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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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"Oops, I made a mistake. There's actually another reason," Dyon said with a smile.

The members of those afflicted by Dyon's move paled.

What else could there be!

"Oh, it's nothing much," Dyon said with a chuckle, "I think I'll actually keep this one a secret. It's okay if I let you all sweat a bit."

Dyon looked up and nodded to Pakal.

"My friend will be coming with me, by the way. I hope you don't mind."

"no, no, no. Of course."

The elders had become bootlickers once again. But, their eyes flashed with cold killing intent. They knew that once Dyon and his "friend" came out of the world, they would have to do everything in their power to kill them. They couldn't allow this to be communicated. They hoped with everything they had that they would die within the world before they had to act themselves.

Luckily, they were relieved to see the Storm family members thrumming with dense killing intent. In addition, they also knew their seeded geniuses wanted nothing more than to kill Dyon because of his relationship with Madeleine. Plus, since he had offended Elof and Ace, they knew Dyon's likelihood of surviving was near zero.

The Storm family thought of leaving and running far away. But, they had invested everything into this world opening. Years of build up, blood sacrifices, plus the thousands of lives from the Elvin World, just for this. If they didn't get the inheritance, wouldn't it all be for naught?

In the back of the crowd, a faint killing intent could be felt as Chenglei watched the scene unfold.

Dyon didn't even look in his direction, 'you think I've forgotten about you? You stood against me on Patia-Neva Peak. You helped "kill" me. You stood silently at that sham of a wedding. Even if you didn't come for me. I'd come for you.'

Chenglei had no idea what Dyon was thinking. But, what Dyon didn't know is that Chenglei had a treasure that made everything Dyon thought inconsequential, 'you won't even know how you die.'

"Alright! Now that everything's settled, go open it up. We're waiting patiently you know."

Dyon waved over Ava, Eli and Venus, ignoring the elders.

Using wind intent, Dyon whispered to Ava, "your father's on his way, right?"

Ava looked at Dyon in surprise, but, she nodded.

"Good. I'd prefer to be over prepared rather than under."

Then, Dyon spoke aloud, "you still don't have cultivation yet Madeleine, so you can't come with me. Your master will of course protect you. I don't want you to stay here, it will get dangerous when we come out. From what I understand, the world will actually be only open for an hour, it's just that the time inside is distorted. In that time, you'll need to be far away. Okay?" Dyon gently touched Madeleine's cheek.

Madeleine nodded. She was unwilling, but, she knew that all she had was her 9th level music will, because of her illness, she had never had to opportunity to learn another. Although it was powerful, she had no cultivation to sustain movement techniques or other attacks. It was best if she didn't add to Dyon's worries, "in the future, if you dare send me away when I can stand by your side, I'll never talk to you again."

Dyon smiled and kissed her forehead, "of course."

The seeded geniuses trembled in anger watching this scene unfold.

Using wind will again, Dyon passed a practitioner level spatial ring to Madeleine, "I don't know when I can see you again, but I don't want you to worry, so, I left you a few things. Inside, there's a communication device I created that amplifies human technology with dao stones. Considering we may end up being millions of miles apart, I wanted to make sure it had a proper boost. Using it, you can write me whenever you want. You worry too much about me, so, I thought I'd make this for you. Make sure you don't try to absorb the power from the stones, our bodies won't be powerful enough for that until we break through the Celestial Stage and enter the Dao Formation Stage. If I ever don't answer, know that it's because I've found a reason to use the remaining dao stones I have.

About the other things inside. I suspect Delia has a god level constitution because I witnessed her transformation at the opening ceremony. She's like a little sister to you, so she's a little sister to me too. I'm 60% sure she has either the Ice Queen or Infinite Ice Hell constitutions. It would be nice if she had the second, then she'd have a top 10 god level constitution as well.

I also left you a cultivation technique that's perfect for you as well as some techniques," Dyon smiled, "as long as you feel the celestial will I left in you, I'm alive and I'm doing my best to come back to you as quickly as possible. It was a fluke that the aurora fire lily I gave you burned out, it shouldn't happen again."

Madeleine blushed when Dyon mentioned the celestial will, but still nodded.

"Take Eli with you, I don't want him to get caught up unnecessarily," with a wave of his hands, a massive Celestial Deer formation appeared. He helped Madeleine and Eli on as a Black Hole appeared, darkening the skies. After giving Madeleine a final hug and smiling to Eli, he waved as they vanished in the sky.

Dyon stood with Cadmael, Ava and Venus, watching as Madeleine and Eli flew away.

Turning around, Dyon looked towards the legacy world opening formation with glowing eyes.

He could feel the dense killing intent behind him, but it just made his blood boil even more.

'I'll make this whole martial world mine. You wanted me to get a taste of it, right mom? I'll show you how filial I am. Watch me stand tall.'

"Dyon. Although I can promise not to actively try to kill you, I won't be helping you either," spoke Caedlum in a detached voice.

Dyon smirked, "I wouldn't expect anything less," Dyon turn to Ava and Venus, "I can send you two away as well. They won't dare do anything while I'm here. Once we enter, we'll be randomly separated and I won't be able to protect you."

Venus looked like she was lost in thought, but Ava looked right into Dyon's eyes, "you know what happened to my brother, right? I don't mean that he was killed, I mean who killed him and why?"

Dyon nodded.

"It isn't smart for any of us to go in. It's best if you wait with me for my father. Considering how you've helped me, he'll protect you."

Dyon shook his head, and grin appearing on his face, "I truly want to see how great these geniuses are. If I quit because of a little danger I'd be letting down too many people."

Ava looked at Dyon fiercely but could only sigh when she saw his resolution. Without allowing Venus a choice, Ava grasped an orb in her hand. The both of them disappeared.

Dyon raised an eyebrow, looking at the spot they had just been in before smiling at seemingly empty space.

Dyon hopped onto an array raising himself to the entrance of the black hole. His back was straight as his muscles rippled in excitement. The sword strapped to his back was vibrating along with him, almost excited that his master was as crazy as he was.

A devilish aura erupted from Dyon as his crystal covered black scales faded into and out of existence.

The crowd shivered as they looked at him.

The geniuses felt their hearts burning with battle intent.


The massive illusory image of demon qilin appeared behind Dyon. Those of weaker cultivation immediately fainted, unable to control the flow of their own energies under the pressure Dyon's soul exerted.

Dyon tilted his head back in an almost demonic way. His eyes had blackened from their hazel color. His sword glowed with a blood red aura, almost like it was dripping blood.

"me against all of you, right? You all want to kill me, right? WELL COME THEN!"


Dyon lept into the black hole with no hesitation, disappearing into an unknown world.


seems like things are finally picking up again :) I wanted to have a good mix of a character who loves fighting but also loves out smarting people. Let me know how it came across to you!

follow me @Awespec on twitter if you wanna interact


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