Reaper of the Martial World
36 God Clan Young Masters 3
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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36 God Clan Young Masters 3

The crowd erupted.

"Since when did this small place become a den for God Clan members?"

"And a first in line genius no less?!"

Elof and Ace froze, their faces paling. Although they were God Clan members, their statuses couldn't compare to a first in line genius. This was the person most likely to inherit the leadership of a clan. They had gotten information that the Sapientia clan had changed their first in line genius a few days ago because one of their members awakened 100% of their god level constitution. Little did they know they'd find her here.

Dyon was surprised too. He hadn't known that the Sapientia clan would work so fast. It seemed that Madeleine's master worked fast and somehow also got Madeleine a message without him realizing, 'that woman sure is powerful.'

The pale faced young masters were about to apologize when Elof thought of something.

"So, it's Lady Sapientia. Please excuse our offense. I hope you'll forgive us on account of your being betrothed to my elder brother. I only wanted to check on you and see why you'd be alone with another man if you know this," Elof said slyly.

'wait...' Niveus recognized this girl, 'she's... that's Madeleine. She seems… cured? She's the one who awakened 100% of her constitution?... The sect would be very interested in how she did that…'

Dyon sighed, 'didn't I already go through this once before? What is this idiot saying? The marriage was broken off after you thought Madeleine was sick, and now you want to turn it back on? Really?'

Madeleine's anger peaked, "how dare you say that to me?"

Elof seemed unaffected. Although his body was being suppressed due to the difference in quality of their constitutions, Madeleine was still too weak.

"I only say this for your sake sister in law, if you made this a habit, what would people think of you? What of the Sapientia clan?"

"It's a good thing I only have one fiancé and he's right here," Madeleine said angrily.

Elof stumbled, "B-but –"

"But what! I never wanted to marry into the Ragnor family and they did nothing to help when I was sick. Why would you think that this marriage alliance is still a possibility?! Do you have a screw loose!?"

Dyon smiled, 'she looks quite cute when she's angry.'

Elof bowed, "I apologize Young Mistress Sapientia. We were wrong. May I have the honor of knowing the identity of you esteemed husband to be?"

Dyon's voice sounded faintly, "you don't need to tiptoe around the subject, I'm not from a God Clan. I'm the humble successor of the Celestial Deer Sect, Dyon Saccharo."

Elof looked over at Dyon in shock, but his face went back to one of neutrality.

Ace grinned fiercely, "the successor of a dead sect? You must be quite strong then, right? How about we spar for a bit," he said cracking his knuckles letting a deadly chaos aura.

"Destruction will, huh? Not interested, I'm trying to have a nice and calm evening with my woman," Dyon's sharp eyes bore into them, "so how about you two fuck off."

With a wave of his hand, a concealment formation surrounded him and Madeleine, sealing off Ace and Elof who were grinding their teeth in anger.

Soon a voice entered their ears that made them nearly pass out in anger, "oh, and I'll be keeping your profound stones. Consider it as a penalty for disturbing us."

"You!" Ace was about to charge at the formation when he felt a hand stop him.

Electric sparks went off in Elof's eyes as he tried to calm himself, "we'll find another opportunity to kill him. What right does the successor of a bullshit dead clan have to have such a woman? The first in line genius of a God Clan? Dyon Saccharo? I'll remember it for now. Then erase it from my memory when I've killed you."

Elof knew that he couldn't offend Madeleine anymore than he already had. And, he knew fully well that the Ragnor clan also had no right to force a first in line genius to marry anyone. Years ago, it was because Madeleine was a genius, but not the best the Sapientia God Clan had, that the Ragnor Clan was able to use her as a chess piece to form an alliance. Why the Ragnor clan was making so many power moves, Elof had no idea, but he knew that his interests always aligned with his clan. The alliance had fallen through because of Madeleine's illness and the Sapientia clan had no other females with God Level Constitutions that would have been worthy of the Ragnor Clan. But now, it was different. She had been cured. As long as Dyon died, Elof's elder brother could win her heart the conventional way.

'my brother is among the best geniuses the continent has to offer on top of being ranked in the top 10 of the heaven's leader board. If he isn't worthy of you, who is?'

Elof gave the array one more glance before waving his entourage over to leave.

"In a few days, we'll enter the legacy world the big sects will open. Usually, this wouldn't be worth our time, but, it took 500 years of power to open this one, it may be more powerful than the previous ones. Possibly comparable to worlds we open as God Clans. No point in letting those small-time sects have something so good, so let's take it," smirked Elof.

"Then, we'll find this Dyon Sacharro and kill him without Madeleine finding out," Ace said evilly.

Niveus shook her head in contempt for her supposed friends, "Madeleine is my friend and I have no intention of allowing you all to kill her love." Her delicate voice called out for the first time that evening.


"I'm not moving off of this point. If I see you use any underhanded means against him, the first person who will know is Madeleine. And I'm sure you know how powerful her master was all those years ago. She almost fought the entirety of the Sapientia Clan just in anger for how they treated Madeleine. How do you think she'll react if you kill her treasured student's love? Do you think your God Clans really care about your lives and deaths enough to offend such an existence?"

Ace and Elof gritted their teeth, nodding.

They couldn't afford to offend Niveus just as much as they couldn't afford to offend Madeleine. Although Niveus wasn't the first in line genius of the woman only Niveus God Sect, due to the small size of the sect, they treasured each of their members very highly. Finding women with God Level Constitutions wasn't easy, yet the Niveus Sect was made up solely of them. As long as you were willing to discard your family name and take the name Niveus, you were protected to the fullest extent.

However, the clan was very strict. Marriage into other sects and clans wasn't allowed. In fact, even purity had to be maintained at all times. Although Niveus never intended to give Elof a chance, all God Clan young masters think they'll somehow be the exception to this rule.

The reason Madeleine hadn't joined was because she was already a part of the Sapientia family, so it would be considered defecting to join. Which would, of course, put a major black stain on her family. That said, even the Niveus Sect wouldn't have been able to cure Madeleine. Without unlocking the Goddess' constitution to 100%, problems would have continued to rise. And that was simply beyond the capabilities of any God Clan in this age.

Inside the concealment formation, Madeleine and Dyon continued to enjoy their meal.

Dyon chuckled, "you're worth so much trouble you know."

Madeleine harrumphed, "since you wanted to make such a beautiful lady fall for you, you'll just have to deal with it because you're stuck with me now, hmph."

Dyon smiled and suddenly leaped over the table which caused Madeleine to nearly cry out in shock.

Still, she settled into Dyon's arms as she felt an arm around her waist.

Dyon grinned, "I'll never get tired of making sure as many horny and arrogant young masters know that you're mine."

Madeleine smiled, kissing Dyon softly.


Seems like the Ragnor Clan is always scheming something. I also find it interesting the Niveus said she was Madeleine's friend, but made no effort to say hello. Maybe that's just her cold personality or maybe, it's deeper than that. Who knows

Also seems like Red and Blue might be more pitiable than I made them out to be. We'll see :)

Hope you enjoyed!

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