Murder School
6 Manslaughter?
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Murder School
Author :Spicy_Auther
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6 Manslaughter?

After I ate my lunch of chicken nuggets, a roll, and mashed potatoes i figured it was time to move on to the next class, hopefully its more entertaining than the other ones. I unfold my schedule. Lets see...Science, band, E.L.A, - wait what? Its says manslau- but it cuts off right there. I freeze in my footsteps. I hope it's not what I'm thinking it is.

Could my next class be...


No it cant be, this is a school there can't be such thing. I just need to stay calm and I'll figure it out when I to the classroom, but still I can't help my imagination running wild. What is this school really? Science was normal enough, in band they gave us a professional piece, in E.L.A there is no teacher, and now I might have to go to a class for murder.

After walking for a while I finally get to class 3-E. It looks normal enough on the outside. I take a deep breath in and open the door. It was a fairly big room, sound proof walls, wood floors, and three big safes the back right corner. Right in the middle of the room there's students in line to get something from the teacher. But what? I guess there's only one way to find out so I get in line to wait for my turn. About a minute or two passes and I'm next in line. I look at what my teacher gives the girl in front of me and I'm stunned. It looks like a knife. Not a metal one or anything, its plastic, but still why would we need a knife? This is school where we learn the things we need to get into collage. Not some murder house. Before I had enough time to process everything it was my turn in line.

I have so many questions so I ask a couple to make everything more clear, "Why are you passing out knifes and whats the full name for this class, if it cuts off manslau-?"

"I'm guessing you didn't read everything on the schools website. Everyday you have a class teaching you the best ways to assassinate someone. After the third day of school, you have a fight to the death during every passing time, but if you are late to your class you suffer the punishment of going the next day without any weapons. If you survive by the end of 8th grade the school will pay for your collage, you will be accepted to the best high school in the nation and you will be awarded with one hundred thousand dollars. You should've known all of this by now even if you didn't read anything on the website, because when your parent registers you here it warns you about this, so your mom should've told you by now."
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"Okay, thank you." I say and quickly grab my knife. I still have so many questions, like why didn't my mom tell me about this and why did she even sign me up in the first place if she knew that i might die here.
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    《Murder School》