12 plan for eliminate danzo - 2
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12 plan for eliminate danzo - 2

on the other hand minato namikaze was only angry and he was released orange chakra and both of their killing intent brought shiver to kakashi for a moment,

Then after words minato namikaze spoke :

"If what you spoke is true we have to eliminate danzo and root from its base, so that there will be no future problems "

Third hokage Hiruzen sarutobi was already calm down so he spoke.

" I think we have to have a better plan to eliminate danzo and root , it's not easy to eliminate them and we have to this in the dark , if this was to reach the elders of assembly there will be more troubles than what we have now " Hiruzan sarutobi said with a sad face,

" who said we have to eliminate total root, we have to only eliminate only danzo, sorry not eliminate root members , we have to manipulate root members "said kakashi looking at both third hokage Hiruzen sarutobi and minato namikaze,

then minato said.

" If you know internal intelegence of root means you also know that root members are adamant, damn loyal to danzo, how can they be manic by us, they rather die than betray danzo, we have to totally eliminate the root members, we cannot leave future trouble with showing mercy this is shinobi world, remove the threat before it growes"

" don't worry sensei i have plans for them, give me two months of time , as for danzo we can eliminate him slowly "kakashi said

" then i will give you two months time, in that time i will properly investigate about danzo " third hokage Hiruzen sarutobi said .


As kakaashi was about to speak minato namikaze inrerrputted.

" then now leaving that aside, let's talk about about these two techniques, what pre-cautons we should take , not leak information about these two techniques , if by any chance other shinobi nation come to know about these techniques they will definitely star a war, so these matters should be handled cautiously, and we have to plan how should be distributed without leaking information, and mainly what pre - cautious we should take" inquired minato namikaze.

Hiruzen sarutobi also looked at kakashi for answer, they are his work. he can distribute as he likes, and they don't know why but they had feelings that kakashi can handle this matter better than them,

kakashi looking at both of them , and he satisfied that, at least they believed him, and after that kakashi spoke .

" we will first keep meeting with tsunade, jairaya, and i want hokage -sama to send messages to them about these meeting, the rest will discuss after minato sensei is anounsed as Next hokage "after saying that he looked at both of them.

now not only Hiruzen sarutobi was shocked, but minato namikaze was also more shocked than third hokage Hiruzen sarutobi,

then minato namikaze asked.

" what are you talking about, next hokage, me, when, "

he was confused because he also doesn't know about this matter, then he looked at kakashi with questioning gaze,

" About that, hokage - sama will be explaining to you, am i right hokage - sama " kakashi said while looking at third hokage Hiruzen sarutobi,

Third hokage Hiruzen sarutobi didn't shock anymore, because if he can collect Intel which hokage doesn't know , then there is no need to shock anymore the matter regarding to kakashi about Intel and knowledge ,

Then Hiruzen sarutobi said.

" Yeah you are selected for next hokage, that's the reason why i asked you to meet me is , I was going to talk about that matters, yesterday in assembly meeting after through discussion, reavulation, the elders and assembly committy has decided that the next hokage or the fourth hokage of village hidden in the leaf will be minato namikaze, this is why i called to meet you so i can inform you about the discussion of assembly and with good supprice congratulate you , but now that you already know there is no surprise anymore in it, and by the way i Hiruzen sarutobi congratulate you for elected as next hokage of village hidden in the leaf "

"congratulations minato sensei being next hokage of village hidden in the leaf "kakashi said while with a big ☺ smile,

( hello readers you too smile ☺ please, OK say cheese 📷 )


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