Murder School
8 Battle Between Two Students
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Murder School
Author :Spicy_Auther
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8 Battle Between Two Students

I tried to move away from the knife that is flying towards me, but there is only a limited things you can do while sitting on the floor. *WHACK* "Why'd you have to go for the for my nose?" I say still rubbing my face. I pick up his knife and say to him, "Now you don't have a knife, what kind of move was that getting rid of your only weapon?" I stand up, run towards him, and grab his arm so that way he cant swing his fist at me.

I touch the knife against his throat and whisper in his ear, "What if I don't hit you with this other knife and we just tie instead? That way we both can get the actual knife tomorrow and you wont be left defenseless." Of course I didn't know if we would actually both get a knife because the teacher never explained what would happen if someone tied.

His first words this whole class period was, "No way I cant lose or even tie to a wimp like you." After that he grabbed my other hand, unfolded my fingers, took the knife and hit me right in the stomach.

We swung and dodged for a such a long time that it felt like it had been 5 hours since the start of class. At some point he swung his knife at me right after I had dodged one of his attacks so I didn't realized he did it till I felt it hit my shirt. Crap. Its Four to Three and I'm not winning. I don't want to murder anyone but I really don't want to die, so I'm gonna need that knife tomorrow.

He just keeps swinging his knife at me so I decide to kick him the the stomach. He looks like he got the wind knocked out of him, so I go full sprint ahead with my knife in front of me. Once I got close enough to him I swirled my knife in a circle and then hit his body right in the middle of the circle where his lungs are. We both only have one more point till we get out so I have to plan this out very carefully. I just have to be calm and think about this strategically and I'll win.

I can win this match in only three moves if I pull it off right. Okay, Okay, I may of copied him a little bit from earlier, but it is still a fairly decent plan. First, I'll poke him in the eyes, then I'll back up and throw the knife at him.
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"TWO MINUTES!" Teach yelled

If I am going to do this its going have to be now. When I brought my fingers up to poke him in the eyes, he kicked my shin and I naturally stumbled backwards a little. You know this is fine, the plan will still work even if he can see. All I have to do is throw my knife and even the slightest touch will make him out. Here goes nothing. Right as I'm raising my arm up to throw it at him he does the exact same thing. I have to be faster than him though, so I don't raise my arm up all the way to get max force, but instead I go up to about my eyes and then throw it. This caught him off guard so he wasn't able to dodge, but that didn't change the fact that there is still a knife flying towards my heart.


I was out.


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