Reaper of the Martial World
39 Talk in the Clouds 1
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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39 Talk in the Clouds 1

Later that evening, Madeleine awoke due to the temperature in the room skyrocketing for an unknown reason. The first thing she noticed was a formation around her that seemed to be trying to regulate the temperature around her.

'if it's this hot in here, how hot must it be outside?'

Madeleine worriedly looked towards Dyon to find him gritting his teeth in silence. He was sitting cross legged across the room with sweat drenching his shirtless body. Usually Madeleine would have enjoyed this sight, but now she was only filled with worry. However, she didn't disturb Dyon, knowing that he must be going through some sort of cultivation. Something that was so painful for even Dyon to display the pain he was feeling would require his utmost focus. She would only be distracting him by calling out.

The winter's moon shone through the lake and into the room as Dyon's breathing finally steadied and the pain faded away from his face.

He looked up to find Madeleine watching him with a worried expression, "sorry, did I wake you?"

Madeleine shook her head, "it only got a little hot, it wasn't a big deal. I was just worried about you. I don't need much sleep anyway."

Dyon smiled, removing the array around Madeleine, "it's just a soul cultivation technique. Although I'm waiting on energy cultivation, I want to start on my soul and build my foundation with body cultivating."

Madeleine looked surprised, "you want to do all 3? I've only heard of people doing 2…"

Dyon nodded, "I get the feeling that you'll only reach the utmost peak if you manage to bring all 3 paths to perfection. Your God Level Constitution is actually a kind of cheat for body cultivating I think. You just need to nurture it with spiritual fruits that match its constitution."

Madeleine nodded, "my master has told me about that before. With a little stimulation, especially since its been awoken to 100%, my body should get stronger with time," Madeleine said with a smile.

Dyon got up and stretched his back, 'that Celestial Deer's Rend is something else… but, I'm getting closer to the 4th stage now. I've only been practicing for a few days, but, I've had good results. Since I was already at the peak of the 3rd level, I should move ahead soon…'

"come here," Madeleine said with a smile. Dyon still couldn't get over how alluring she was in a simple T shirt. He shuddered when he realized she wasn't even wearing sweat pants anymore. The faint line of her underwear could be seen through the shirt, but Dyon couldn't take his eyes off of her long smooth legs.

'she's not even fully mature yet… won't I die of blood loss when she is? This isn't even fair,' Dyon smiled bitterly as he walked over to Madeleine, letting her bring him onto the bed.

Dyon started as he felt Madeleine's delicate hand slightly rub against his member through his sweats.

A whisper entered his ear that made him shiver, "why haven't you let me return the favor. Don't think I haven't noticed you avoiding it."

Dyon's voice was caught in his throat, "I –"

Madeleine giggled, "it's okay if it's a little small, I can always have a harem. I promise you'll be my only husband though. The rest will just be concubines."

Dyon didn't know whether to laugh or cry, 'too small?'

Madeleine kissed his neck, "let me help you for once," she said softly.

The truth was that Dyon had been avoiding it, but not for the reason Madeleine thought. In fact, because his master had infused demon qilin blood into him, it was bigger than it should be. Dyon suspected that if he absorbed blood from any other promiscuous beasts, he'd be at a loss for what to do with his sexual frustration. He could barely hold it in as of now, and he had only absorbed 5%.

The true reason was that he never wanted to make Madeleine feel as though she had to do something. She had been through enough, so he never even tried to compromise with her when he realized she wasn't ready for sex. It wasn't as though he hadn't thought of letting her service him in other ways, it was just that he wanted it to be her choice. Plus, he enjoyed bringing her to her peak as well, it gave him a satisfaction he hadn't felt before.

Dyon shivered as he felt a soft hand play with the bands of his boxers as whispers continued to flood his ears with sweet sounds, "I love your smell right now…" Dyon felt another kiss on his neck.

"you're going to make me go crazy," Dyon's voice came out in a low rumble. It was deep and made Madeleine's face flush red as she slowly slid her hand in while she wrapped a leg around Dyon's.

Madeleine started, then smiled, "I've never seen one before… but this can't be considered small, can it?" Madeleine giggled, understanding something, "you worry too much about me."

Dyon's voice was too weak to speak, so he could only wrap his arm around Madeleine waist and kiss her, letting her hand slowly move, bringing him endless pleasure.


Dyon lay gasping, trying to catch his breath, "that really wasn't fair…"

Madeleine giggled, "it's about time I see you be flustered about something."

Dyon smiled bitterly, "it wasn't even really me, the demon qilin blood in me was raging. When I absorb more of it in the future, I'll probably break you."

Madeleine's light laughter filled the room, "then you'll just have to bring me a couple sisters, won't you? No more than 3 more though, I don't want to share you that much."

Dyon looked down at the girl in his arms questioningly. Usually when she said those things, she would be joking, but this seemed different.

Dyon smiled, "all I need is you," Dyon said seriously.

Madeleine shuddered, but then a smile bloomed on her face.

"I've seen plenty of the human world entertainment now. It seems monogamy is the social norm there."

Dyon nodded, "one woman. One man. That's how it works in most places there."

This made Madeleine's heart quiver with happiness. It was one thing if Dyon had chosen her knowing he could choose more in the future. But, it seemed he had really planned on only ever being with her.

"It's different here. My little brother is actually the son of a woman from a higher Sapientia Branch family. She's often there since she's an elder, so we don't see her often. But, the reason I say this is because I've never seen my mom be bitter about it. When I asked her why, she gave me some ridiculous answer about how men and women are different. And how entering a woman's heart when there's another means the first did something wrong, while entering a man's heart when there was another just means another day has passed," Madeleine paused.

Dyon frowned. He didn't like that answer too much either. He also didn't like the idea that men couldn't be loyal to a single woman.

"But, I think the answer is different. The reason you entered my heart is because you shone a light where there was none. You're strong, resilient, and what you've gone through isn't any less than what I've experienced, yet we both tried our very best despite the circumstances. You care for me and respect my feelings. You stood against a pillar family for me. You were stabbed by my brother for me. You accomplished something no other God Clan on the continent could do in curing me. Something like that can never be duplicated by any other man no matter how amazing or handsome he may be. You've impacted me in a way that makes it impossible for another man to ever enter my heart.

In fact, you did it so easily that I have no doubt in my mind you'll soon do the same for someone else. In fact, you may have already done it and haven't even given it a second thought. You do so many amazing things, yet you treat them as though they were routine. So, it hurts me to think that you might one day find a girl that you love as much as you do me. Who you've impacted as much as you have me. Just for you to walk away and destroy a life while tearing away part of yours."

Dyon shivered at Madeleine's words, not knowing what to say.

"Words cannot express how happy I am to have you in my life. And, I know that even if I banned you from other women, you would stay by my side. But, if you ruin the life of a girl you love, I'll never forgive you! It's not even necessary for me to tell you that I'll only accept the best of girls as my sisters, because considering your mindset on monogamy, I have no doubt it would take quite a lot for you to consider another. You don't have to go out and act on this if you don't want to, just know that your lovely wife to be will always support you."

Dyon slowly sat up and pulled Madeleine into his lap, slowly lowering his hands from her supple waist to her ass.

He looked up and deeply into her eyes causing Madeleine to tremble at the passion in his eyes.

"Plus, if I don't have help, I don't know how I'm going to handle that raging thing alon –"

Madeleine's voice was silenced with a passionate kiss. Quiet moans filled the room.


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