IRAAS but it's dropped
12 Tempest Pierce
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IRAAS but it's dropped
Author :TrueDawn
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12 Tempest Pierce


At that instant, the roots have trapped me in place, not allowing me to move as much as I would like to.

Have I really gotten this rusty after not playing the game for a little bit over a week? Do I even remember the enemies I encountered at the start of the game back then?

Obviously not since I'm caught in a trap but, wasn't I a Godhood level player in the game?

Who wouldn't tremble under my name, hearing that a God would give out punishment to those who defy my words?

Didn't I have the charisma to control over a thousand players at once? Wasn't I a great guild leader back then?

Well...I was not a guild leader at all, I didn't join any guild. And...I only controlled over ten players at once so I may be exaggerating. But still.

Wasn't I a God?

If so, then why would I let myself be trapped by this puny sapling's roots?

Escape damn it!

'[Steam Roll]!'



Well I tried. I hyped myself up since I was a Godhood level player back in my previous life and I knew that my sole goal at the moment is to become a God once more, but it still didn't work.

I'm currently rolling like hella fast at the moment, but these roots are strong. My body is glowing a bright green and blue, but nothing seems to be working.

Hngh! Hngh!

I try to shake the roots off but I'm still binded. You know, now that I think about it, I'm getting some erotic vibes here. Don't ask why I'm getting these kinds of vibes, remember that I'm 16. Well now that I think even further, I'm only 7 days old. Yeah, let's go with that. before, take deep breaths Aurus. Nothing's gonna happen if you panic.



[Aurus] has received 0.5 HP damage from [Root Binding].


Shit, something's happening while I'm panicking. Guess I need to panic more then.

I've tried using my movement skill and my body to squirm out of this predicament, what else have I not tried yet?


Using my non-existent brain, I remember two skills, where the first skill I've used once, and the second skill I haven't used yet.

I'm quite stupid, aren't I?

'[Wind Splinter]!'


At the instant I shot the spike, I could feel that the tightness of the binding has lessened. I think if I shot out a stronger attack than this one, I might be able to break free.



[Aurus] has received 0.5 HP damage from [Root Binding].


Oooookay. 1 HP has been removed, leaving me with 4 HP left. The sapling just has to hit me 8 more times with the [Root Binding] thingy that's currently all over my body and I'm done for.

Think Aurus. Think!

Weren't you good at Math in your previous life? You know that the square root of 64 is 8 something, so why can't you think up of a way to do a stronger attack?

Hold on a second other voice inside my head I've made to talk to.

I may have just found our way to do just that.

'[Wind Infusion]!'


In just a quarter of a second, a gentle green light covered my body. This green light was made up of the wind elemental energy found in my surroundings, condensed to an extremely high degree.

Each particle within this green light holds a ton of power, and each second of this skill costs me 1 SP so I have no more time to wait!

'[Wind Splinter]!'


Just like that, a spike of the same size was shot towards the roots that binded me...yet there was a difference.

The green wavy light things surrounding the spike grew in number compared to before. Not just that, they also grew in size, turning into a hella big green vortex of windy doom.

With the green wavy light things becoming more numerous, the spike spun at a higher speed than before, increasing its piercing power.


And just like that, the roots that binded my body loosened up and allowed me to use my movement skill to get away.

Oh, almost forgot.

'Disable [Wind Infusion]!'

And with that said, the green light that covered me was gone, letting me a sapling with its roots visible on the surface, tattered to shreds.

I'm sure this sapling hates me a lot. Like a lot a lot.



[Sapling] has received 15 HP damage.


Oi. Oioioioioioioi. Isn't this damage a little bit too high? 15 HP is thrice the amount of damage I could deal earlier. Hmm...I think I'm getting onto something...

Psst. Aurus, you hit a weakpoint.

Ah yeah. A weakpoint.

... A weakpoint?

Oh damn am I really losing it this time? How could I forget? Even though they're evolved sticks, they also have weakpoints as well!

With that being said, I only got 3 SP left so I don't know how much damage I can still deal.



[Aurus] has used [Wind Infusion] and [Wind Splinter] simultaneously to attack.

Due to this combination, [Tempest Pierce] has been given to [Aurus].

You have received [Tempest Pierce].


Eh? [Tempest Pierce]? That skill? The skill that I accidentally discovered back in the game and became one of my most well-known skills by the players, [Ragnarok Tempest]?

I guess it has been a long time since I've seen this name so I guess I've forgotten how to unlock it. I'm glad to have you back.

Before I identify, let me gain some distance from the sapling.

'[Steam Roll]'


Okay. There we go. That's enough distance, let's go.

'Identify [Tempest Pierce]'


[Tempest Pierce] (C-grade Mortal)

[Level]: 1/5

[Experience]: 0/10

A skill only usable by a special type of sticks who have high elemental affinity with the wind. With the spike as your conductor and the wind as your fuel, the spike can amass a large amount of wind energy, thus dealing more damage the longer it is charged.

Minimum charging time: 1 second

Minimum cost: 3 SP

Maximum charging time: 5 seconds

Maximum cost: 10 SP


Ohohoho. This skill brings back so many good memories where I would kill enemies in one shot thanks to its unbelievable firepower. Sadly, I only have 3 SP left. But that's enough to activate this skill.

'[Tempest Pierce]!'

In an instant, a green spike just like before was formed a few centimeters in front of my body, with the green wavy light things surrounding it as it rotates on its axis.

As I hold the skill in its place, the thickness and number of green wavy light things continued to grow in size as the spike spun faster and faster.

And then...I ran out of SP.

One second was up.

There was only thing to do.

And that was to shoot it at the sapling's roots.


Just like that, a large chunk of its HP was removed, even higher than the amount of HP removed by my previous attack. It was an incredible number to say the least.



[Aurus] has used [Tempest Pierce]!

[Sapling] has received 30 HP damage.



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