar is because they followed similar paths. Something Dyon wouldn't learn about until later.

The demon qilin blood within Dyon started thrumming in excitement. Unknowingly, as Dyon was slowly comprehending demonic will, he was integrating the essence blood more and more. His body was becoming stronger and sturdier as he firmly stepped into understanding of the first level of demonic will.

Dyon grit his teeth in pain as he felt the changes in his body. It was almost as painful as his soul cultivation.

'it seems like master made integrating the essence blood many times easier for me… it'll only get more painful from here on…'


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