Reaper of the Martial World
26 The Wedding
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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26 The Wedding

Music began to play. Elegant strings inlayed will of at least the 3rd level through the crowd, making them feel at peace.

Akihiko walked to a podium facing the crowd. He wore a chang poa laced with gold and whites, standing proudly. The crowd's gaze was one-part reverence and another part deep seeded hatred and jealousy. They wished with their everything that they could be Akihiko in that moment.

The wedding was actually held in a coliseum; however, the ground floor was filled with pillar family members as the competition stages had been swapped for exorbitant decorations, place tables, and what seemed like endless food and baked goods.

The geniuses of the big sects sat on the floor of the coliseum as well, gazing at Akihiko with disgust and jealousy.

"He may be talented, but he's still too weak and young to be a seeded genius. We'll beat him to a pulp during the tournament proceedings."

The other seeded geniuses nodded in heavy agreement with Lehabim. They had all had great fortuitous encounters in the Elvin Forest making their power soar. Their consolation prize would be showing off and fighting to see who was the best among them.

In the crowd, Ava, Eli and Venus looked nervous. They were the only ones who knew that Dyon was alive and they were absolutely certain that he wouldn't allow this to continue. But, no matter what they thought of, none of their ideas translated to his victory. If he saved Madeleine, how long would it last before he was killed again. Even if he could now beat Oliver, what about Oliver's father? What about Akihiko's father? What if the other pillar families join in? And isn't Akihiko part of a big sect now? How could they allow him to be cuckolded in front of hundreds of thousands of people, they would rather die than be shamed like that.

The lines of worry increased minute by minute as Chenglei walked up behind Akihiko and discreetly handed him a ring. It seemed as though this would be a very streamlined wedding, most likely to keep Madeleine in line.

Delicate snow continued to fall from the sky, but, by some odd magic, the ground maintained the absolute purity of the snow, without dirtying. The tables of food maintained their heat as though the snowflakes couldn't enter a meter radius of them.

It was like a paradise of snow as the music picked up.

The crowd stood in respect as Madeleine walked into sight. However, the gasps that were heard were followed by endless whispers.

"she's wearing black?"

"Her father isn't escorting her? Only two little girls?"

"It seems the rumors are true, this must be the poor girl's last rebellion"

Despite what was said, Madeleine was like the purest lily. She was untouched, untainted. Her beauty couldn't be described with words. Even her slightly pale appearance couldn't manage to dull her to the point of flaws. Even in sickness, she was a celestial goddess.

Her gaze was expressionless, and her steps were firm. Although her body imperceptibly trembled as she began to lose more and more control of herself, she knew she had to keep it together. At the very least, she refused to disgrace Dyon.

The Sapientia family gazed at her with bright smiles on their faces, but she didn't spare them a glance as she continued walking along her solemn path.

"our goddess is truly strong," praised Jessica

"she doesn't deserve this, she deserves me. I can make her happy," muttered Hashim.

"I've changed my mind, even if it means war, I'll directly kill Akihiko," spoke Lehabim, gripping his fists tightly.

"yea right, your master would stop you before you could even do that. Do you think the essence gathering realm is a joke?" Spoke Orbis sarcastically, "you all should find a single lady like I have with my love."

"who's your love!"

As the geniuses were warring in hushed tones, Madeleine had made it to wide stairs. The coliseum was silent as her delicate and lonely footsteps made it to the top. Delia and Meiying were like ghosts following her, they stood silently to the side as the Sapientia family head could only smile bitterly as he saw his daughter's attitude. He thought that when she had agreed to stop fighting this that she was feel good about being cured, but, it seemed he was too naïve. She had never done this for herself or him, she did this so she could live and repay a debt to that dead boy.

Pillar Family Head Kami stood at the podium as a witness. Once he saw that Madeleine had made it and hadn't caused too much of a scene, he breathed a sigh of relief.

His voice boomed, entering the ears of everyone there, "Today we've come together to collect the Sapientia family and Kami family as one. In consideration for the big sect tournaments, the new soon to be husband and wife pair have decided on a shorter, but elegant, ceremony. Although this is usually done in private, we want you all to be witness to their holy union. As such, the marriage licence will be signed here and now," Kami waved his hand.

A group of servants came out of the back room with a podium that had a thick piece of parchment on it in addition to a feathered pen.

"Little Madeleine, soon we'll be as father and daughter. As a woman marrying into the Kami family, you should follow our traditions as well. The Kami God Clan places the utmost importance on blood lines, particularly the god level blood. As you all know, my son has awakened his god blood to 20%! Which is even comparable to geniuses in the main branch!"

The crowd filled with murmurs.

"he's so powerful?

"Maybe he does deserve to marry lady Sapientia."

The geniuses of the big sects grit their teeth and endured.

"As such, it is customary for Kami God clan marriages to seek acceptance of the ancestors by signing the marriage contract in blood. Only a finger prick will be necessary. After the couple has finished, we can begin the festivities. After a proper feast, the tournament will begin!"

The crowd watched on as Akihiko picked up the feathered pen and pricked his finger, signing his name in blood. The parchment began to resonate with the heavens, as though Akihiko's blood was bestowed by the heavens themselves.

"Haha, as expected of the Kami Sect's seeded genius. The contract isn't even complete, yet he's already gained the acceptance of the ancestors," big sect elder Kami boomed from the box lookout.

Akihiko passed the pen to Madeleine with a gentle look in his eyes, but Madeleine's face couldn't help but flash with disdain as she noticed the hints of lust in his eyes.

Taking a deep breath, she tried to steady her trembling body. Although her face was incomparably calm, her heart was a raging storm of emotions. Tears threatened to spill out of her eyes as she couldn't seem to steady her hand to draw blood.

Many of those who sympathized with Madeleine couldn't help but sigh.

Just as Madeleine was about to give up and use a bigger target, a light voice rang out that made the tears she was holding back spill over as wave after wave of emotion hit her.

"wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. Can we talk about this for a second? I know you want this whole streamlined wedding thing, but what kind of marriage doesn't ask what the crowd thinks first? You know, I dunno about the Martial World, but in the human world we have a place called Las Vegas, you can think of them as the king of streamlined marriages. And even they ask if someone wants to speak or forever hold their peace. And here I was counting on the Kami family to follow proper protocol. I had so much faith in you fucks that I almost let my woman be married to some loser. Imagine the laughing stock I'd be if that happened?"

'NO! What is he doing!' Ava, Eli and Venus couldn't help but almost faint. They had been thinking of all the ways Dyon could deal with this. Maybe burn the marriage contract and kidnap her later when less people were around. Or, maybe use the big sect tournament to kill Akihiko before he could do anything to Ava. But never did they think he'd do it like this.

"who is this guy?"

"Dyon? That's Dyon!"

"Huh? Wasn't he dead?"

Oliver looked at the boy who had seemed to mature by leaps in bounds with nothing but shock, 'B-but, I ran you through the heart…'

Pillar Family Leader Sapientia was trembling as he held onto his wife's hand, he didn't know if he'd have the strength to kill his daughter's love again. Especially in front of her? He was conflicted, he had no idea what to do.

The geniuses of the big sects looked over all at once.

"This is the guy she fell for? He's nothing but a pretty boy," said Lehabim with a look of disdain.

"I thought he was dead, wasn't he," said Orbis, "but, isn't it more interesting this way? This wedding was getting boring."

"He is quite handsome," said Jessica licking her lips, "if only he was as beautiful as he was handsome."

"Don't be like that my love. What can looks do for you in the cultivation world? Isn't that why he quote unquote died in the first place? He won't even get out of here alive."

Although Jessica didn't like being called Orbis' love, she had to admit that he was right. Even though the pillar family leader of the Kami clan was weaker than the seeded geniuses, the same could not be said of the big sect elder. So even they as incomparable geniuses didn't dare to make a fuss here no matter how much they loved Madeleine. Yet, this 14-year-old boy seemed to want to do exactly that.

Madeleine slowly turned. She couldn't hide her trembling anymore and her voice couldn't leave her throat. But, she started running. She started running as fast as her locked cultivation could take her.

Akihiko finally snapped out of his sheer surprised, "WHERE DO YOU THINK YOU'RE GOING!" He was about to reach out a flash of sword qi nearly severed his arm.

He fell backwards and landed on his ass pathetically as he tried to dodge.

A faint voice filled with killing intent rang out, "if you dare try to touch her again, you won't even know how you died."

The crowd shuddered as Dyon lifted his foot slowly.

"are you sure he's weak?" whispered Jessica.

"I…" Orbis didn't know what to say. It was clear none of them had seen how he attacked, yet, domineering sword scar on the stairs wasn't lying to their eyes.

Madeleine was stumbling down the stairs, still unable to speak.

"Big Sister!" Delia called out as she noticed Madeleine falling down.

But, in a flash, Dyon's foot fell and he was already before Madeleine, embracing her tightly.

Madeleine gripped Dyon's chest with both hands, sobbing uncontrollably for what seemed like an eternity.

"It seems like she really loves him… we can't pull them apart again dear. I can't take that kind of pain," whispered lady Sapientia to her husband.

Pillar family head Sapientia shivered as he heard his wife's voice.

"He's so fast, wasn't he just in the aisle, how did he get to the stairs"

"He's so handsome, yet so strong as well? No wonder Madeleine loves him."

"But, he's going to die soon, does it matter?"

In the stands of the coliseum, the Storm family members looked on in interest.

Baal licked his lips, "that girl is the best I've seen. I'll have to savor her soon."

Autumn snorted, "you'll have to be strong enough to beat him first."

"He's just a small fry. Can't you tell he has no cultivation. How could I lose to such a weakling?"

"you're ignorant. Don't you know that first brother Storm didn't start cultivating until he was 18? He's a true genius. He was the reason why our branch was willing to take such a chance and break off from the Ragnor clan," Dagon said faintly.

"Are you really trying to compare this nobody to first brother?" Said Baal in disdain.

Dagon didn't feel like arguing, "if you really want to try him out, you'll get a chance later. But, I've warned you that your disgusting habits are going to get you killed one day."

Baal didn't seem to be listening as he continued to lick his lips.

Tammy remained silent, not knowing what to think. The boy she had once told should work hard to reach their level had in the blink of an eye reached such a high level of attainment, 'let's see how you'll survive this.'


Madeleine continued to sob, unwilling to let go of Dyon's shirt. It seemed like she was trying to say something, but Dyon couldn't understand.


Finally, Madeleine took a deep breath, although it was broken into a million parts, she finally got air into her lungs.

"Y-you r-really – W-ore sw-eat p-pants to my w-wed-d-ding?"

Dyon was stunned for a bit, before his booming laughter could be heard throughout the arena.

Delia and Meiying finally had relaxed smiles on their faces, almost as though they had forgotten the danger Dyon was in.

On the stage, while Akihiko was still sitting on the ground in a daze, Pillar family elder Kami and big sect elder Kami were fuming.

"You've got a lot of nerve! Good, good, good. Well done. You'll die here today!" Boomed big sect leader Kami.

However, Dyon didn't seem to hear him, but he set aside a thought in his mind, 'essence gathering 3rd stage? No big deal.'

"Well, I wasn't properly dressed, BUT! I brought you presents," Dyon said with a beaming smile.

He swung Madeleine into his arms and an array formation appeared below him. I rose them up 20 meters in the air, and whether it was on purpose or not, positioned them directly in the center of the coliseum.

Everyone watched with a mixture of loathing, jealousy or adoration as Dyon gently placed the still shivering Madeleine in his lap, letting her head rest on his chest.

"this is the first present. From today onwards, you'll be the center of the world. No one will bully you. No one will hurt you. No one will dare do anything you don't like while I'm here."

The crowd sucked in a breath.

"I'll kill him!" said Hashim and Lehabim fumed. Before, they had no choice but to not take action for fear of big sect elder Kami, but this was a completely new situation. How could they sit back as a boy with no backing took the woman they wanted?

Jessica, though, looked on with sparkling eyes, before turning to Orbis, "if you could ever be half that romantic, I'd love you."

Orbis' eyes shined with passion as though accepting a challenge.

Madeleine shivered as she heard Dyon's words, the tears she had willed to stop started flowing again.

Dyon smiled, "the second present is actually a little guy we'll raise together."

The crowd was in an uproar.

"Even if she loves you, you can't say things like that here!"

"Yea! If you wanted to be a pervert, you should have chosen another woman!"

Dyon didn't seem to hear the crowd. But, Madeleine had taken his words the same way because her breath was hurried, and her face was red. She was beginning to squirm in lap.

'don't get a boner, don't get a boner, don't get a boner' Although Dyon was thinking this, his heart ached thinking of the pain Madeleine was suffering through.

With a flick of his finger, a fury and scaled puppy looking creature jumped out and licked the tears off of Madeleine's face.

"This is Little Black. I found him while traveling. I'm not sure what species he is, but, I thought you'd like cute things so this is my second present."

The crowd seemed to collectively sigh in relief. Of course, Dyon had to lie about Little Black's origins. Although he didn't care about danger to himself, he wasn't willing to have that lead to trouble for Little Black.

"At least my Madeleine didn't end up with a pervert," said Jessica with a harrumph.

"He's adorable," said Madeleine with a giggle as she happily accepted Little Black into her arms, still leaning on Dyon's chest as the sat in the sky. Gentle snow still softly falling.

Little Black seemed to be trying to catch some on his tongue, which made Madeleine giggle more.

"She's truly an angel."


"For my third present, I know you love music, so I have to give you the best." A silver lyre appeared in Dyon's hands.


"A half step master level lyre!"

"Making a musical instrument of that high quality?! Where did this kid get that from!"

Even Madeleine was stunned. But, she didn't refuse. She saw Dyon as her future husband. When would a wife ever say no to a present from her husband?

Madeleine smiled gently, kissing Dyon on the cheek.

"hehe, if you kiss me like that now, who knows what you'll do when you see my next presents."

The crowd was in an uproar again.

"There's no mistaking his words this time!"

"Definitely a pervert!"

"How could Madeleine love him!"

Madeleine looked up at Dyon, blinking innocently, "there's more?"

"Of course, you think I'd come back if I didn't have the cure to your illness? What kind of man would I be then?"

Madeleine's eyes widened, "r-really?" she choked, tears falling.

Pillar Family elder Kami finally snapped, "DO YOU THINK YOU CAN TALK SUCH NONSENSE IN MY PRESENC –"


Before elder Kami would even finish talking, 10 magnificent arrays had appeared behind Dyon. They began to rotate fiercely before incomparably majestic weapons fired out. No one could see the weapons until they were already surrounding elder Kami, impaled into the ground.

Pillar family head Kami was shivering in panic. He hadn't even seen what happened, but somehow 10 spears made of fantastic golden energy and coated in crystals left massive holes in the ground.

The crowd was silent.

"speak out of turn again, and I won't even give you a chance to defend yourself later. I'll just directly kill you and your whole family," Dyon said faintly.

The spears flickered out of existence as he turned back to Madeleine was now staring up at him with a smile.

"what a genius, I can't even tell how many wills he used in that attack. Did you see it Orbis?" A dark skinned man with long dreads spoke.

"Crystal will… the rarity of such an earth type will… my earth-bound sect needs a genius like him..."

Big sect Elder Kami gripped his fists. He knew if the other sect leaders decided this kid was a genius, it would be impossible for him to kill him. They would all want to recruit him to their sects in preparations for the continental tournament. Who wouldn't want him? This was the only reason he hadn't attacked yet, as soon as he saw Dyon's sword qi and movement technique, he could tell the other elders were moved.

"Do you trust me?" Dyon asked Madeleine.

With no hesitation, Madeleine nodded yes.

With a flick of his finger, a pill about 3 cm wide appeared.

"This pill will erase all of your cultivation," with a flick of his hands, Dyon slowly brought it to Madeleine's mouth.

She opened with no hesitation, not asking why her cultivation had to be erased or if she'd ever get it back.

But, her family wasn't the same. They were all pale faced, wondering what would happen next.

After helping Madeleine dissolve the pill, Dyon pulled out another one.


"What grade pill is that!"

"It must be at least master level, maybe more!"

'how the hell is this kid getting all these treasures,' thought the big sect leaders.

Although the previous pill Dyon had brought out seemed ordinary. With their key sense, they could tell it was extraordinary. If it wasn't for their wanting to uphold their prestige, they might have went to directly snatch this boy's things.

Dyon leaned into Madeleine's ear and whispered softly, causing her condition to act up again, "this is called the constitution awakening pill, it'll awaken your constitution to 100% and then you'll be the genius you once were again. We'll stand tall together."

Madeleine nodded, taking the pill. But, as Dyon was helping her circulate the pill, he couldn't help but frown. He could sense the impurities of another medicinal pill that wasn't the cleansing pill in Madeleine. More over, with his key senses, he could tell it was a healing pill that Madeleine had taken recently. And, considering the aura used to circulate the pill, Dyon immediately knew that it was Akihiko.

Dyon was trembling in anger, he had guesses of what had happened, but he had to focus on helping Madeleine first. Such trivial impurities wouldn't affect such a high-grade pill, but the story behind it would send Dyon into a rage.

As the hours passed, Madeleine was somehow becoming more and more beautiful. She was emanating the aura of a goddess; her skin had become fairer and smoother. She was absolutely without flaws.

The Sapientia family was trembling with happiness.

"It's really the cure, it's really the cure dear!"

Libro stood at the back of the family, smiling in satisfaction.

The pillar family leader had tears in his eyes, "how did this kid manage to do something the main branch couldn't?"

Finally, Madeleine awoke, smiling brilliantly, "Dyon… thank you."

"there should be no thanks between us," Dyon said with a light smile, "as soon as you feel you have perfect control, you can start cultivating again."

Madeleine lifted her hand and touched the side of Dyon's face, causing him to lightly grip her wrist before he said, "will you let me see what you went through?" ever so softly.

Although Madeleine didn't know how Dyon planned to do it, she still nodded.

Soon, she felt her memories being gone through and she felt that Dyon had opened himself up to her too. Dyon's trembled as he felt Madeleine's pain, but, when Dyon got to today's event, the cheery atmosphere in the coliseum suddenly dropped into complete darkness.

Dyon's eyes were red as he stroked Madeleine's cheeks gently, "I'll be right back… wait for me."

Madeleine nodded as she went to play with Little Black who had been laying on her lap.

Dyon jumped down from the sky. Without any arrays or wills, he slammed heavily into the ground.

Slowly he walked over to the distraught Akihiko.

"So…" Dyon said faintly, "it seems that you think you can hit my woman, hm?"

The crowd was in an uproar.

"Akihiko hit such an angel?"

"How dare he!"

"You must have thought you were pretty clever, right? You were going to drain Madeleine of all her potential then claim as if you were just a genius when you're actually just trash."

A sword light flashed.


"WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING!" the big sect elder couldn't hold it in anymore and before he could be stopped, he had already flashed towards Dyon.

"fuck, we didn't keep enough tabs on him," Orbis was agitated. He needed to know the secrets of crystal will, it would multiply his power by many folds. How could he let this genius die?

"Seems like a genius is about to die." The wind blade sect elder shook her head bitterly.

The sect leaders could only watch as big sect elder Kami sped towards Dyon.

Just as the big sect elder was going to reach Dyon, a 3 cm wide pill appeared in Dyon's hands. He immediately crushed it and used his wind will to guide the powder into the elders 7 orifices.


The elder came crash to the ground.

The crown was stunned.

"what was that he just used?"

"It I looked like a powder."

"a powder that could stop an essence gathering expert?"

Chenglei, who had been standing in the back this whole time with a calm expression on his face, finally frowned. He had thought that this was all a façade and that as soon as the elder acted, this would all end. But, who knew that with just a flick of his hand, Dyon could cripple an essence gathering realm expert.



Akihiko's other arm flew off.

"Y-you'll never get away with this! The Kami God Clan values him greatly! He was accepted by the ancestors! You're trampling on the pride of a God clan!"

The big sect elder was raging, he felt his cultivation dropping more and more as he watched pathetically from the ground.

"God Clan?" Dyon said faintly, "should I care about something like that?"


"This isn't just arrogance, it's ignorance!"

"God clans aren't something you can imagine!"

The big sect elders were shifting in agitation.


"AAGGGHHH," Akihiko was writhing on the ground with only a single limb left. The once pure snow was dyed in blood.

"I'll tell you all of this right now. I don't care what sect you're from. I don't care who your parents are. I don't care who your lovers are. I don't care who your children are," Dyon continued softly.


Just like that, pillar family leader Kami died. Sliced in half and with incomparable grievances.

"I don't care if you have god level blood."



Akihiko had lost his last limb.

"I don't care if you think you rule this world or if you're in an unreachable cultivation realm."


A weapon's hell formation began spinning fiercely right above Akihiko's head. Slowly, a spear began to subtlety pierce his head.

"If you touch someone I care about… I'll kill you"


Blood spurted from Akihiko head as he breathed his last.

The crowd shivered.

'he's crazy….'

Baal licked his lips, "interesting… it was faint, but he directed some killing intent at us, don't you think? You think he could tell I wanted to taste his woman?" He said with a disgusting smirk on his face.

Tammy shivered. She had felt it too, 'he knows something.'

The Storm family juniors didn't answer, instead adopting curious expressions on their faces. What they didn't know is that Dyon had allowed them to feel his killing intent on purpose to set a chess piece in motion.

"So, we get to fight the seeded geniuses and him? This tournament will be interesting," said Dagon and Blade.

Dyon leaped back to Madeleine, holding her in his arms again.

"OH! I almost forgot, I have another present for you. This was left behind by my master. I hope you like it," Dyon said with a smile.

In a flash, an incomparably pure dress appeared. It was inlayed with so much energy, that it was blinding.

"There's actually a hair piece to go with it," Dyon said pulling it out.


"Another half step master treasure."

"I'm going to pull my hair out."

"The big sects might have one of those each, and its reserved for their supreme elders. Yet, he pulled out so many!"

Madeleine blinked looking at the dress and hair piece.

"I can't let you keep wearing this black, now can I?" Said Dyon with a smile, "this dress will make it easier to sense wills you want to learn, and the pin is a defensive treasure. Don't worry, you can change here, I'll put up a concealment array."

Madeleine nodded, taking the dress, but first she turned to Dyon, "no using your innate aurora to peek," she said giggling.

The crowd sighed in appreciation for her purity.

Dyon chuckled, "I promise," he said stretching out his pinky.

Madeleine pouted, "you didn't need to answer so quickly."

Dyon laughed, "I was just going to promise but then peek anyway," he said with wink.

Madeleine playfully hit Dyon before the concealment formation appeared around her.

Moments later, blinding lights caused the crowd to squint as Dyon looking on proudly. It was like a goddess had descended from the skies.

'are you watching mom? Dad? Your son's done pretty well for himself, don't you think?' thought Dyon with incomparable pride shining in his eyes.

Madeleine stepped out. Her eyes had lost their previous dullness and now had a shining gold. Her carbon framed glasses had morphed in crystal framed ones, and her hair was up in her usual style. The hair pin perfectly complemented the white qing pao that clung to her curves. The dress reached to the her feet, a long slit following along her led. The sparkles of white and gold seemed intent on forcing the world's energies on converging upon it.

"I can't see the rank of that dress… can any of you?" An old lady whose hair seemed to alternate between braids of white and vines, asked.

The big sect elders shook their heads. They had no answer for the green blade sect's elder.

Dyon was in a daze, "wow…"

Madeleine giggled, her gentle laughter causing flutters in the heart of the crowd.

"Wife… it looks like we almost made the worst mistake of our lifetimes…"

Lady Sapientia nodded as happy tears streamed down her face. Oliver trembled as he looked down at his hands, feeling disgusted with himself. Pertinacis smiled lightly, which was actually quite rare for him.

Dyon slowly walked to Madeleine, grabbing her hands, "are you willing to stand at the top of the world with me?" he said softly.

Madeleine's eyes glistened, "yes."

Dyon leaned down slowly, kissing Madeleine's lips ever so gently, as though he was afraid to break her.

Madeleine blushed but she didn't resist.

"I'M GONNA KILL HIM!" The geniuses raged all at once.

Dyon pulled away and looked into her golden eyes.

Madeleine light punched him, "you sure made a girl wait quite a long time for her first kiss."

Dyon scratched his head awkwardly, "timing. Swear I was looking for the perfect timing."

Madeleine giggled, grabbing Dyon's hand, she faced the crowd together with him.

Dyon's eyes flashed with battle intent, "Now that the most important thing is complete, the other thing I came here to do today is settle some grudges and beat down some geniuses. Who'll play with me?" A devilishly handsome grin appeared on Dyon's face.


"I'll crush him!"

Dyon smiled at Madeleine, "it seems like you've gained me quite a few fans."

Madeleine giggled, grabbing onto Dyon's arm, "if you can't deal with this much, I can always get a harem of men to do it for me."

The crowd surged.


"NO ME!"

Dyon chuckled bitterly, "you really know how to stir up trouble."

Dyon's eyes flashed in seriousness, "since you all want to fight, let's get this tournament started then. I'll be sure to beat it into all of you, one by one: Dyon Saccharo's woman isn't someone you can have plans on."

Dyon's domineering aura surged, covering the whole of the coliseum.


I don't particularly like stories that revolve around having to save a "damsel in distress". Mostly because some authors stretch it out for hundreds of chapters, just for the girl to end up being taken again. Or, maybe he finds a new girl while he's saving his first one, then the new one gets taken. Either way, I hate that kind of set up when it's overdone as a plot device rather than having true purpose. Dyon's goal isn't to save women, or anyone really. It's in his personality to try and be the hero because that's what his upbringing taught him was right - he didn't grow up in the martial world. But, this mini arc was still important to introduce something: Madeleine's strength. It may be true that she was distraught, but she pulled herself together to fight for her own life. And while that would have meant losing all of her potential, I think it's clear that her next foot forward attitude isn't something most have. I want her to be a character that stands by Dyon, not one that stands behind him. Anyway, point being! Dyon's goal is to make the largest and most dominating mark he can on the martial world in memory of his mother and father, just like he did in the human world. Nothing more. Nothing less. Yes, Dyon and Madeleine will have to separate soon - spoiler alert, haha - but I promise it won't be because she needs to be saved again :).

I think that whole soliloquy makes it clear that I find the underlying plot a million times more interest. The Storm vs Ragnor vs Pakal family saga - why was the ragnor clan willing to war with the pakal clan for a technique that hadn't put the pakal clan at the top of everything? The legacy world opening and why it would be so hard to open. Dyon, and how he's planning on dealing with this... I claim he set a chess piece in motion this chapter, but what does that mean?


Follow me @Awespec on twitter if you wanna interact.


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