IRAAS but it's dropped
18 Skill Creation
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IRAAS but it's dropped
Author :TrueDawn
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18 Skill Creation


Choose the skill that [Wind Infusion] would evolve into.

[Wind Barrier]

[Wind Manipulation]


Hmm...[Wind Barrier] and [Wind Manipulation] huh. One's a supportive skill turned defensive, while the other skill is somewhat a supportive skill.

Anyways, I should go check their details first before choosing the skill.

'Examine [Wind Barrier]'



[Wind Barrier] (C-grade Mortal)

[Level]: 1/5

[Experience]: 0/10

With your mastery over the wind surrounding you, instead of imbuing it into weapons or skills, you instead form a defensive barrier around your body, allowing to receive less damage compared to before. It costs a certain amount of SP to prolong the barrier.

Damage reduction: 5%

Cost: 1 SP every 5 seconds


Hmm...not bad...I think? I don't know, I didn't even have any defensive skill in my previous life so I can't say for sure if this is a good deal or not. But I'm sure that once the damage enemies deal go beyond a certain threshold, 5% damage reduction would become the factor whether I live or die.

Before I choose it though, I should check the other one.

'Examine [Wind Manipulation]'



[Wind Manipulation] (C-grade Mortal)

[Level]: 1/5

[Experience]: 0/10

Rather than imbuing it into weapons or skills, you instead chose to control the wind energy around you to be able to do a lot of things. You can control this wind to become whatever you long as you can bear the cost needed.

Cost: 2 SP every 10 seconds


Hmm...[Wind Manipulation] is somewhat supportive alright. With the skill, I can transform the wind energy around me into whatever I want. I could make a blade, a gun, a thruster...

Wait a minute.


Think about it carefully. Since I can combine skills to create new ones, then that means I can make skills from scratch, turning them into unique skills that only I have!

That settles it, I'm gonna choose this one!



[Wind Manipulation] has been chosen.

[Wind Infusion] has been evolved to [Wind Manipulation].


Yosh! I now have the freedom to create whatever skill I want! But first, how much SP do I have at the moment?



[SP]: 8/15


It seems that a few SP has been recovered while I was deciding between the two skills. Nice! That means I have 40 seconds of leeway to create as many skills as I want!

First off...let's change my main attacking skill.

[Dual Wind Burst] does have its perks...but its damage is nowhere near [Soaring Tempest Pierce].

That's why, I'm gonna transform this shot skill into a slash skill!

'[Dual Wind Burst]!'

Whoosh! Whoosh!

At the instant I activated the skill, the two spikes levitate a few decimeters in front of me as a faint green glow surrounds them.

That's the first step, now onto the second!

'[Wind Manipulation]!'


All of a sudden, the surroundings around me glowed a faint green, showing all of the wind energy I could control at the moment. I'm sure that once I level this skill up, I would have more control over wind energy while consuming less of my SP.

Gah! There's no time to waste, time to transform this shot skill into a slash skill!

First, I control the wind energy around me to convert the spikes into long flat wooden boards that have the thickness of a single strand of human hair. I'm sure that's enough to slash through everything right?

Next up, I then move the two boards closer to one another and fuse them together into a cross shape. With the help of wind energy, I was able to do so albeit with a little difficulty.

And finally, to increase its damage output, give it a large amount of wind energy on the back to propel it!


At the exact moment I finished it, the thin wooden X glowed an intense green. I'm sure if I shot it right now, I might be able to cut through a tree with ease.

But I'm not done yet.

From the observation I've done before evolving [Wind Infusion], I've realized that the wind energy particles collide with each other as they get faster and faster by doing so.

What I'm going to do is arrange the wind energy particles neatly and use this collision to propel the wooden X at probably a supersonic speed!

Swoosh! Fwoosh!

And there. I've done it, I've arranged the wind energy particles in a way that it does just that. I think I can't make any more modifications than this so I'll shoot it right now!

With a thought in my mind, I control the wind particles at the backmost area to collide with the wind energy particles in front of it and the collided wind energy particles to collide with the wind energy particles in front of it and so on...

In order to possibly reach a terrifying speed!


A sonic boom erupted after the last wind energy particles collided with the wooden X. The wooden X flew at an extremely fast speed that I can't even see it move with my own eyes! Well...soul-eyes.

Before I knew it, the tree that collided with the wooden X was cut in half, showing the wooden X's remarkable firepower.

And it doesn't just end there, the next five trees behind the cut tree were also cut in half before the wooden X disintegrated.

That's a level of firepower that would probably one shot my enemies, making the chore of leveling up a breeze!



Thanks to Aurus' manipulation of the wind and transforming the [Dual Wind Burst] skill into a stronger skill, a new skill has been created!

What would you like to name this skill?


There it is! There it is!

I knew it! I knew you could create skills from scratch!'s telling me to name the skill?

So...I can name it whatever I want right?



Would you like to name your skill as [I can name it whatever I want]?


No! Of course not! It has to be easy to remember.

Since the wooden X is propelled at a sonic speed, and I transformed it into a shot skill...

How about...Sonic X-Slash?



Would you like to name your skill as [Sonic X-Slash]?





The skill [Sonic X-Slash] has been successfully created, replacing the previous skill [Dual Wind Burst].


Nyahahaha! I wonder how far this skill can evolve to. But for now, let us admire its power!

'Examine [Sonic X-Slash]'



[Sonic X-Slash] (B-grade Mortal)

[Level]: 1/10

[Experience]: 0/20

A unique skill created by [Aurus] after tinkering with the [Dual Wind Burst] and [Wind Manipulation] skill. This skill holds immense slashing power which could cut through foes like butter.

Cost: 3 SP



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