Phantasia: The Princess Knight
379 The Distant Past Part One
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Phantasia: The Princess Knight
Author :invayne
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379 The Distant Past Part One

"Young Miss, you can not go out! The master has already told me you can not leave the manor!" An elderly woman gave chase after a young girl around fourteen years of age. 

"Can't do this, can't do that! When will you people just let me be, to do as I please!?" Qin An, later known as Tang An, yelled out in anger.

"Young Miss please do not make things difficult for this old lady. The master will punish me if you go out!" The elderly woman's voice was filled with worry. She did not want to get punished for this brat's whims!

"Then get punished!" Qin An yelled before running away. 

She found herself on the streets of Qin city, the city her family ran. The streets were bustling but Qin An did not care, she was too busy cursing the people at home. "Stupid mother, stupid father, stupid nanny! Don't they know that our kind does not like being held down and love to travel?"

Qin An roamed the streets aimlessly not caring to go back home. She knew if she did, she would be locked up for a month under heavy guard. But ever since her parents decided it was time to become strong they settled down at the ancestral home and her father took over as the clan head. 

As night fell Qin An left the city under the cover of night. She wanted to explore the world and see the sights she had never seen before. It was on this night while she was traveling through the woods that she met an injured young man a year or two older than herself. He seemed to have been heavily injured and had passed out. "What do I do… Oh! There is a cave close by so I can bring him there I guess." 

Qin An did her best to lift the young man on her back but since she herself was small he still ended up dragging half on the ground as she pulled him towards the cave. Once there she gently placed the young man down before running out to gather things needed to make a small bed. Once she was done she placed the young man on top of it and began stripping him of his clothes. It was only when she had fully stripped him that she understood that there was a big difference between males and females. 

Knowing now was not the time to indulge in her curiosity, she quickly went to work on tending to the young man's wounds. When she finished cleaning each wound she was stunned to see how handsome the young man actually was. She had not noticed earlier due to the dirt and mud on his face but now that it was clean, she found him to be very handsome. She bandaged the young man up and put all her things back into her space pouch. She then turned her attention to the lower half of the young man's body once again and went to reach out to touch the foreign object that was attached down there only to have her wrist seized before she could.

"What are you doing!?" An angered voice yelled out.

Qin An blushed and withdrew her hand as she said: "I have never seen such a thing before so I just figured… It's good that you are awake. You, you shouldn't move too much I just bandaged all your wounds." Flustered, not knowing what to say under the intense gaze of the young man, Qin An stood up and said: "I will go get something to eat you must be hungry!"

The young man watched the retreating girls back as she left the cave. Because of how flustered Qin An was she did not notice the bright red tips of the young man's ears. He murmured under his breath: "She could have at least covered me up!" 

The young man reached over to try to grab his robes but a sharp pain shot through his body causing him to quickly retract his hands and curse. "Damn it!"

Not long later Qin An came back with a horned rabbit in her hands. "Give me a few and I will have it all cooked up. Are you thirsty?"

"I just want something to cover my body!" The young man yelled out. His face was now fully flushed red. He wondered if this girl understood that he was a man!?

"Ahh! Yes, I'm sorry here!" Qin An pulled a blanket out of her space pouch and laid it over the young man. "Haha… sorry I completely forgot..." 

"Humph!" The young man snorted not saying a word.

An awkward silence filled the cave which bothered Qin An so she asked: "What's your name?"

More silence. 

Seeing how she wasn't going to get an answer, a teasing smile formed on her face as she said: "Then I will call you mushroom head!" 

*Cough!* *Cough!* *Cough!*

The young man's face instantly blushed knowing very well why she was calling him that. Gritting his teeth he finally said: "My name is Tang Ming..."

"Oh! Mines Qin An. It is good to meet you, Ming!" Qin An, paid no mind to proper etiquette in how to call people and directly called him by his first name. 

"You are truly a strange girl." Tang Ming said with a sigh. For some reason, he couldn't bring himself to hate this girl.

"Hmm. I hear that a lot but it's fine to be strange is it not? That just means I have my own special appeal." Qin An said with a smile. Her smile was bright and warm causing Tang Ming to stare at her stunned. Seeing his stunned expression Qin An smiled even more as she said teasingly. "Did you fall for me?"

"Humph! Just a smelly brat." Tang Ming said turning his head away. But his red ears gave away his embarrassment. 

"Hehe." Qin An smiled even brighter seeing his reaction. 


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