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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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After probing Darius, Elof couldn't be bothered with such an idiot anymore, so he decided to instead mess with Dyon's friends.

"It seems as though this Dyon character loves surrounding himself with beauties. I wonder how the Sapientia Clan would feel about that," Elof said with a smirk, turning his dirty gaze to Ava and Venus.

"You can't want to fight me over these two as well, Elof," Ace said licking his lips.

"There are two of them, can't we just try one then swap?"

"I like the way you think."

Ava had a look of disgust on her face. This was no longer a dark forest with no one around to help. Slapping these disgusting boys in the face would be as easy as pulling out her identity badge. But, her father wasn't there yet, and although Dyon had promised to help her kill Baal, she wasn't sure if he could take on the Storm family alone. Ava knew something big was going on, not just any clan could produce such young meridian formation fighters. So, she held her tongue for now.

Venus had a cold look in her eyes. But, she gently rubbed her brother's head, telling him not to worry about her. She tried to send a glance over to her master, but it seemed like the green blade sect elder was doing everything in her power to avoid Venus' gaze.

"It seems like the God Clans are filled with disgusting pieces of shit… that's not very god-like if you ask me," Dyon's voice rang out faintly.

He descended through the snow with Madeleine's hand in his. The students from the other academies who had just joined the big sects looked up in surprise. Not having been to the tournament held at Focus Academy, they had no idea who Dyon was. But, how could they ignore the beauty by his side?

"What a douchebag. It's subzero temperatures and he's no wearing a shirt? What is he trying to prove?"

"How did such a celestial beauty get together with him?"

"This is ridiculous."

In the crowd, Lehabim and Hashim had been enjoying Dyon's misfortune, but now all they felt was anger.

"This kid. Again!"

"How dare he hold the goddess' hand!"

"Put on a shirt you pervert!"

Jessica shook her head, watching the Hashim and Lehabim yell up at Dyon as though he was paying attention, 'neither of you two are wearing a shirt either… hypocrites.'

A fat round boy spoke out, "don't look, my love. He's trying to seduce you!"

Jessica slapped the back of Orbis' head, "let him seduce me then!"

Orbis felt endless grievances, 'weren't you in love with Madeleine? What kind of nonsense is this?'

The Elder from the Kami clan's face was red with anger right along with Elof's and Ace's. His voice boomed through the crowd, "Good! Good! Now that you're here, don't dream of entering the legacy world! You'll be following me back to the clan for questioning!" a sinister glow in his eyes.

"No thanks I'm good," Dyon ignored the elder, touching down on the deck of the yacht while walking towards the elders.

The anger of the Kami Elder snapped, he was just about to attack when he heard a faint voice, "do you want to be crippled like your other pathetic elder? I ended his chances at killing me with a flick of my wrist. Did you think I couldn't do the same to you? Essence Gathering experts might as well be sheep to the slaughter for me," a thick murderous intent flowed out of Dyon as he gave a side glance to the elder, causing the middle-aged man to shiver.

Elof and Ace clutched their hands, but then relaxed as they thought of something, "we apologize Celestial Deer Clan successor. But, our spots have been confirmed by the elders of the big sects for a while now. I heard you didn't participate in the tournament to earn a spot, it's only logical that since there's been a mistake, you should be the one to be removed. It would be fairest that way."

The elders shook their heads in agreement, not wanting to contradict Elof.

"Ah, I understand," Dyon said with a chuckle. Madeleine's gaze was cold, but she knew that Dyon would never allow himself to be taken advantage of.

"Good, good. Since you understand, it might be best for everyone if you stay here. As a compromise and in respect for the Kami God Clan, instead of going to them, maybe they can come to you. This way, there will be witnesses, and the process of your questioning can also be as fair as possible," said Elof with a smile, "I'm sure you understand too, right Lady Sapientia?"

Dyon nodded his head, smiling. But, Elof shivered, sensing something in it.

"I see, I see. So, there was a mistake in the quotas. I do have a question though."

"What could there possibly be a need to ask about?"

"I thought people usually shit out of their asses, why do you seem to do so with your mouth?"


The only sound on left on the yacht was the dripping sweat of the elders and Madeleine's giggle.

Elof's fists clenched, "You!"

Dyon didn't seem to be paying attention anymore as he continued speaking, "so, if it was because I didn't participate in the tournament, what do my friends have to do with it?"

A questioning gaze slid over the elders and the God Clan younger generation. But, Dyon didn't wait for an answer, "the funniest part is, Eli didn't even gain a quota to enter the world, yet this clown Darius called him out anyway. If I didn't believe the God Clans and Pillar Families were upstanding people, I might think you had something out for me," Dyon said with a light laughter.

He had made it to the edge of the yacht and was now looking back at the crowd with Madeleine by his side.

"But, let's say you're right. I haven't participated in the tournament. And, since you've had these spots reserved for such a long time, it makes sense that someone who didn't do that should be the first to be replaced. However, I don't particularly care about what's fair and what isn't. Not only will my friends and I be entering the, I won't be going to the Kami Clan. But, I guess you all could come here, I don't particularly have a preference about what you do."


"who do you think you are!"

Even the elders couldn't control themselves anymore. This boy was looking down on them too much. The Celestial Deer Sect was dead for a reason, did he think that ghosts were enough to deter them?!

"Dyon, we'll have to retract our invitation. In addition, your representation at the continental tournament won't be necessary," Spoke the Fire Blade Sect's elder with disdain clear on his face.

"Did you think we would protect you more than we would a God Clan's genius? You can't be comparable to even our seeded geniuses, let alone their geniuses!" The Wind Blade Sects elder shrilly voice made its presence felt as her wrinkled face trembled.

Dyon tilted his head in confusion, shaking his head helplessly, "I don't know if you old farts have too many decades of wax accumulated in your ears or not, but I clearly just said none of your opinions matter."

The elders trembled in anger, "HOW DARE YOU!"

"Kami, take this arrogant brat away. He clearly doesn't understand that geniuses such as him are as plentiful as there are stars in the sky. Get him out of our sights."

"With pleasure," The Kami Elder began to slowly walk towards Dyon, blanketing the yacht in his aura.


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