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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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Dyon shook his head in disappointment, "for people who have lived so long, you sure are stupid. There are a few reasons why I'll enter the legacy world unscathed."

Kami paused. The confidence in Dyon's voice was making him uncomfortable.

"For one, my fiancée is the first in line genius of the Sapientia clan."


The crowd erupted.

"His woman is this prestigious?!"

"Who is he?!"

"Why would he deserve her?!"

Elof clenched his fists. He had known this from the beginning, but he had hoped Dyon wouldn't try to rely on this.

The elders paled, 'who did we just offend…'

Ace erupted, "you disgust me. Hiding behind a woman again? What kind of man are you? Do you even have balls between your legs?"


"Are you going to spend your whole life hiding behind her?!"

Darius sneered, seeing an opportunity, "Lady Sapientia seems to be that kind of woman. Appreciating what's below the belt more than what's in the heart. You can't choose a compatible man like this."

Red snickered, "such a weak man, wasn't he spit on by us just a few months ago? I was surprised when I saw him come down from the skies, but he's still so pathetically weak."

Blue spoke next, "we've been away for a while because master injured us heavily in anger. It's been a while since we've had some exercise. How about we blow some steam and beat him up and take his woman? HAHAHAHA"

It seemed as though Darius had taken out some frustration on Red and Blue after the banquet. But, Red and Blue had never found out why they were being punished by Darius because it was for something he'd obviously never tell them. As such, they had taken it much too far, having no idea how powerful Dyon was. To them, even a first in line genius was below their master. It was how they had been trained. While Darius' words could be considered as maintaining the façade of civility, Red and Blue completely forgot this line.

Dyon turned over, his gaze was cold and his aura blazing, "what did you say?"

Red smirked, "oh you want to get angry? We said we'd take you wo –"


"AGGGGHGHHHH," Red clenched the bleeding stump of his arm.




Blue and Red had been completely cut in half, leaving a trembling Darius.

"you know, I let you live last time. But, you seem to think I'd let you go if you made fun of my woman. Unfortunately, I'm not so magnanimous. Today, you die."

"Wai –"


The blood covered the deck of the yacht and there was not a single sound to be heard other than the slowly gushing of the blood.

"Anyway," Dyon said with a smile on his face, "I will gladly hide behind such a beautiful woman. How about you get a powerful woman of your own?" Dyon said with a laugh.

Madeleine smiled. She knew that the incident with Darius, Red and Blue had always weighed on him. She knew that he would always remember that day, but, at least a major portion of the shame had been wiped away.

No one dared to say anything.

Ace snickered though, "you just killed a bunch of trash. Congratulations. You can stand proud having killed 4th layer "experts", good job."

Dyon smiled faintly, "if you had the balls to face my true anger, you would insult Madeleine. Then we'd see who really was trash."


Dyon unleashed his full level of sword will for the first time. The crowd was afraid to move, unwilling to be sliced by the qi in the air.

"that's… level 7 sword will?!"

The elders trembled… to reach such a level at that age… with no cultivation! It was unprecedented.

Ace's smirk froze.

"If you want to test my rage, I don't mind playing with you," Dyon said with cold killing intent in his eyes.

It wasn't the Ace didn't have a good understanding of wills himself, but he knew well that when he was Dyon's age, he was nowhere near this level.

"hmph, it's just a level 7 will, do you think that enou –"


"Is that a purity type will?…. Space will… Wind will…."


Orbis trembled, "he's unlocked his crystal will to such a level… if only he was in our earth-bound sect… crystal will experts are so rare…."

"Ah, the second reason I don't care about your opinions is that I'm a genius anywhere I go. I don't need your sects. And I don't care to represent you anymore either. If you didn't let me in, I would just go and join a sect more powerful than you with the caveat that they destroy you first."

The elders trembled. They knew that they were more powerful than Dyon. But, they had watched one of the elders of the Kami Clan become a cripple before their eyes. Even if they were to come to know that Dyon only had 1 of those pills left, who would they sacrifice first? Plus, if it was a pill mist, wouldn't he be able to cripple multiple of them at a time.

But, to understand 5 wills? Only the peak level geniuses of the God Clans would do such a thing. Normal experts or geniuses would understand 2 maybe 3 at the most.

Oliver stood in the crowd, smiling at his brother in law to be, 'it seems I'm not needed to protect my little sister anymore.'

"Ah, but these reasons are inconsequential. Honestly, I'm speaking nonsense. You don't have to worry about them."

The crowd looked at Dyon, confused.

"The reason being, the 3rd reason to entirely much more important than the first 2. Pakal! How long are you going to spend up there?!" Dyon shouted into the sky.

A flying black boat with a Mayan mask attached to the helm slowly made its way down.

Elof staggered, "Cadmael… Pakal…"

The Storm family members froze, sweat began to cover their backs.

Anyone who knew the story behind the Ragnor and Pakal clan knew exactly what Dyon meant. The appearance of the Pakal clan members and their faintly red skin was even more telling than the blond hair and blue eyes of the Ragnor clan.

The elders trembled, 'he knows… he knows what we did.'

With one simple move, Dyon had let the Storm, Ragnor and Pillar Families know that he had their fates on the palm of his hands.

With a single sentence, every student here would know what really happened in the Elvin World, then all the clans and families that had lost their younger generation geniuses would wage war. The Sicarius Family Protectors would never allow such a mass genocide to be allowed to go. Especially when it was for the goal of encroaching on the Royal God Clan's power.

With a single sentence Dyon could expose the true identity of the Storm family and removed any doubt Elof had to move.

With a single move, Dyon had made one thing clear, 'your opinions mean nothing to me.'


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