Murder School
7 Learning How to Kill
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Murder School
Author :Spicy_Auther
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7 Learning How to Kill

After the last person in line got there knife the teacher told us all to sit on the floor as he was explaining some things about the class. I still couldn't process that my own mother signed my up for a school where I might be killed.

"As most of you know after the third day of school all passing time becomes time for you to murder your fellow students. I'll explain the rules of this school during this class period.

1: You do not have to kill anyone but if there is more than 50 students in your grade this year you will all be disqualified and face the punishment of death.
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2: If you are late to your class then you will be punished by not being able to carry any weapons all of the next day.

3: You must be passing your classes with a 70% or higher or else the punishment will be death

4: Kill one of your classmates and you will be rewarded with a new weapon, kill 10 of your classmates and you get a free pass to get out of any punishment. Even Death.

5: No killing during class time, not even in the manslaughter class period.

That should be it, but if I think of anymore or if something comes up there will definitely be more rules. Now we only have about 20 minutes left in class so pair up and start trying to hit each other with your knifes. I don't recommend going for the head, its usually easier with a gun. Go for the stomach or chest area. Then again if you go for their arms or legs it would stop them from using that limb. God I'm rambling too much. If you get hit more than 5 times come see me. If you don't have to see me today then you can get a real knife tomorrow.




I decided to pair up with this other guy. He was tall, with short black hair, and circle glasses. I was pretty tall myself so he didn't look like to much of a challenge. I needed to beat him or just not get hit five times. Its not that I necessarily want the real knife, its just that if I want to defend myself I'm going to need it. This is my chance to survive this horrible school.

I was still thinking of a plan when he came at me, knife held in both hands in front of his stomach. Bad move. Just as he got me, I slid to the right, and stabbed him in his side with my knife. Just four

hits more to go, and 18 more minutes left on the clock. This is going to be a breeze

This time I wasn't going to give him the chance to come at me first. So while he wasn't still turning around to run after me I run towards him, slid, and tried to stab him in the leg. Of course the realized what was happening, dodged it, and hit my arm with his knife. If I want to win this I shouldn't give him the chance to think. While I was still on the floor I slid over to him, jabbed him in the foot, slid away. "Why did that work so well...", I think to myself.

Looks like we had similar plans about not letting the opponent think because just as I was standing up I saw his knife flying right towards my head.
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    《Murder School》