Reaper of the Martial World
27 Celestial Deer Sect Successor
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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27 Celestial Deer Sect Successor

Madeleine smiled while looking at Dyon's profile. But suddenly, she had a funny thought, "Dyon, you don't plan on fighting in sweat pants and a wet, snot filled T-shirt do you?"

Dyon smiled bitterly, "I actually have a battle chang pao, but it would be a waste if these geniuses are only at this level."


The geniuses were in an uproar.

In the stands, the Storm family geniuses smirked.

"He sure has a lot of nerve," sneered Blade

"Well, he just one-shot an essence gathering expert. Can you do that?" Blade's twin sister Callidora teased him.

"Pft women. All you see is a pretty face and you're already infatuated. How could the tournament rules allow him to use that powder? I'll crush him."

"Women? Why don't you take a look in the mirror? At least wipe the drool off your face and stop staring at his woman before you say those words to me," harrumphed Callidora.

Her brother Blade and her cousin Dagon were much the same. Although they were strikingly different in terms of appearance, Dagon being a towering giant and Blade being a skinny as a willow, they were one in the same in terms of love of battle. But, even they were clearly still weak to Madeleine's appearance.

Blade snickered, "I might have to fight Baal for a taste of her first."

"*sigh*, put a woman in front of them and they forget their purpose. We still need to secure placements to the world opening. First brother gained a seeded entry because of our help in powering the treasure, but we won't be afforded the same privilege. How about you focus on figuring out how to beat him?" muttered Autumn in disgust.

Tammy remained silent. She had never been close with her family, and quite frankly, they disgusted her. But, she knew she had to endure for now, 'soon…' she thought faintly.

Madeleine smiled at Dyon, "who's the one stirring trouble for who now?"

Dyon beamed before turning to the box lookout. He nodded in their direction before speaking, "Supreme Elders, don't you think it's about time we begin?"

"This brat, he has no respect," a fiery rage erupted in the lookout from none other than an elder that looked to be the exact replica of Lehabim.

"Also, I'd like to say that after I win the tournament, I won't be taking anyone as my master. I have already sworn an oath to only have a single one in this lifetime, I hope you understand supreme elders."

"Arrogant! When did the elders ever say they wanted you as a disciple!"

"This kid! He has no idea how high the heavens are!"

The elders in the box were red with anger, but they slowly calmed down when they thought of something, 'who's his master?'

This matter made the elders apprehensive, so they thought to ask first.

"Little One, may I ask who this esteemed master of yours is?" A booming voice came from Elder Orbis.

"This is of course a simple matter Elder. Although revealing this will bring me no end to troubles, I am not one to hide with my tail between my legs. My master is the 25th White Mother of the Celestial Deer Sect."


5 elders immediately appeared floating in the skies. Big Sect Elder Kami was still on the ground, but even he looked up towards Dyon.

"Do you understand the ramifications of what you just said?" Spoke an elderly woman wearing a robe with elegant green patterns marking the Green Blade Sect.

"Of course, I do. In fact, I doubt anyone here understands this more than I do. However, as the sole successor of the Celestial Deer Clan, I don't want to lurk in the shadows. I want everyone to know very clearly so that everything I do will lead to endless glory for my master."

Madeleine looked at Dyon's profile, her eyes sparkling as she watched her man stand tall against the world.

"When I kill someone, everyone will know who I am. When my step shakes the heavens, everyone will know who I am. When I love, everyone will know who I am."

A celestial aura erupted from Dyon, shining crystals orbiting him and Madeleine.

'such confidence. Such arrogance.'

"I want my enemies to know exactly how weak I am right now. I want them to despair when they realize there's nothing they can do to stop my rise. I want their heart to shake in terror when they realize they knew who I was this whole time yet couldn't stop me from ripping their lives from them."

'that purity… that must be the ever-elusive celestial will,' the elders trembled.

Celestial will was such a high attainment in the hierarchy of wills, that often people wouldn't even recognize it. If it wasn't for Dyon's reveal, the elders would never know.

"Little one, are you interested in participating in the world tournament? Instead of joining one of our sects, I'm sure the others would agree to you helping our seeded geniuses participate. Our alliance is in need of your talents. Although you can soar anywhere, I'm sure you'd want to bring glory to your master by representing the region the Celestial Deer Sect originated from, correct?"

"World tournament?" Dyon looked a bit confused.

"Forgive my fiancé elders, until about 3 and a half months ago, he was living in the human world. He is quite ignorant of martial world affairs."

The elders lips twitched, '3 and a half months and he's already understood so many wills? He's already so strong? What about his array alchemy mastery? What kind of sick joke is this?'

Dyon chuckled on the inside when he heard Madeleine call him her fiancé. But, he assumed that this was just the culture of the martial world. He had no intention of refuting it. Looking through Madeleine's memories of the past months, he knew she was someone he always wanted by his side.

Even the Storm family geniuses looked at Dyon in awe. Although Tammy knew about Dyon's origins, she had never had a reason to tell them about it.

"It seems we much take him much more seriously," Dagon's eyes sharpened.

"I-if what she said is true… doesn't that mean he's even more talented than first brother?" whispered Autumn.

Baal had a serious expression on his face for what seemed like the first time ever. But it soon disappeared as he licked his lips, 'it's always best when they struggle.'

But, the big sect geniuses had a completely different reaction.



"LEHABIM! SILENCE!" boomed a fiery haired elder, "don't mind my disciple little one. He's a bit hot headed."

The mouths of the other elders twitched, 'who do you think he got it from?'

The elder of the Wind Blade sect shook her head and continued, "you have no need to participate in this tournament little one. Neither do the other seeded geniuses. We will grant you entry to the world opening. If you're keen on fighting, I am sure there will be many battles in the legacy world as you compete for the treasures. It's only a shame that you missed the Elvin world, if you had access to those fruits it would be greatly beneficial. But, I'm sure your master left you with many things to replace that."

Dyon watched on as these elders fawned over him with no small bit of disgust in his heart. Anyone looking on would think these elders to be amiable and caring… but where was this caring attitude when thousands of their students were getting slaughtered.

Despite this, Dyon nodded his head, "then I'll listen to you elder. There's only one thing I have left to take of here," Dyon said faintly.

Dyon turned to the Sapientia family, causing Oliver to shiver. But, he sighed in relief when Dyon's eyes didn't seem trained on him.

Dyon laughed, "don't worry big brother Oliver. Although I can't promise Madeleine will forgive you, I want you to know I have. How could I make her choose between her brother and me?"

Madeleine's parents breathed a sigh of relief. The last weight on their chest had been lifted.

Madeleine harrumphed, "why would I want a big brother like him?"

Oliver smiled bitterly but said nothing. What he didn't hear was Madeleine whispering, "thank you Dyon…"

Dyon smiled, "didn't I say there's no need for thanks between us?" Dyon's voice was carried by his will of wind, hiding it discreetly.

Finally, Dyon's eyes trained on a seemingly ordinary old servant lady, causing her eyes to widen in shock.

"I assume you're from the Sapientia Family main branch?" Dyon said faintly.

The old lady was silent for a moment, before she looked to Madeleine. A sweet voice that seemed like it couldn't possibly come from her rang out, "you've found quite a good partner little Madeleine."

Madeleine trembled, "m-master?"

The appearance of the old lady slowly changed. Her hunched back became straight. Her wrinkled skin became younger. Soon, a woman just as beautiful as Madeleine appeared causing the Sapientia family to be overcome with shock.

Madeleine's parents immediately rushed to her and bowed deeply, "Branch Sapientia family members greet Elder Sapientia."

The crowd was stunned.

"Elder Sapientia?"

"She looks like she couldn't be more than 20"

"What's going on?"

The elder nodded, before slowly rising into the air.

The big sect elders were trembling, 'I can't sense her cultivation,' they all thought at once.

Finally, she appeared before Dyon and Madeleine. Madeleine released Dyon's hand and leaped forward, hugging her master tightly.

The elder stroked Madeleine's hair, "it's okay little Madeleine. I missed you too."

Dyon smiled at this scene.

After a few moments, Madeleine finally composed herself. Dyon created another array formation for her to stand on, shaking his head, 'this girl is crazy… she just leaped into the air, completely forgetting she had no cultivation and we're 20 meters up'

After Madeleine was back to Dyon's side, the elder turned a curious gaze towards Dyon, "what's your purpose for exposing me?"

"Well, for one, no matter what I say, I can't always guarantee Madeleine's safety. So, having everyone know my Madeleine has more supporting her than just a dead clan's successor is nothing but beneficial. Secondly, although I would like to spend a while together with Madeleine first, I want her to return to the main Sapientia branch. I have plenty of resources to support her even if our needs were multiplied by thousands, but, I will be headed to dangerous places and hunted by dangerous people. I want you to understand that Madeleine is almost all I have in this world, having the backing of a God level Clan like the Sapientia family is a good thing."

The elder nodded in agreement, impressed with Dyon's understanding of the situation, 'it seems he's not only hot blooded.' The elder had been previously disappointed in Dyon when revealed his origins.

"Thirdly, I have awakened Madeleine's constitution to 100%. I guarantee that your Sapientia God Clan doesn't have that capability and thus has no one with comparable talent to her. As such, having a wife who will soon be the leader of a God Clan sounds pretty amazing to me, doesn't it to you?" Dyon grinned.

Although Madeleine was slightly sad when she thought of how many dangers Dyon would soon face without her, she steeled her resolve. She didn't know a lot about the Celestial Deer Clan, but what she did know what that for an Ancient God Level Clan like them to be destroyed, their enemies must have been powerful. If she could help Dyon by becoming an influential figure in the Sapientia God Clan, she would do it.

"100%" The elder stared at Dyon in shock. Although she knew the pill Dyon had given to Madeleine was extraordinary, she also knew that it was near impossible to awaken 100% of a God level body, especially one in the top 10, let alone top 3. This couldn't be explained by it being a pill from the dead sect because pills lose potency over time. There's no way they would be as effective. The elder's burning gaze increased.

"fourthly, I know the Sapientia clan will no longer dare bully her. Although before Madeleine was a genius, she is incomparable to before. The Sapientia clan wouldn't use her as a pawn as they'd want to keep her within the clan. The fifth reason is because if an elder of your standing and power is willing to spend so many years as a servant just to watch over her, it must mean you care deeply for my Madeleine. So, I can trust you."

The elder nodded, "it seems like you've got this all figured out."

But then the elder froze as words shrouded in Dyon's will of wind floated to her ears, "after the legacy world opening, it is likely there will be a major war. The Storm family is actually a defected branch of the Ragnor God Clan and have a blood sacrifice technique from the Pakal God Clan they plan on using to rise again. I suspect the reason for the early opening of the world is due to sacrificing the lives of many of students who entered the Elvin World. In addition, the Daiyu clan is the source of the technique Akihiko was going to use to drain Madeleine's potential. Even if they weren't going to massively benefit from the blood sacrifice technique, they would still attack now that I've revealed my connections with the Celestial Deer Clan. As you probably know, the Daiyu clan was part of the destruction of the Celestial Deer Clan. In this war, I can only guarantee that the Sicarius family will be here and on my side. I have no way of contacting the Ragnor or Pakal God Clans as a contingency plan, so I tell you all of this only so that you can spread the rumor to them.

Once the war breaks out. There is no need for you to participate. I have my own plans. I can't guarantee that either God Clan will appear, so it's imperative that the news spreads to both. Also, since they're unlikely to believe it, they won't mobilize their strongest experts, so there's a good chance that this won't end cleanly. Just make sure that Madeleine leads a good life while I'm gone. Tell her I'll see her again at the world tournament."

The elder's eyes widened in shock, 'just what is this boy at the center of?...'

The day Dyon had heard Kami speaking to Daiyu, he had already knew that something was brewing. But, he was only even more certain of it when he was healing Ava last night. In Ava's memories, he learned that her soul was attached to an object. That meant her family was very clear on her condition. And, after being shocked about the power behind her family, he knew very clearly that they wouldn't stand for not only losing their young master, but also having their young mistress be heavily injured. This meant that a clash between the Storm and Sicarius family was inevitable, but, with the variable of the Kami God Clan and the hidden Daiyu clan, Dyon wasn't sure of which side would be the victor. So, he could only prepare for the worst.

"Oh, and also," Dyon said out loud, "don't believe I won't one day destroy the Sapientia God Clan if they try to bar me from seeing Madeleine."

The elder felt a shiver run down her back, but she quickly composed herself, "there's no need to worry. With Madeleine's talent, it's likely she'll be able to do whatever she wants. My greatest regret is not being able to protect her back then… will you still acknowledge me as your master little Madeleine?"

Madeleine nodded heavily, tears glistening in her eye, "I know it wasn't your fault master, you tried your best. But, you're only one person. I understand the cruelty of the cultivation world."

"Good, good," The elder had tears streaming down her beautiful face, "although I haven't been much of a master to you, I can tell you that I truly do approve of your choice in partner. It is likely that the Ragnor God Clan might want to force a marriage alliance like they did in the past," The elder glanced quickly at Dyon, as though hinting something, "but, I would rather die than allow you to be used as a chess piece again."

"mm," Madeleine nodded, gripping Dyon's hand, "as far as the Sapientia and Ragnor Sects should be concerned, I'm already a taken woman."

Dyon smiled, looking into Madeleine's beautiful eyes. But, it didn't escape his notice that she mentioned the Ragnor God Clan despite having no idea about the current situation. Dyon could only shake his head, 'it seems these God Clans are really good at spreading wide ranging pain…'

Dyon looked to the elders, "when does the legacy world open, supreme elders?"

The big sect elders were awakened from their state of shock, "the legacy world opens in just a week. The world tournament will be in two years."

"mm, then Madeleine and I will take our leave. There's no need to waste time on this tournament then," Little Black jumped into Dyon's free arm before diving into his T shirt. Just as Dyon was about to bid farewell to Madeleine's master, he realized she had already vanished.

Not minding too much, Dyon waved his hands and a majestic celestial deer appeared, carrying him and Madeleine on its head.

It galloped away into the sky, disappearing from everyone's sight.

The geniuses left on the ground gripped their fists. Their fighting spirits had been alighted. To be looked down on a boy years younger than them. A boy with no cultivation. A boy who had taken their love right in front of them. The rage in their hearts was palpable.

'he really did survive,' Tammy thought. But suddenly, her head snapped. Her body trembled.

Ava stared at the girl she had once called a friend, her eyes filled with hatred. She knew well that Tammy wasn't strong enough to save her, but to not even try? And to also know exactly what happened to her brother and not tell her? Ava saw nothing but a mortal enemy. Turning away from Tammy, she focused her will. She wasn't afraid of this so-called Storm family. She had never told Tammy about her origins, but she was clear on the fact that this Focus Academy was just a small stepping stone for her. If it wasn't for the fact her martial heart was so shaken by her dead brother, it was likely her cultivation would be far ahead of what it was now. In fact, she only began cultivating so early because she wanted power to find out what happened to her brother… effectively destroying her best potential for him. But, she'd focus on this tournament for now. She'd watch to her heart's content, with no fear in her heart. Not only could they not kill her in the open, she knew her father's temperament well. He was definitely on his way here.

Tammy looked confused. She understood the anger, but, where was this confidence coming from? Did she think she could stand up against the Storm family? But, then Tammy thought something that made her shiver. Did a normal family really raise two geniuses like Arios and Ava? What if she was confident because she knew her family was strong enough to protect her? If she was comparing her family to a pillar family, then Tammy had nothing to worry about, the true power of the Storm family could destroy focus academy a hundred times over. But… if Ava's family was stronger than that… Strong enough to contend with the true them… That would ruin everything.

Tammy looked at Baal with endless resentment. This was all his fault. Tammy bit her lip, 'I need to change my plan. I can't take this risk.'

Tammy knew that Baal would have no interest in a toy he had already played with, so Ava was safe for now. But, simply not bothering Ava from now on wouldn't fix the situation, 'fuck.'

This situation was getting more and more complicated.


First, I apologize in advance if I accidentally call the celestial deer sect a clan. It's definitely a sect made up of many families.

Secondly, I always hated the idea of MCs hiding their identities. Is it smart? Usually these same MCs end up at the constant end of assassination plans anyway. So, did hiding themselves really help? In fact, Dyon has already been almost killed twice, and he had no background whatsoever at the time. Anyway, I thought it would be interesting and unique to have an MC that refused to duck and hide. While the Celestial Deer Sect is gone, Dyon is also fully aware that their enemies are also severely crippled as well. So, he said fuck it.

As you'll see soon, I'm very right. A whole bunch of clans and sects are going to try and kill Dyon very soon for a reason that has nothing to do with being the disciple of the 25th white mother, lmao. In fact, Dyon's identity is actually more likely to get him mocked as you'll see eventually.

ANYWAY! I hope you enjoy this twist on the genre. You gotta remember, although Dyon is highly intelligent, he's also still just a 14yo immature boy. How realistic is it for 14yo boys to hide EVERYTHING cool things about themselves? Hiding OP weapons a bit, sure. But everything? Honestly, most of the time the authors who use this method just hide shit forever just to build up cheap hype rather than writing an actual compelling story. So, let's see if I can pull this off properly :)

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