Murder School
4 Band - Part Two
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Murder School
Author :Spicy_Auther
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4 Band - Part Two

"Today we are going to learn to play...Caprice en forme de Valse." Everyone stared in surprised because we all knew that Caprice en forme de Valse was a professional piece and were just 6th graders. "Sir, isn't that a professional music piece?" Someone finally said from the back of the room. "Ha! Yes this isn't your normal band. For if you want a professional as a teacher you must become professional yourself. Put together you instruments so you can finally learn to become the people you wanted to be." He responded.

While everyone was putting together there instruments Mr. Williams walked up on stage with a violin. "Did everyone study your music before we play?" He said calmly. I look around to find everyone trying to find out which notes are which on their gizmo gadget.

Mr. Malik raised his Baton and Mr. Willams got ready to play so we all put our instruments into playing position.

One te

Two te

Three te

Everyone takes a deep breath in

And plays the first note. Honestly, the first note didn't sound that bad, but right after that it was a monstrosity. Everyone was playing wrong notes, we were all out of tune, and the rhythm was just plain old wrong. "

"Stop, stop, stop, stop, just stop!" Mr. Malik shouted over the booming sounds of the instruments. "Trumpets! Play the first three measures of the first line!" So they played got a few notes wrong and rushed a bit, but they didnt sound to bad. "Now, Saxophones play the same thing." He said.

Oh no my turn. I put my fingers on the keys and played the measures he instructed perfectly. My fingers moved like they never moved before, it all came natural. I decided to continue letting my fingers move all over the place playing the right notes. Then came the late line, the hardest line. I got be hide, squeaked and honked. I wasnt doing so good anymore. When it was the end of the song, my face turned red like a cherry tomato.

Everyone started clapping- even Mr. Malik and Mr. Willams. But why? I didnt play the song right shouldn't they be disappointed?

"Good job Jaxshon your a natural. I want you to be in Varsity Band this year no need to wait till next year." Mr. Malik exclaimed. "But sir I messed up..." I said very puzzled. "No, no youre fine you play most of it right so your going to Varsity band."


Time for E.L.A.

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    《Murder School》