IRAAS but it's dropped
17 A New Understanding
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IRAAS but it's dropped
Author :TrueDawn
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17 A New Understanding

[Dual Wind Burst]!

Whoosh! Whoosh!



Large Branch (1) has received 8 HP damage.

Large Branch (2) has received 8 HP damage.


It has only been a few minutes since I've started to focus on leveling up again so you know I had to start somewhere. And since I evolved my main mode of attacking, how could I not use it? So far, I'm pretty much liking it since I can kill two enemies instead of one, thus bringing my leveling efficiency by twofold.

But before I continue to ramble on...

[Soaring Tempest Pierce]!

Fwoosh! Whoosh!

Of course, it's not satisfying if I don't kill them off with what seems to be my ultimate move, right? I wait 3 seconds for it to fully charge instead of 5 seconds since I've improved its charge time and consumption into what it is. It's quite sad that it couldn't mutate further. But hey, with the [SP Storage] skill evolving into [Efficient SP Storage], it only takes me 2 SP to activate the skill and 3 SP to fully charge it.


The vortex around the wooden spike is now gone, becoming a green spike that holds extremely violent wind energy. I'm quite sure it'll cleanly pierce through the trunks of those two branches. There's only one thing to do now, and that is to shoot it out!


Pew! Pew!


Large Branch (1) has received 32 HP damage.

Large Branch (2) has received 32 HP damage.

Large Branch (1) has been slain.

Large Branch (2) has been slain.

Experience +10.

Congratulations! You have leveled up to Level 4.


Okay. First off, hooray for me since I'm now Level 4, just one level shy from being able to evolve into a B-grade Inanimate. Second, holy fuck that damage. Even though it's nowhere near the 92 HP damage I dealt to that Long Branch Formosus, it's still a lot compared to the damage output I would deal before.

Now the question is whether I should continue killing enemies so I can reach the max level or train my skills first because I have a hunch that the higher the grade of my skills are, the better my evolution would be?


I've decided even though it was going to happen for sure.

I'm going to train my skills! What skills? Well, I would focus on [Wind Infusion] first since it's the only skill I have left that's D-grade. Well...that and [Soul Perception I] but I don't even know how to gain experience there.

So, let's create some distance between the area again and train once more like how I trained my [Wind Splinter].

'[Steam Roll].'



In an unknown castle lied Prince Vanadir who was looking at the crystal he was holding with sheer excitement.

"Zak, is what you've said true?" Prince Vanadir once more since he couldn't believe that fate would bring him a second chance to meet the material he needed again.

"Of course, Your Highness! Why would I like to you?" Zak respectfully answered as he laughed. While maintaining his connection, Zak turned around to face the people near him, allowing Prince Vanadir to hear Zak's orders. "Genal and Mytra, go to this location and capture the Wind Stick you can see at the large crystal at the moment."

Genal and Mytra, the ones who Zak ordered, looked at the crystal and instantly had sour looks on their faces. "Sir?" They hurriedly shifted their glances towards Zak who looked at them with a tilted head.


Genal, a young and handsome man who had an aura of wisdom around him, slowly raised his fingers to point at the crystal and spoke. "The Wind Stick is...gone."

"The Wind Stick is gone you say?" Zak couldn't help but chuckle at Genal's words as he turned around, only to see that Genal spoke the truth. "What could this happen again?!"

Prince Vanadir could feel the shock hidden in Zak's words as he listened. At this moment, he couldn't help but sigh as he spoke to the crystal he was holding. "Zak, is it possible to track the Wind Stick once more?"

Zak, who was currently looking at the large crystal with madness, heard Prince Vanadir's voice and answered with a bit of doubt. "It is quite possible Your Highness, but as you can see, it's quite hard to make sure that the stick stays in place."

Prince Vanadir rubbed his chin as he thought up of something. "Is there someone in your association proficient in the [Magic Tracker] skill? Because if that's the case, wouldn't it be better to put a tracker on the stick and then proceed from there?"

Zak listened intently to Prince Vanadir's words and couldn't help but slap his forehead. "How could I be so stupid? That is possible, Your Highness! Thankfully, we have one mage here who is quite proficient in the [Magic Tracker] skill. Once we find the stick once more, we will make sure to put a tracker on it!"

If only they knew that Aurus was actually a few hundred meters away from the spot they were searching, they wouldn't have given up on letting Genal and Mytra go there.


Before I train [Wind Infusion], how much SP do I have at the moment?



[SP]: 11/15


Hm. That's enough for me to level [Wind Infusion] all the way to max level I think. If that's the case, let's not delay this any further.

'[Wind Infusion].'


As usual, a green glow covers my body. Since I'm a Wind Stick, I feel some sort of connection with this glow even though it's just an aggregation of wind energy particles. I wonder if there's some sort of intricacy hidden within this green glow. 1 SP lasts me 10 seconds of the skill anyway so I guess I'll use it to examine the glow.

At first glance, if looked at the microscopic level, the wind energy particles are just incessantly colliding each other, forming a chain reaction of sorts. But wouldn't wind have a specific direction? It wouldn't be normal for wind to be erratic unless something's affecting it.

I examined for a bit longer and noticed that for every collision that happens, the wind energy particle that has been collided by another particle moves at a faster speed compared to before, passing this speed onto other particles. Hmm...I wonder if I can manipulate this glow in such a way that it does just that? Wouldn't my attacks fly at a very fast speed if that was the case?



[Wind Infusion] has been upgraded to Level 3.

[Wind Infusion] has reached the MAX level.

[Wind Infusion] can evolve.


Oh wow. I can finally evolve [Wind Infusion]. While I was looking at the green glow, it felt like forever even though only a minute has passed and 6 SP has been used. Well then, isn't this what I was waiting for?

'Evolve [Wind Infusion]'


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