Reaper of the Martial World
28 Behind the Scenes 1
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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28 Behind the Scenes 1

Dyon closed the door to his room, choosing to use a concealment and defensive formation as opposed to his metal disk. He felt safer that way.

Little Black flashed and entered Dyon's storage ring, he didn't like being confined to such a small space.

Madeleine giggled, "are you going to take that shirt off? It's still wet you know."

Dyon gave Madeleine an evil grin, "if you wanted me to take off my shirt, you just had to ask you know."

Madeleine smiled, then reclined in a chair, crossing her legs. The flash of milky white Dyon caught through the leg slit of the dress made his heart beat quicken, "well? Go on. I'd better like what I see, or else I'll have to replace you."

"Oh? So, you like playing games," Dyon smiled and walked to Madeleine.

He took off his shirt, causing Madeleine's beautiful face to slightly redden. Her breathing quickened as Dyon placed his hands on the arm rests of the chair.

"So?" Dyon asked.

Madeleine didn't seem to be listening as her delicate hand touched Dyon's tanned chest.

Dyon leaned forward and lightly kissed her neck, forcing Madeleine to let out a breath.

"Passable," she said faintly, rubbing her cheek against Dyon's as if to ask for his lips.

Dyon gladly obliged, kissing her fiercely as he felt her hands wrap around his neck.

Dyon found his hands invaded by softness as they trailed their way up Madeleine's dress, stopping on her irresistible hips and playing with the straps of her underwear.

Madeleine's hands grabbed the sides of Dyon's cheeks, unwilling to let his lips go. Her soft moans filled the room as she let herself go. Although she had been cured, the disposition of her god level body was inclined towards intimate contact. Add to the fact that she had been feeling pent up for weeks, and this release was exactly what she needed.

Dyon slowly pulled away, looking into Madeleine's golden eyes.

Dyon grinned, "I have something I want you to wear."

Madeleine looked surprised, slightly embarrassed that Dyon's hands were still under the straps of her underwear.

Pulling back, Dyon flicked his wrists and a pair of grey sweatpants and a white T shirt appeared in Dyon's hands.

An incredulous look appeared on Madeleine's face, before she burst into a fit of laughter.

Dyon's smile widened, "once you try it, I promise you you'll never want to wear anything else."

Madeleine said nothing else as she stood, allowing her dress to fall to the ground under Dyon's disbelieving eyes.

A pair of pure white undergarments appeared before Dyon. It was laced and exquisite, but couldn't compare to the woman wearing it.

'don't get a boner, don't ge – ah fuck it,' Dyon could only bitterly smile.

Madeleine smiled, pushing Dyon onto the bed, "you might as well give me a clean pair of boxers too. It's only right I get the full experience."

Dyon had never felt so happy before. With a beaming smile he pulled out a pair.

Madeleine smirked and turned around, gentle falling onto Dyon's lap. Dyon groaned, 'she knows exactly what she's doing.'

Madeleine slowly raising her hands to her back, unstrapping her bra and letting it fall from her shoulders.

Dyon's breathing was erratic as he pulled her tightly into his chest, almost imperceptibly rubbing his member against her.

"You're so rowdy, how am I supposed to change if you're holding on so tightly," Madeleine said trying to keep her voice from shaking.

But Dyon didn't seem to be listening as his hands found their way to her chest, "god bless."

Dyon felt like he was heaven.

"mm," Madeleine couldn't help a moan from her lips.

She slowly slid her underwear down, letting Dyon run his hands along her body.

Dyon couldn't help spinning her around, kissing her firmly.

Madeleine moaned as she felt Dyon's strong hands grab onto her ass, pulling her into his lap.

Dyon looked up at the heavily breathing Madeleine grinning, "it seems the winter solstice really took a toll on you, hmm?"

Madeleine held onto Dyon's face, looking down into his eyes with fervent passion, "hmph, you're going to have to marry me before you get to have all of me."

Dyon smiled bitterly, but then he grinned, thinking of something.

"I wonder what would happen if I used my aurora to increase your sensitivity," an evil smile appeared on Dyon's face.

"Wai – mmmmm"

Before Madeleine could respond, a delicate flame had appeared in Dyon's hand, slipping slowly along her leg.

Dyon turned Madeleine around, gently kissing on her neck. A whisper sounded in Madeleine's ear that made her shiver with endless pleasure, "how about we get rid of all that pent-up frustration?"

Dyon's hands continued gently teasing Madeleine's legs, letting the aurora flame slowly increase her pleasure by manipulating her energy flow.

Madeleine was gasping for breath, digging her nails into Dyon's arm. Just as she thought this couldn't possibly get any more intense, she felt Dyon's hand finally reach her treasured place.

Madeleine gasped, moaning "Dyon…"

Dyon shivered hearing her call, but that just spurred him on.


Soon, Madeleine was sleeping soundly in Dyon's sweat pants and shirt after they had taken a shower.

Dyon gently moved her hair from her face, letting her sleep on his bare chest. He soon fell into a relaxed sleep too.


"Are you certain, Chenglei?" An elder shrouded in darkness spoke with a raspy voice.

"Yes, father. I am certain he said he was a member of the Celestial Deer Sect."

"…, since he's so confident, it is likely that our current clan strength can't deal with the life saving treasures he has…"

"Father, he killed an essence gathering expert like it was nothing. I'm afraid if we want to deal with this situation, we'll have to awaken the ancient ancestors from their slumber."

"Absolutely not. What kind of laughing stock would we be using those experts against a child. However, you are right. His threat cannot be underestimated. According to the records, the 25th White Mother was a very prideful person. I am certain that she would rather the whole clan die out than let someone subpar be the successor. His future will be bright... He must die as soon as possible," the raspy voice said faintly.

"Should we enlighten the other clans?"

"Impossible. Although we won the war, the toll was heavy. For now, we'll see if we can handle the situation ourselves. Did you receive a quota to enter the land?"

"Yes, father. I hid myself well. I managed to earn an inconspicuous spot."

"Good. If I'm not wrong, this opening is special. Those stupid big sects don't even know what they're getting themselves into. If it wasn't for the Pakal Clans blood sacrifice technique, they could have spent 10,000 years more trying to properly charge their treasure before finally managing to open the world."

Chenglei's eyes widened, "just who made that world?"

"If I'm not wrong, he or she was definitely an existence that surpassed the doa formation stage."

Chenglei drew in a sharp breath.

"In fact, I'm certain that if it wasn't for the world wanting to be found, those weak sects would have never even come close to it… what I don't know is why it wanted to be found…"

Chenglei remained silent.

"I'll give you a treasure. When fighting for the inheritance, it will come in handy. But, you must remember that your top priority is to kill this successor. Although such an inheritance would speed up our comeback, I believe the opening of a world of this magnitude wouldn't escape the notice of the God Clan younger generation. Although you are talented, you've been stifled by our lack of resources. Until we can fix that, you won't be enough to fight them I'm afraid…"

"I understand father. The Daiyu Clan will rise again."

"Ai. Although you won't be able to gain the main inheritance, there should be plenty of other treasures. Gain what you can while protecting your life. You are our future."

Chenglei nodded heavily, bearing the responsibility on his shoulders.


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