Reaper of the Martial World
41 Talk in the Clouds 3
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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41 Talk in the Clouds 3

The young master didn't seem to surprised, "so… you were the one watching me? To be so young… it seems like this part of the continent hides its own talents as well."

Dyon smiled, "you speak as though you've aged for centuries, you're at most 15 years old. We can get along."

Pakal smiled, "why should I be friends with someone who spies on me?"

Dyon shrugged, "if it makes you feel any better, you wouldn't have known I was watching you if I didn't want you to know."

Pakal's eyes narrowed a bit, but he said nothing.

"Since you want to go to the legacy world opening, how about you come with me?"

Pakal didn't answer, instead choosing to ask a question, "what do you know about this situation?"

"I know that your Pakal Clan lost something valuable. I know that that something valuable is a blood sacrifice technique. I also know that the clan who stole it is here and the clan who stole it from them is also here. And, I also know that whether or not you act, whoever it is both clans decide to bring will die."

Pakal looked startled for the first time since their interaction began, "whether or not we act?..."

What Dyon didn't say is that if it wasn't for him, the Pakal and Ragnor clans wouldn't even be here.

"Truth is that the Ragnor Branch family has many idiots in its younger generation. One of them actually offended the only daughter of the continent's law enforcement unit."

"The Royal God Clan's Protectors has a daughter that goes to focus academy?!"

Dyon smirked. The truth was the assassin network of the Sicarius family was kept secret for obvious reasons. The only reason Arios even came to Focus Academy was for the Elvin Forest because his understanding of wills had reached a bottleneck he wanted to break through as soon as possible. This led to his little sister Ava coming to find clues to his death.

The reason Focus Academy had no idea about Ava's origins was because the name Sicarius wasn't synonymous with Protector. In fact, Ava's father was a man who climbed up in the world through his own sheer will power. The actual Sicarius Clan was a little known backwater one which would be lucky to send even a single member to even a school as small as Focus Academy. How could the Storm family know that the children of one of the most powerful men on the continent would willingly come to such a place? Especially when intent fruits found in the Elvin forest were no better than what the Royal God Clan could provide.

But, Protector Head Sicarius was an eccentric. He believed that he would only be spoiling his children if he gave them everything they needed. Other than his daughter, who he doted on, his sons had all adventured on their own at some time or another.

Dyon had made the connection because of a few things. For one, he knew he had heard the name Sicarius before after he read a book on the Royal God Clan in the outer pillars. He had dismissed it at the time because of the same reasons as everyone else: why would someone with such backing be here? The second reason for his suspicions was Ava's whip. The way she used it, Dyon suspected it wasn't her ideal weapon. Yet, he still noticed that there was something special about it. It wasn't until he had learned about concealment arrays that he finally realized what he had picked up were the fluctuations of that array. Since his innate aurora was already at the first stage at the time he noticed, it wasn't surprising that he'd feel it faintly. Yet, despite it not being her primary weapon, it was actually a master level weapon!

The third reason and most important reason was the life saving technique she used to escape Baal. Such a technique had to be at least a heaven level one. Couple that with the fact there would be no small clan in existence with soul stones for their younger generation and Dyon could only conclude that Ava's father was the most powerful Sicarius on the continent.

"you won't be the only one surprised when he gets here to wreak havoc. Once he gets here, knowing what happened to his daughter, he'll rampage. At that time, do you think the Ragnor family would escape his wrath?"

Pakal smiled bitterly, "it seems you have all of this planned out."

"Not particularly, the Sicarius Clan's involvement wasn't planned by me. It was just a lucky coincidence. My real plan won't come into effect unless unknown variables come into play," Dyon's eyes shone with a cold light before returning to normal.

'he would be quite a troublesome enemy… it's better if I accept his extended friendship.'

"Oh! I haven't even introduced my beautiful fiancée. This is Madeleine Sapientia," Dyon said with a smile.

Pakal was startled again, "The… The first in line genius of the Sapientia God Clan is your fiancée?"

Madeleine smiled. She was happy to bring prestige to Dyon.

"I have heaven defying luck," Dyon said with a smile.

Pakal shook his head to make sure he was still in reality, "I don't mean to be rude, but, I've never heard of you. From our talks and what's going on below, I assume you're Dyon Saccharo… but I've never heard the name."

Dyon waved his hand, not minding, "I'm not all too well known yet. I'm the Celestial Deer Sect's successor."


Waves of shock hit Pakal. Although many may not understand the significance of what Dyon just said, he did. To be willing to accrue so many enemies to himself without a single worry… Pakal couldn't tell whether Dyon was just a prideful idiot or an unyielding genius. Only time would tell. If he died, he could only be an idiot. But, if he lived…

'Those clans that have been recuperating in the dark are going to have their hands full,' thought Pakal.

"I have one last question to ask you before we go down…"

"Ask away," said Dyon with a smile.

"Since you know my clan has such an evil technique on hand… why are you willing to work with me? I could clearly see the disgust in your eyes when you mentioned the technique. What are you playing at?"

Dyon sighed, "techniques aren't evil. Only people are. If I could protect the ones I love, I would gladly become a demon. I was disgusted because I'm fully aware of how many students were sacrificed in the Elvin World for the sake of powering this legacy world opening. However, I'm also aware that your Pakal Clan has had this technique for so long, yet you haven't risen above the other God Clans.

Sure, you could say you didn't want the retaliation of the Royal Clan, but what kind of martial artists wouldn't seek power for such a cowardly reason? It's clear you use the technique in moderation and most likely only with enemies. If nothing else, it seems like you're more-so protectors of the technique than anything else."

Dyon stopped, not wanting to say anything else. He had seen the technique in his master's memories and he was fully aware of its origins. He knew exactly how powerful a clan who used it freely and without restraint could be. If you could survive the influx of death qi by constantly replenishing yourself with god level constitutions and transcendent beast blood, wouldn't you be invincible? But, the Pakal clan didn't do that. Despite their sinister appearances, Dyon had decided to reserve judgement for now.

Pakal looked into Dyon's eyes, 'I can truly respect this man.'

Pakal stretched out his hand, shaking Dyon's firmly.

"Let's go have some fun, shall we?" Dyon said with a grin, slowly lowering himself and Madeleine through the clouds and into the slowly falling snow.

He lightly held Madeleine's hand. His back straight and his eyes sharp, 'seems it's time to mess with some God Clans.'


looks like we're finally getting to the action :) I hope no one misconstrues the talk Madeleine had with Dyon. The main reason I spoke of harem vs monogamy was to introduce the effects male essence blood usually has on those who absorb in. The second reason, is the theme of human world vs martial world. The third, is to reveal how painfully obvious it is that although Dyon has done so much for Madeleine, Madeleine has yet to have the opportunity to pay him back. Although she will in the future, for Dyon to have an undying love for a woman he's know for such a short time + hasn't really touched him to his core, would be a touch unrealistic. Don't get me wrong, Dyon loves Madeleine. He made the decision that she was worthy to be by his side as soon as he knew her backstory and how the fought through it - something that was only reinforced when he looked through her memories after he came back - but, there's a clear imbalance in their degree of impact on each other's lives. I wanted to acknowledge that, and also make it clear. Dyon hasn't just magically fallen in love unconditionally. Whether or not Dyon gets another 1 or 2 women in the future is still up for debate, but this just introduces how those women will have at least as much impact as Madeleine if not more :)

Hope you enjoyed! Follow me @Awespec on twitter if you wanna interact


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