Reaper of the Martial World
29 Behind the Scenes 2
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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29 Behind the Scenes 2

The alluring aroma of food slowly woke Madeleine up, "mm."

Opening her eyes, she found a banquet laid out on a table that definitely wasn't in the room before.

Madeleine's eyes widened, giving a confused look to Dyon who was looking at her with a gentleness that made her blush, "it's just the two of us, why'd you bring all this food?"

Dyon was stunned by Madeleine's appearance. Her cascading hair. The way her braless chest bounced through his white T shirt. The adorable look she had wearing sweat pants too many sizes bigger than her. Dyon was intoxicated.

"oh!" Dyon said with a grin, "This feast is actually for me, but you can have some of it if you want."

Madeleine looked at Dyon like he was crazy. But, the look soon disappeared as he watched him eat plate after plate after plate.

"you're a glutton," Madeleine said exasperatedly.

Between bites, Dyon unleashed his devilishly handsome smile.

Soon, Dyon had Madeleine in his arms as he fiddled with a projector system. Madeleine rested her cheek against Dyon's, watching him work.

"What exactly is this for?" she couldn't help asking.

"I'm about to set up some of my favorite movies for us to watch together," Dyon said with a smile.

"Movies?" Madeleine looked confused. She had learned a whole bunch of new things about the human world from Dyon. Sweat pants was one of them, and she had to admit that they were very comfortable.

"sometimes it surprises me what your martial world does and doesn't have. But, I guess it would be kind of weird if such powerful people wanted to watch people do superhuman things they could already do."

Madeleine gently placed her hands on Dyon's after he released the projection into the air and wrapped his arms around her.

"Movies are just plays on a screen. They tell stories about the most fantastical things. Although they're probably decidedly less fantastical here."

Madeleine watched with curiosity as a list of options appeared.

"Choose whichever one calls out to you the most," said Dyon with a smile.

"hmm," Madeleine thought for a moment, "the one with the short man looks odd, let's watch that one."

Dyon selected The Lord of the Rings and watched in satisfaction as Madeleine lost herself in its world.


Tammy stood silently, looking on to an Elder and a young man who were sparring with each other.

Soon, the young man let out a roar before using the last of his stamina. The elder calmly reflected the blow, allowing the young man to catch his breath.

"Your rate of improvement is impressive. Go and rest. I don't want you cultivating for the next few days so you can be in optimal condition for the world opening. You're our future, you must do your best to gain this inheritance. I'm sure you understand that we slowed our plans substantially by diverting power to ensure its opening. Don't let us down."

The young man stood tall after catching his breath. He was clearly a man of few words, but, his aura was suffocating. His blue eyes were sharp and his blond hair reached the ground. His muscles rippled as he stretched to his full 2.5 meter height. After nodding towards Tammy, the young man slowly left.

'First brother's progress is indeed impressive…'

Without turning to Tammy, the elder's voice rang out, "your talent only pales to your elder brother, Tammy. Your talent allowed you to not begin cultivating until you were 16, yet even without possessing a god level constitution, you've already broken to and now stand firmly in the meridian formation realm. Both you and your brother will do us proud…" he said faintly.

After reaching a throne, the elder sat down slowly, "so, what brings you here today?"

"Father, I believe Baal has put us in a bad situation."

"Hmm? How so?"

"In the Elvin Forest, he raped and killed Ava, the younger sister of a boy we killed for discovering our plans that time."

The elder's aura darkened, "I hope you're not asking me to seek revenge for your friend. Although Baal is unruly, he is still a talent. So talented that even Dagon or Blade might not be a match for him if he's serious. I allow you all to compete amongst yourselves. Once you can defeat him, then you can seek your own revenge."

Tammy shook her head, "that isn't it father. This Ava survived and is also not scared of appearing before us. Even to the point of glaring at me. I'm sure you can realize what that could mean as much as I do."

The elder's aura sharpened, "this… could indeed be troublesome. You may go… I'll also allow you to choose a suitable punishment for Baal. Do not cripple or kill him…" the elder's voice sounded faintly.

After Tammy left, the elder fell into deep thought, 'it seems we much prepare for the worst case… war may be inevitable. Let's hope that this girl just doesn't understand how high the heavens are… but if it's a case of her having suitable backing to oppose us, I may need to alert the supreme elders…'

Outside the room, Tammy was clenching her fists, 'this could work in my favor too… this could work…'


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