Reaper of the Martial World
40 Talk in the Clouds 2
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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40 Talk in the Clouds 2

A few days later, early in the morning, hundreds of expectant students stood on the deck of a silver yacht just outside the large open gates of Focus Academy.

"I believe it wouldn't be a problem for us to join this expedition, correct? From your treasure you've understood that we meet the age requirements to enter this world. Our God Clans will of course compensate you properly."

The elders smiled bitterly as they listened intently to what Elof had to say. They were well aware that no compensation was coming. And, they knew very well that the treasure had a limit of people it could teleport in and out. If they allowed these God Clan children in, it would mean taking the spot from someone else.

"We understand, and of course we humble elders will always do our best to please the best the younger generation has to offer. Just give us some time to clear spots as there is a cap in how many can enter," a round elder of the Earth-Bound sect said respectfully.

A snicker came from Ipsum, but she said nothing further.

Elof nodded with a lofty air to him, "understood. We'll be ready for when it opens."

A tall Asian man with a sharp appearance stood nearby, watching the elders of the other factions bootlick, throwing away their statuses as elders. He had no need to as he represented the Kami God Clan, even the second young master of the Ragnor clan wouldn't treat him too disrespectfully in acknowledgment of that.

Losing his patience, the elder of the Kami higher branch family walked forward, "where is this Dyon child that dared to kill members of our family? Why is he not here yet?" He said impatiently.

The elders felt their backs breaking out into a cold sweat. Dealing with pressure from the younger generation God Clan affiliates was one thing, but the Kami higher branch family was not only a member of their alliance, it wasn't a rare occurrence for them to use their God Clan affiliation to pressure them. Dealing with so much at once was troublesome even for elders who had lived so many years.

"Elder Kami, please be patient. He won't be missing this opportunity."

Elof and Ace raised an eyebrow, "Dyon? Dyon Sacharro?"

The elders panicked even more when they heard this. There was no way this could end well. If Dyon was a friend of these God Clan members, then it would cause untold friction, placing the big sects right at the middle of it all. If Dyon was their enemy, it meant that all hope of saving him was gone. Without Dyon, the representatives of the big sects would take a blow. They didn't think Dyon could match up to the younger generation now, but he'd only been in the martial world for 3 months! If he had more time to grow, their region could really benefit and their geniuses would have more of a drive to improve. But now, it seemed like all hope was lost.

Niveus frowned. Although she had a certain level of control over the Elof's actions, if the Kami older generation wanted Dyon dead, there'd be little she could do.

The crowd of students that had once been bustling was now deadly silent. After news spread that some of them might lost their places, they were angry but not to the point of lashing out. How could they lash out at God Clan members? But now it seemed like dense killing intent was coming from the God Clan members… and it was all directed towards Dyon.

Ava, Eli and Venus stood in the crowd, frowning.

Elof smiled a smile that didn't look too much like one, "this is simple then. Remove him and everyone he calls friend from the list of those who can enter. Since the Kami Clan would like to deal with him, don't you think it would be a bit inappropriate for him to benefit from something the Kami Clan themselves spent centuries to open?"

The elders paled, but then had no choice but to sigh and accept the situation at hand. Now that Dyon had missed both the Elvin Forest and now the world opening, there would be little chance of him catching up to the rest of the geniuses.

Darius who was standing in the crowd with Red and Blue by his side smirked. Although he wasn't entering the world as he hadn't earned a spot, much of the crowd wasn't entering either. They were just here to spectate. But, this was the perfect opportunity to not only get Dyon back for his humiliation, but to also pay Ava back for stopping him from killing him.

As Darius began to slowly walk forward, Tammy paled, 'THAT IDIOT!! CAN HE NOT UNDERSTAND THE RAMIFICATIONS OF WHAT HE'S ABOUT TO DO!!'

Dyon who was hidden in the clouds with Madeleine smirked at this situation. He had been trying to reach the 4th stage before going down, but this turn of events was quite amusing to him. As soon as he saw Darius on the yacht, he was aware that this possibility might occur. As such, even after breaking through, he watched on silently. This was a happy coincidence that made his plan even easier to execute.

The Storm family members shook as well, except for their first brother who pretended he wasn't a part of anything. They hadn't bothered to hide their identities because they had no idea a member of the Ragnor clan would be coming. But, if they stopped Darius from moving forward with Red and Blue now, it would draw even more attention to themselves.

Darius' voice boomed, "What are you still hiding for! Did you not hear the esteemed young master?! Eli! Ava! And I'm sorry to say, Senior Sister Venus!" Darius, Red and Blue politely bowed, "although this only makes 4 people total, I believe one additional person would not make a huge difference in the effectiveness of the treasure. I think the elders were being on the safe side with their estimates, correct?"

Tammy didn't know how to react, she immediately went to the side of her elder brother, "first brother, immediately contact the elders and supreme elders. They must be prepared to act once we enter."

An imperceptible nod came from the strikingly tall man as he crushed a talisman discreetly.

Elof's eyes narrowed as he noticed Darius. But, just being blond haired and blue eyed wouldn't have been enough for his suspicions. What really caught his attention were the scarred Slaves that followed him.

Ipsum and Saeclum froze before shaking their heads, 'what an idiot!'

Elof crushed a talisman of his own before slowly walking forward, "thank you younger brother for your services. The Ragnor clan appreciates those loyal to them," Elof's last sentence was a clear probe, but Darius didn't seem to notice. Instead, a beaming smile played on his face.

Ava, Eli and Venus, oblivious to the underworkings, walked forward and stood before the crowd, hanging their heads in shame.

Seeing Darius' reaction, Elof started to doubt himself, 'could he have gotten these slaves from somewhere else? Maybe the Ragnor branch family had been forced travel lightly and sold some slaves?... No. Better to kill a thousand innocents than miss a single criminal. The team the clan sends should be here once we exit the realm. Then we can finally be rid of this stain.'

What Darius didn't know what that a group of 3 Pakal God Clan members were hidden in the clouds as well. They stood on a floating boat that seemed to be swimming through the clouds. After analyzing the world that would be opened, they had reached the conclusion that it would be impossible for such small sects to power its opening. The only way they could is if they somehow got a hold of their blood sacrifice technique, which was a logical conclusion after one of their scouts received a tip that the Ragnor Branch Clan that had stolen the technique would be here.

A young man with tanned skin that almost imperceptibly shone a bloody red spoke, "alert the clan. We've found a lead."

"but, third young master, can't we just act now? There shouldn't be anyone who can beat you here."

The young man shook his head, "I've noticed a pair of eyes on me for a while now, but I can't pin point his/her location. Elof and Ace may be relatively weak for their age, but they are still 3 years older than me. When I am 18 as well, I will crush them beneath my feet, but for now, caution is most appropriate. Also, have you not noticed that tall young man with the long hair on the yacht?"

The eyes of the young masters two servants shone, 'how?...'

"Right. For him to be so massive in size, yet be nearly unnoticeable, he is definitely an expert. Considering how he just crushed a talisman, it seems his idiot of a Clan Member speaking out wasn't within their plans. As of now, it would be 3 against 9. 11 if you count the person watching me and Ace. And that's not even considering the fact none of them would have what we want on them. Alert the clan, it seems like I've have to join in on the fun of this world opening too…' he said faintly.

"do you need us young master?"

"no… I alone am enough. Plus, it's better if they don't understand that I have any help at all."

"Well said!" The Pakal Clan's third young master turned to find a handsome young man shirtless with a ridiculously long sword strapped to his back. His sweats were rolled up to his calves and he had the most beautiful woman the young master had ever seen by his side.


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