Reaper of the Martial World
30 Behind the Scenes 3
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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30 Behind the Scenes 3

"Let's go out tomorrow," Madeleine said, lying comfortably in Dyon's arms.

Dyon was quite enjoying the time they spent in his room. In fact, he was quite content with staying in, but he couldn't say no to Madeleine, "sure, we can go," he said with a smile, "I haven't been anywhere in the martial world besides here honestly."

Madeleine looked confused, "didn't you leave and find a master?"

"This secret doesn't matter too much anyway, but even if it did I wouldn't mind telling you. The Celestial Deer Sect's remains are actually at the bottom of Focus Lake. I found it shrouded in a formidable concealment formation."

"Oh? So that's what happened," Madeleine never asked about Dyon's adventures or questioned how he got things done. In fact, she was never surprised when he did something amazing. She had borne a strange confidence in Dyon.

"Then I'll bring you to some good places on the main continent," she said with a smile.

"alright. Then we'll do that."

Madeleine turn to Dyon with a mysterious glint in her eyes, "so you're not going to tell me?"

Dyon looked at Madeleine, confused, "tell you what?"

"How did you make it feel so good?" She asked with a slight blush.

Dyon shuddered, thinking back to when he was still at the bottom of focus lake. He had been trying to sort through his master's memories, when he stumbled upon a whole section of dual cultivation techniques. That was also where he learned how beneficial it was to take the virginity of someone with a god level constitution. But, he was severely disturbed. Suddenly gaining thousands of years of sexual experience? Good. Stumbling upon memories of 2 massive beasts copulating? Not so good. The vomit was held back by watching his master have sex in her human form, but that just made him feel dirty.

'she was clearly too close to death to think about filtering some memories out,' shivered Dyon. But then Dyon thought about how his master had time to put a block on some of the memories she thought Dyon wasn't ready for yet, then that just sent him down another rabbit hole, 'my master's a pervert?...' Dyon shook his head viciously, confusing Madeleine.

Dyon decided to tell Madeleine the version that didn't include bestiality, "the Celestial Deer Sect had thousands of dual cultivation techniques. So, I thought if I fused the best circulation methods with celestial will and my innate aurora flame, I could amplify their effects even more. What could be more effective at manipulating energies than the aurora flame? Not only does it have a healing factor that gives a pleasant feeling, considering its use in manipulating precious resources into pills and manipulating energies to form arrays, using it to circulate particular paths is easy."

Madeleine shook her head bitterly. Dyon spoke of manipulating cultivation techniques like it was as easy as breathing. He was clearly unaware that the same task he did on a whim was impossible for most people, let alone amplifying their effects.

But then, Madeleine smirked, "are you trying to tell me all you need to do is touch a woman and she'll feel hundreds of times more sensitive than I used to on the winter solstice? Pervert."

Dyon grinned, "I didn't even think of that, but now that you say it, I guess I'll have to try it out."

Madeleine playfully hit Dyon, "but this sounds interesting… what is celestial will for it to have that effect?"

"Well," Dyon released his celestial will, causing his skin to glow slightly. Infinitesimally crystals began to fall around him and Madeleine, "you can feel the purity, right? Celestial will is like the ultimate form of gentleness, but it is at the same time an absolute defense when its power is at a high enough level. Imagine washing away your opponents attack by purifying it. At the same time, celestial will allows you to impose your will on others because its purity is so alluring, which helps when you want someone to feel as good as you did. Which is even easier considering the calming and good feeling the will gives you in general," Dyon smiled, "the final and probably most important, is that it makes opening more than 72 meridians possible."

Madeleine looked up at Dyon in shock, "really?"

"mm. As you know, there are a total of 108 meridians. But, since ancient times, due to the loss in density of the energy of heaven and earth, more and more martial artists have begun to rely on cultivation stones to improve in later stages. Like, common stones for foundation stage, profound stones for meridian formation and essence gathering stage, and so on. The problem with that approach is that the energy lacks purity. So, even the best of geniuses can at most open 81 meridians. In fact, many essence gathering experts have only opened 54 meridians to reach the minimum requirement for essence gathering, before using treasures to force their cultivation upwards."

Madeleine nodded, knowing much of this already, oblivious to the fact that Dyon had glossed over the loss in density of energy. Even though Dyon didn't know the full explanation, he had a pretty good guess. Amongst the geography books in the central pillar library, he found that the size of earth was many times smaller in the past. But, for some reason, it had expanded by millions of times. Allowing the human and martial world to stay perfectly isolated from each other. This obviously had the added affect of thinning the energy.

"The problem with that, is that your future cultivation is restricted. For every 9 meridians you open, you gain access to 1 level of essence gathering. So, today, most martial artists can't access the 10th, 11th and 12th levels of the essence gathering stage which correspond to 90, 99 and 108 meridians being opened respectively. Usually, if you open 54 you'll be capped at the 7th essence gathering stage. If you open 63 you'll be able to push past with treasures and reach the 8th saint stage. If you open 72, you'll be able to reach the 9th celestial stage and so on. So, the amount of foundation you have at the meridian formation stage is directly correlated to your future potential. Of course, these are just absolute caps. Usually, martial artists wouldn't even reach those levels.

So, the only way to bypass the impurity of cultivation stones is by purifying it. And the only way to do so is through celestial will. Although there are rare treasures in the world that may allow geniuses to reach the 10th and 11th stages of the coming realms, from what I understand, only celestial will evolved to a high enough state will be able to purify the cultivation stone energy enough to allow you to reach that ultimate level. This is because other wills that have the ability to purify simply don't have the quality that celestial will does."

"wow," breathed Madeleine, "you'll be pretty amazing in the future then, won't you," Madeleine said with a slight pride in her eyes.

"I think you mean we," Dyon said with a smile, "the truth is, I'm only able to sense and understand celestial will because my master gave me her essence blood before passing. But, now that I have sensed it, I can purify your energy for you when the time comes. In fact, I could leave a bit of celestial will within you so you not only have a little piece of me, but you could also make use of your god level constitution to comprehend it. I could help you, but the effect would be the best if you have celestial will of your own. With Goddess' Disposition, your affinity towards purity is unmatched by many. I believe in you," he said with a smile.

Madeleine pouted, "and here I was hoping you could place it in me like you did before."

Dyon grinned, "there is actually another even more efficient way for you to sense celestial will."

"Oh? And how's that?"

"I could put a baby in you," Dyon said grinning widely.

Although Dyon was partially joking, the truth was that if Madeleine had a baby in her that shared the blood of the Celestial Deer running through Dyon's veins, it would indeed be more efficient.

"hmph," Madeleine said being playfully angry, "don't try your tricks on me. I've yet to see a wedding ring."

Dyon smiled mysteriously, "then how could I not oblige with my woman's will? I warn you though, the more practice you give me using this technique, the easier it'll be for me to seduce other girls in the future."

Madeleine was about to respond, but Dyon's rough lips were already on hers as he slowly pulled down the sweats she was wearing.

"mm," Madeleine moaned, letting the pleasure wash away all the pain she had held in her heart.


I thought I'd change it up and upload chapters in parts. They're still the same 4000+ word length, or thereabouts, but just broken up. This way, instead of being invaded with a block of text, you can take a break at a part that makes sense if you want to :)

LMAO, writing this chapter I felt like one of those korean adult webtoons, using sexual contact to progress a plot point. Anyhoo, other than being half a perv, the other half is about introducing celestial will and its importance. Hope you all enjoyed!!

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