Reaper of the Martial World
35 God Clan Young Masters 2
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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35 God Clan Young Masters 2

After a few moments of not answering, Cavositas finally snapped out of his stupor, "Brother Ragnor, you're not going to fight me over this one, right? You already have Sister Niveus."

The white-haired girl's eyebrow raised slightly, 'since when did he have me?'

Ragnor's eyes had landed on the same thing Cavositas' had, "I've been courting Lady Niveus for so long, yet she's shown no interest. I've already decided that she'd be my first wife, but never did I think I'd meet a girl more beautiful than her… Listen Cavositas, we're both God Clan members who've earned places in our main clan's branch, shouldn't you want to foster a relationship with me by allowing me this one?"

Niveus didn't know whether to laugh or cry, 'if you want to go after women, go ahead, but leave me alone.'

Dyon and Madeleine were oblivious to their impact as they walked to an empty table.

"So, milady Madeleine, do tell me what the best delicacies here are," Dyon said with a smile.

"I've never tried things on this floor either," said Madeleine with a wry smile.

"hmm, well, since the wine boy was so generous, let's try one of everything, shall we?"

Madeleine was about to explain how the ordering in martial restaurants worked, but she noticed that Dyon had already noticed that there was a formation mechanism on the table. His eyes shone a golden light as he slowly figured it out.

Madeleine put her hands on her chin as she watched Dyon with a smile on her face from the other side of the table, 'you could just ask me you know,' she thought while giggling.

About 10 seconds later, Dyon seemed to have figured something out. Taking out the badge Iacchus had given them, he placed it on the table and an array in the form of a menu appeared. Dyon grinned as he happily ordered one of everything.

Iacchus gritted his teeth as he watched this scene, 'THOSE ARE EXPENSIVE YOU COUNTRY BUMPKIN!'. His heart bled. This was the top floor, the delicacies available here were incomparable to the other levels. If Dyon really ordered one of everything, he was doing the equivalent of squandering millions of profound stones.

But, Iacchus could only keep his anger to himself as he respectfully walked to the table filled with God Clan members.

Bowing deeply, he spoke, "it's an honor to have 3 God Clans gather in our humble restaurant."

Iacchus looked up to find he was being ignored as a heated battle of words raged.

"Don't be ridiculous Ragnor! We were supposed to be tempering ourselves for the world tournament and you instead dragged me and sister Niveus to this shitty place! This is the least you owe me!"

"It isn't my fault! And you didn't have to come with me!"

"Bullshit! We've been friends for years, was I just supposed to leave!?"

Niveus shook her head watching this scene. They were arguing like the girl would definitely choose one of them, but if you looked for even a split second, she was clearly already in love. She started regretting following Ragnor, but she couldn't deal with his constant pleading.

"FUCK IT! We'll let her decide," Ragnor waved over to one of the scar faced slaves, "Go over and get her to come here. Give the kid with her a million profound stones to fuck off. Make sure to let her know that we're representing God Clans."

Iacchus and the wind blade sect disciples could only stand awkwardly.

Over at Dyon and Madeleine's table, they were looking at a table filled with spiritual foods and wines.

Dyon laughed, "if we ate all of this here, our bodies would explode from all the energy."

"Hmph, who asked you to be such a glutton," Madeleine said jokingly.

"What's life with some food," Dyon said with a grin.

He was about to pick up some sliced fruit to try, when he heard food steps approaching their table. Dyon frowned but ignored it, content to watch Madeleine eat adorably.


A massive pile of profound stones wafted a pure energy into the large top floor. The crowd looked over in shock.

"so many profound stones…"

"what's going on?"

Dyon looked over with a raised eyebrow and his eyes flashed with something inconspicuous as he noticed the scar on the servant's face.

"The young masters have given you a million profound stones to fuck off. You can go now."

Not waiting to see how Dyon would respond, the scar faced servant looked to Madeleine.

"Young Master Elof Ragnor of the Ragnor God Clan main branch and Young master Ace Cavositas of the Cavositas God Clan would like to invite you join their table. They hope that you won't reject."

Madeleine's face darkened, but she heard a voice that lightened her mood considerably, "Madeleine, you have to try this! It tastes exactly like mangos from the human world, but it gives you the same pure feeling as being washed over with Celestial will!"

Madeleine looked over at Dyon to find him smiling at her. She could only shake her head and laugh when she noticed that the million profound stones were gone.

The servants face darkened and his scar seemed to throb as blood coursed to his face, "do you have any idea who you're offending!"

Dyon turned to the servant, "go bark somewhere else!"


The servant was sent flying like a kite, blood spurting from his mouth. He had a grieved look on his face. He wasn't weak by any stretch. If he was, he would have never been chosen as a servant for the second young master of the Ragnor clan. Yet, he was sent flying so easily by a boy barely over 14.

When the younger generation of the God Clan saw this seen, their faces couldn't help but twist with displeasure. Killing intent rose in the air as the crowd whispered.

"who is that kid to dare defy the God Clans?"

"He's courting death!"

"His woman is so beautiful, but in the face of God Clans, can't they take whatever they want?"

"He's an idiot for even struggling."

Elof and Ace stood, the anger clear on their faces. They didn't care for the servant or the money, but, the slap to their faces it entailed couldn't be ignored.

Dyon didn't seem to notice as he continued to merrily eat along with Madeleine.


The table cracked under the pressure being exerted by the two boys. But, Dyon seemed undisturbed as he immediately used an array to catch the food and wine before they fell.

The anger on the faces of the young masters multiplied. They had purposefully exerted pressure on Dyon's side of the table to make the food fall on him while leaving Madeleine unscathed, but it didn't seem to work.

Madeleine was truly angered. She just wanted a nice day with Dyon, and it had been, until they started running into person after person who thought they could buy her love.

"I'm Madeleine Sapientia, the current first in line genius of the Sapientia God Clan. If you don't leave us alone, don't blame me for being impolite," the aura of her Goddess' Disposition exploded forward, flooding the room with incomparably blind light.


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