Reaper of the Martial World
16 Goddess“ Disposition
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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16 Goddess“ Disposition

Dyon's eye were sharp. A baleful aura flooded from him. The air seemed to thicken around him, as if the world was resonating with his killing intent.

The young men did know what to think. A boy that was probably 5 years younger than them, wearing a white T shirt and rolled up black sweats was threatening them? When had the young masters of esteemed families ever had to suffer through such disrespect? But, they couldn't find the words to respond, they felt an odd pressure coming from him, despite the youth on his face.

Delia was the first to snap out of her surprise, "Draco! Akihiko! Chenglei! The Duco, Kami and Daiyu family better give me a good explanation for why you're on my peak without an invitation."

'she called out 3 names?' Thought Dyon.

Suddenly the massive raven became illusory. A third young man appeared with dark skin and silver hair and eyes, standing on the illusion along with the ones Delia called Akihiko and Chenglei.

Dyon's eyes flashed in surprise before they returned to calm lakes, 'this must be a more advanced form of the technique that Fero kid from the opening ceremony used. Considering that Akihiko character shot an arrow at me, he might be related to Mayumi. Which means this Chenglei is from the Daiyu family… I've never heard of them.'

Daiyu Chenglei was the first to speak, "don't be angry sister Patia-Neva. I just came from visiting my fiancée, when Akihiko heard Miss Sapientia's beautiful music. You know Draco isn't one to follow proper procedure, so after Akihiko mentioned visiting her on a whim, we swooped down. As for attacking this kid," Chenglei continued, throwing a glance at Dyon, "wouldn't you be angry if you saw your future wife being so intimate with another man? As long as he gives a proper explanation for this, we can resolve this peacefully."

Akihiko was staring daggers at Dyon, slightly perturbed that his threatening aura wasn't working despite this kid clearly having no cultivation, 'what's going on here.'

Madeleine frowned, "whose future wife?!"

Dyon's face remained placid. Although he had to admit that he was surprised to find his heart so moved by the thought Madeleine was promised to someone else, her response was all he needed for the feeling to disappear.

Dyon chuckled, "it seems you'll be cuckolded before your imaginary wedding."

"YOU!" Akihiko was about to load another arrow when his sharp features paused. His bow disappeared and his black eyes narrowed in a smirk. He was what Dyon would imagine Mayumi to be in a few years. Tall, dark, and sharp.

"Madeleine, you're well aware that I've already been accepted into the Infinite Arts Sect along with Chenglei and Draco. Our futures are set, and with my family's power combined with your family's, how could we not find a cure for you? My father and yours have come to an agreement. As long as you agree, we can be married by the end of the year. We all know that you used to be an unprecedented genius, how could you be at this small school if not for the gods being blind? When we cure you, we can rise together through the martial world and rule as husband and wife."

"Since you've already said that this only happens if I agree, then I don't agree," Madeleine said firmly.

Akihiko didn't seem too surprised by this answer, in fact, his smirk became even larger, "I know I spoke in maybes and ifs, but the truth is that my family has already understood what your affliction is. As you know, the Kami family actually rules as gods over the Japanese factions of martial arts, the Kami family you know here is only a small branch of the true main family, and we only specialize in archery. It's almost laughable that they're called a pillar family here. It's actually much like your Sapientia family. Considering what your talent used to be, I'm sure you've been to the true main branch of the Sapientia family. How could they compare to this small Focus Academy? Because of my talent, I've been recognized by a higher branch of the Kami family affiliated with the Infinite Arms Sect. As long as I continue to prove myself, I can one day make it to the main branch, much like you once did, my future wife. As you might imagine, this higher-level branch has access to much more resources. After realizing this, because of my love for you, I spent endless hours combing through records until I finally found something I believe matches your afflictions perfectly. This, of course, came along with the cure. If you don't believe me, let me explain clearly.

Your sickness is not really a sickness. It's a sick joke played on us by the rulers of this world. It's called Goddess' Disposition. Everything about you is the epitome of what a female should be. Graceful, intelligent, beautiful. However, with that, comes an unyielding level of yin that results in excessive cold and shivers. Days when the moon is full result in you being in a coma. And the time spent in those comas is getting longer and longer. Excuse my frankness, but your menstrual cycle occurs more and more frequently, especially compared to the norm, and on the shortest day of every year, the winter solstice, you crave for a man almost as though you had been given a potent aphrodisiac."

Madeleine's fists clenched, but her expression remained cold. Considering her silence, Dyon didn't need to look to understand that everything Akihiko had said was correct.

"The quote unquote sickness is actually the manifestation of a god level body type, which is why you were a genius many years ago. But, without the proper cure, it becomes a curse instead. However, I have the cure. In fact, I don't mind telling you what it is. After all, we'll be husband and wife fairly soon."

Dyon was very clear on what was going on. Akihiko didn't mind telling Madeleine because he was certain that he was either the only one, or one of very few, that could help Madeleine. However, something was off. Akihiko had just said that Madeleine had once been a part of the main Sapientia branch and that he would one day make it to the main Kami branch… but if that was true, why would a branch of the Kami family have something the main branch of the Sapientia family didn't have?

"Since the heavens are fair, you won't need to consummate a marriage with another with a god level body type. You only need to consummate with someone with a respectable amount of god level blood. I'm sure you see where this is going. Although my talent is quite high, the main reason I was accepted into a higher branch is because, even within the Kami family, my god blood density is quite high," Akihiko smiled, "I'm your cure Madeleine."

Before Akihiko could even enjoy the moment, his heart stopped with Madeleine's voice, "no thank you. I'd want to save my life, so I could live it. How could I live my life the way I want if I'm tied to you? What's the difference between that and being dead?"

Akihiko's fists clenched. But, he managed to restrain himself, "You'll come around soon. In the mean time, I'd better not see you anywhere near Madeleine. If I do, I'll slaughter your whole family," Akihiko said menacingly looking towards Dyon.

Dyon looked unperturbed, before he said with an erring calm, "didn't you hear me earlier? You're a dead man. How could a dead man do anything?"

Akihiko had no time to react. All he saw was a shattered formation and a disappearing boy.


Akihiko felt a fist collide with his face and he was sent flying off the illusory raven.

Dyon looked to his left and right at the bewildered Chenglei and Draco, "I could attack the two of you too. Or, you could stay out of it and not get embarrassed by a 13-year-old kid," without even waiting for their reply, another set of defensive footholds appeared before Dyon as he accelerated towards the falling Akihiko.

Delia and Madeleine flashed out of their surprise, "DYON WAIT!"

Dyon didn't seem to be listening, he was currently sitting on Akihiko's chest on an array suspended in the air, letting fist after fist fly at his face. Despite his actions, his eyes were calm.

"Is this all a supposed genius has to offer? You're 18, at the 6th layer of the foundation stage, and can do not a damn thing against me. How does it feel? About as weak as you thought I was when you fired that arrow, right? About as easy to kill as you thought I was, right?."

Dyon stood above the barely recognizable Akihiko. His fists were bleeding, and his bones were cracked in at least 10s of locations, 'This direct amplification really takes a toll on me. It took everything I had to properly damage him.'

But, Dyon didn't seem to care. His right arm cocked back as 10s of mini arrays became 100s, circling around his arm, 'I don't care if I have to give up this arm for an entire month. I will never let anyone trample on me again.'

Just as Dyon was about to throw his last punch, the array below him shattered. Not able to grab Akihiko, Dyon dissipated the formation around his arm and formed a new foothold instead.

Draco and Chenglei appeared, holding Akihiko, "I don't think you're fully aware of what you just did," said Chenglei, narrowing his eyes.

"Just let me know clearly if you want to end up in his state or not. Killing 1 or 3 dogs makes no difference to me," Dyon said coldly.

'He has no cultivation… But somehow beat Akihiko half to death… Granted, Akihiko lost the initiative, but, it speaks to this kid's talent. Considering Akihiko's personality, when he wakes up, he'll go to whatever lengths possible. Whether he succeeds or fails, I don't care. As long as I don't directly offend either, I'll have no problems.'

"Let's go Draco. I'm sorry Dyon, I believe that's what the young misses called you, but I'm sure you know I can't let this friend of mine die. I'll let the two of you settle your grudge another time."

Dyon stared on coldly.

"There's actually another reason we came Miss Sapientia and Patia-Neva, the central pillar world is opening up soon. Because Meiying will soon marry into the Daiyu family, I was given the opportunity to join. As you know, other pillar family members of the older generation who still haven't stepped into the meridian formation realm find the world very beneficial, and since they're a part of the academy's pillar families, they forego the rule of having to be a part of the academy to join in, that's why we're here. So, we'll be going to the banquet in a few days as well. Originally, Akihiko was hoping to ask lady Sapientia to be his date, but it seems this won't be possible anymore. Sorry for the inconvenience, we'll be going now."

Draco fully merged with the illusion once again and gusts of wind took the trio away. Dyon slowly walked to the ground using his golden stairs.

Beads of sweat ran down Dyon's face as he caught his breath. He knew fully well if those 3 hadn't been fooled by his act and decided to attack together, he would have been left in a sorry state. He had used too many formations in too short a time, his soul was drained and his arms and legs had numerous fractures. He sat down on a stone stiffly before popping in another medicinal pill, 'it seems like these pills aren't as affective on martial world related injuries. I might need to invest some time in alchemy.'

After a few minutes, Dyon looked up to find 3 pairs of eyes staring at him, "What is it, do I have something on my face," Dyon said, touching his nose.

Madeleine giggled lightly while Delia rolled her eyes, "you know you just beat one of the best geniuses this academy has ever had within an inch of his life in the matter of less than a minute," Delia said.

"Best geniuses? You all use that word too lightly. Madeleine's been sick all this time, she's four years younger than him, and she's already at the peak of the formation stage. When you have an example like her, how could he be a genius," Dyon said laughing.

"You can see my cultivation?" Madeleine said in surprise.

"Big sister, you're that powerful?" Delia looked over in surprise.

"wow," Eli looked shell shocked.

"Oh, my aurora is pretty good at deciphering cultivation. That's why I attacked him, I was pretty confident in beating him if I took him by surprise."

"You were reckless. You have no battle techniques, no movement techniques, no cultivation, and your attack methods are as good as you being a masochist. Why do you love self-harm so much?" Madeleine berated.

Dyon rubbed his nose embarrassedly, "you could tell I was hurting myself? You're so attentive and caring, how could I let a scumbag like that have you for a wife? After I find you a proper cure, I'll make you mine," Dyon said with no room for argument.

Madeleine smiled but still said, "maybe, but if you can't beat me, how could you find something I couldn't?" Madeleine said teasingly.

Dyon chuckled, not bothered at all by Madeleine's words. He was actually happy she was so strong, that way, when he cured her, he could take her around the world to dominate it together.

Dyon shook his head, 'I just met this girl. I need to calm down.'

Although Dyon thought those words, he knew that he was already captivated by her gentle nature. For a girl to have been suffering in silence all this time to still have a smile on her face, if she wasn't worth him doing his very best, there was probably no one else that was.

"I hear you're quite a playboy though. Martial artists live for so long that it's impossible to have just one partner, so if you're too weak, I'll just go find myself another man. There are plenty of Sapientia women with male harems," Madeleine said with a mischievous glint in her eyes.

Dyon held his stomach, laughing hard, "it may not be now, but I'll soon be strong enough to walk with you side by side. Besides, finding a woman as beautiful and heartfelt as you would be near impossible. How could I take a second woman that pales in comparison to the first? Wouldn't I be wasting my time?"

Eli and Delia were watching awkwardly to the side while Dyon and Madeleine were flirting with each other. Delia shook her head, "they've known each other for maybe 5 hours, how did it get to this point?"

Madeleine and Dyon didn't seem to hear her, "that's a good answer. You'll have to work hard then. Because although I want nothing to do with Akihiko's offer, my father loves me very much and would be tempted to no end by it. Because of you, I can live in moderate comfort again, and he'll be very grateful for that, but it still stands that I haven't been cured."

Dyon nodded his head in seriousness, "I hear I'm a genius of array alchemy. If they don't have a solution for you, what else can? I'm very suspicious about Akihiko's claims. If you had the favor of the main branch of the Sapientia family, the literal information hub of the universe, how could a mere high tier branch of the Kami family have information they didn't. It doesn't make sense. If I can figure this out, I'm sure you dad can too."

Madeleine nodded, this was one of the reasons she had refused so adamantly. She had fallen out of favor of the main clan because of her sickness. Considering her previous talent, why would they give up on her so easily? If it was only a matter of marrying someone with a high concentration of god blood, how could the main branch of the Sapientia family be lacking in connection to such allies. And which allies wouldn't be willing to marry a girl as talented as her into their family even if it meant giving up a talent of their own? On top of considering the fact more than one wife was a normal occurrence in the martial world, there was no reasonable answer for them to give up on her.

But, even saying this, Dyon was a bit worried. Even if he knew he was of amazing value to the main branch of array alchemy, why wouldn't an information-based clan like the Sapientia family have access to allies there? If the array alchemists had a cure, surely the Sapientia family would have been willing to pay the price for it.

Dyon had a bad feeling, but he supressed it and showed Madeleine a confident smile, "so, for the weak men in your harem, what are we allowed to do?" Dyon said jokingly.

"Well," Madeleine pondered for a moment with a smile, "How about you take me to this banquet?"

"Don't think I don't know the winter solstice is coming up, don't tell me you're planning on stealing my innocence," Dyon covered his crotch with both hands, a scared look popping up on his face.

Madeleine sent a punch flying at Dyon.


"oo, oo, ouch. I'm sorry, I'm sorry."

"hmph, maybe I'll ask Eli to take me instead. By the way Eli, I've never thanked you properly for taking care of this garden and my medicinal plants before. Thank you so much, you've helped me get through tough times."

Eli looked down shyly, "I-it's no big deal lady Madeleine, I'm just doing my best for the array alchemist faction."

Madeleine smiled, "you can just call me Madeleine."

Dyon chuckled, "looks like you're better with girls than I am, eh, Eli?"

Eli blushed.

"Oh, and you're not allowed to wear sweat pants Dyon. Or else I won't acknowledge you. I'll meet with you at your dorm room with your clothes an hour before the banquet."

Dyon smiled widely, "yes, ma'am!"

Delia was smiling too, 'maybe this is my real big sister. She's been supressing herself for so long thanks to that damn sickness. Thank you Dyon, thank you so much.'


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