IRAAS but it's dropped
11 Stick Shooting
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IRAAS but it's dropped
Author :TrueDawn
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11 Stick Shooting

Well before we...I mean I start grinding levels out, let's just see how much damage I could deal with my new offensive skill.

Speaking of which, the area here has a lot more twigs, branches, and big branches compared to the area I grinded before. Not only that, there's another type of enemy that perfectly suits my needs at the moment.

That is...the sapling.

Laugh all you want, but this thing that's smaller than the big branches is actually stronger than them by manifold.

I look around the area and find a sapling not far away from me. I use my [Steam Roll] skill and get close to the sapling, making sure not to make it my enemy because I don't want to sap my SP dry from using my offensive skill trying to kill it off.

On second thought, let's just kill it, it gives high experience anyway. But the question is, how do I kill it? Sure, at first I could use the [Wind Splinter] skill to fire well...wind splinters at the sapling, but what if I run out of SP? Since it's stuck to the ground and standing vertically instead of horizontally, I can't expect to roll over it right?

You know what? I'll just ask myself the solution to that later, we'll just see my damage potential for now.

'Identify the enemy in front of me.'




[Level]: 3

[HP]: 70/70


As I told you, this sapling alone is multiple times stronger than those large branches I told you about.

Eh? You don't believe me?

Are you sure? Well okay I guess, I'll prove it to you then. I'll show you that I'm right then.

Let me see here...ah found one.

This branch is a few times bigger compared to the branch I fought before evolving, let's see its stats then.




Bob [Branch Forminosus]

[Level]: 13

[HP]: 275/275


Fuck. I chose the wrong one. That's not a good comparison at all! Wait.

What's a Branch Forminosus doing here? This may be an experience heaven for evolved sticks, but that's only applicable for those at the level of C-grade Inanimate.

A Branch Forminosus is a species at the existence level of A-grade Inanimate, you know? That's two grades higher than my current existence level, it's bound to kill me if I get close.

You may ask, why? Well, let me get away from that thing and go back to the sapling I identified earlier.

'[Steam Roll]'

With just one mention of the skill, it activates with the ever familiar green glow covering my body. Not to mention the faint blue glow surrounding the green glow which expanded quite a bit after [Steam Roll] leveled up to Level 2.


Okay, where was I? Oh right, the Branch Forminosus. So I told you that it'll kill me if I get close, right? Well, remember that there are a lot of existence levels that a player has to go through. The first existence level is the Inanimate level, and after that is the Animate level as I've mentioned before.

That's all that's needed to be said, really.

Eh? You don't get it? I have to explain everything to you? Since the next existence level is the Animate level, it's a given that a certain species will eventually form their own sentience. An A-grade Inanimate may have a somewhat basic form of sentience, but it's still sentience nonetheless.

Oh yeah, this may be connected to the Synchronization Rate found on my stat screen. But this is just an assumption, not a fact.


So here we are. Me standing in front of the sapling, this formidable son of a bitch. Well not really son of a bitch, but it's gonna be a long time before it dies.

Speaking of which, a sapling is at the existence level of B-grade Inanimate.


Take deep breaths Aurus. Take deep breaths. You got this.

I look at the direction of the sapling and awaken the SP that's in my body. At that instant, I could feel a space within me rumbling as a powerful energy circulates throughout my stick body, giving me the feeling of strength.

Once that part was done, with the help of my mind, I channel my SP to converge to a point a few centimeters away from the center of my stick body.

Gradually, a small brown spike starts to manifest in front of me. Not long after, green wavy light things start surrounding this spike, imbuing the spike with a stronger force behind it.

I then control this spike as if it was an extension of my limb, commanding it to spin on its axis. With my command, the spike started to spin, the green wavy light things spinning around the spike as well, giving the spike a green vortex look.

The force behind this spike has become scary since it's spinning. When you have a pointy thing spinning on its axis, you get a super strong piercing pointy thing.

I could feel it...the possibly high damage that the sapling is going to receive.

I know that it'll be a lot of damage since you have this pointy spike with the green wavy light things spinning on its axis. The force in it is wonderful, majestic, terrifying, amazing, it's...

All bullshit.

'[Wind Splinter]'


Just like that, that's how you shoot a wooden spike with the green wavy light things around it. There's no need to channel SP or all that, the system takes care of it for you. There are skills that need you to channel SP, but that's for the species at the existence level of Animate or higher.


The green spike thing landed on the sapling right on its small trunk. If comparing sizes, the sapling's trunk was slightly bigger than the spike, yet the spike still took up a lot of area, making the damage look big.

Speaking of which...


[Sapling] has received 5 HP damage.


Oh. 5 HP? That's not bad at all. That's enough to kill a large branch in one shot if it's low-leveled.

If I remember correctly, this sapling I'm fighting against has 70 HP. I've used 2 SP on that attack so I have 8 SP left which means 20 more HP damage on the sapling before I need recharge on SP.

Well that seems nice.



The sapling is moving. Its roots under the ground started to extend towards the surface and is heading towards to me at an extremely fast speed.



[Sapling] has used [Root Binding]!


Oh fuck.


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