Murder School
2 Science
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Murder School
Author :Spicy_Auther
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2 Science

"Jaxhon, why are you late for class on the first day?" Asked my science teacher, Mr. Shelly as soon as I walked into the classroom.

"Sorry sir I missed the bus and my mom had to take me to school."

"I'll let it slide but remember to be at the bus stop at 7:30 am."

Then he began his boring lesson about different types of energy. Science has always come to me. Last year I was the best in class because we would have a week to do a project, and I would get it done in a day or two so I could work on other classes work while I was in there. Honestly, Science was probably the reason I was passing my other classes.

"Jaxson, What is the law of Conservation of energy?" Mr. Shelly quizzed expecting me not to know the answer.
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He doesn't like when he picks on someone and they fight back. I guess I'll use that to me advantage. "The law of conservation states that energy can neither be created nor destroyed, only transformed from one to another. Mr.Shelly, I learned this all last year no need to ask me." I stated knowing that I got the right answer.

"Correct..." He replied like he didn't know what to say, but with the glare in his eyes I could tell that he was upset I got it right. I could tell from the way he reacts, this class was going to be easy. I laid my head on my desk not a worry in the world. He knows that if he wakes me up to answer one of his stupid questions I'd get it right. And if he doesn't, hes about to learn.


Time for second period.
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    《Murder School》