IRAAS but it's dropped
14 Disappointmen
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IRAAS but it's dropped
Author :TrueDawn
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14 Disappointmen

'Identify [Soaring Tempest Pierce]'

Of course, with the experiment being a success, my curiosity got the better of me. I won't expect a big change in terms of attack power, but I'd really appreciate lower SP consumption and lower charge time.



[Soaring Tempest Pierce] (C-grade Mortal)

[Level]: 1/5

[Experience]: 3/10

A skill only usable by a special type of sticks who have high elemental affinity with the wind. With the spike as your conductor and the wind as your fuel, the spike can amass a large amount of wind energy, thus dealing more damage the longer it is charged. The skill has been extremely improved from its base form, using less SP to materialize its maximum power form while using less time to charge as well.

Minimum charging time: 1 second

Minimum cost: 3 SP

Maximum charging time: 3 seconds

Maximum cost: 5 SP


I knew it. My assumptions were correct. The SP used would be reduced and the time to charge it would be reduced as well. Wait... that's what was written on the screen before I identified the skill right?

I'm such an idiot to think that I hypothesized its new effects.

Well, moving on, let me test its new effects by shooting it up in the air again.

'[Soaring Tempest Pierce]!'


First off, the spike has this somewhat terrifying aura around it which must be thanks to the green wavy light things gaining another level of intricacy.

Looking closely, the carvings on the green wavy light things are more condensed and more intricate compared to before. Not just that, I can even feel like these green wavy light things are becoming real. The spike feels like that as well.

Does that mean... it's nearing the level of a unique skill?

If it reaches that level...people are gonna kill me for the information used to create this. Then again, I'm in another world and I'm a stick so how could I talk with other people?

But think that a skill is nearing a true corporeal You want to know what's a unique skill?

Well for skills, there are two things to consider: grades and states. I'm sure I've explained grades to all of you since I enabled the option of knowing what grade a skill has with its level beside it.

As for states, they're harder to level up. Most of the time, skills are given as a state and not as a skill where their state could be upgraded.

The lowest state a skill can attain is the normal state where you can see it and feel it hit you, but it's still intangible.

The state above the normal skills are the unique skills. These skills have taken a corporeal form and you can truly sense its presence. Not just that, their power is extremely high and they hold some dangerous hidden effects. As to what hidden effects are, I'll tell you more about that later on.

Oh. 3 seconds are up. The skill is fully charged.

Eh? The green wavy light things...are covering the spike. That's something I didn't expect. The vortex around it is gone as well as its aura. It's like a silent bullet.

Anyways, let it out!


With its trajectory straight up into the air, the spike exploded into a green wave of light which slightly resembles a firework. I wonder if this world has fireworks.

Now I have another question in mind...if I combined [Wind Infusion] and [Soaring Tempest Pierce], would it possibly give me a Tempest Pierce at the unique skill state?

Let me try it o—I have no more SP huh.

When that's the case, there's only one thing to do.



[Stick Siphoning] has been automatically enabled.


And that is to wait.


Exactly 1 minute has passed since I've started to stand still. System, how's my SP bar looking?



[SP]: 12/12


A-okay it seems. Let's start—forgot.

'Identify [Wind Infusion]'

[Wind Infusion] leveled up to Level 2 just a while ago so I wonder what changes happened.



[Wind Infusion] (D-grade Mortal)

[Level]: 2/3

[Experience]: 0/10

A supporting skill obtained by the Wind Branch species, this skill allows the stick to harness the wind energy around it and imbue it into skills and items.

Cost: 1 SP per 3 seconds


Ooh, the time 1 SP lasts for the skill is now longer compared to before. That's quite a good surprise.

Moving on, let's start our next experiment.

Will I get a unique skill?

'[Wind Infusion]!'



'[Soaring Tempest Pierce]!'


Charge it up and you get...


A huge ass explosion of light in the air.

Did it work? Did I create a unique skill?

...I hear no notification sound.

I don't see any pop-up screen as well. Is the system lagging? Did it recognize my attack? Nothing at all.

Let me try it one more time.

'[Wind Infusion]!'

'[Soaring Tempest Pierce]!'


...Nothing. No notification sounds, no screen, nothing. Nothing, nada, nil, zilch.

Guess I got my hopes up for nothing.

You know what? I shouldn't focus too much on unique skills. Wouldn't I get a unique skill once a skill gets past the threshold of S-grade Mortal?

But that would be a long way to go though. Not to mention, I'd probably be an Animate level existence by then, relying less on my skills and more on my specialties.

Before you ask about specialties, I'll just tell you when the time is right. And now's not the right time.

But I could tell you the level of skills beyond S-grade Mortal level skills. These skills which I call unique skills at my current stage aren't really unique skills at all. They're just skills that have become so powerful they created a corporeal form.

These level of skills are the Transcendent skills. From the name alone, they've transcended the level of power Mortal skills exert. Now let me ask you, is there a difference between Transcendent level skills and Mortal level skills that have reached the unique skill state?

Yes. A lot of difference. A unique skill usually has a special effect behind it while a normal Transcendent skill has none, but they have insanely stronger damage compared to unique skills.

And let's not even talk about unique Transcendent skills, those things are way beyond my current level.

For now, what skill should I focus on leveling?

[Soaring Tempest Pierce] is already at C-grade, so I guess I'll focus on [Wind Splinter] and [Wind Infusion] then.

Who knows, if I use those skills a lot, I might even upgrade [SP Storage] to C-grade.

That settles it, I'm only gonna use these skills while grinding experience for the next evolution.

Back to the grinding I go then.

'[Steam Roll]'


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