IRAAS but it's dropped
10 Unknown Threats
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IRAAS but it's dropped
Author :TrueDawn
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10 Unknown Threats

It has been 20 hours since I've started rolling, and it's now...

'What's the current time?'



Current time: 8:00:21 a.m.

Day: 6


There you have it. The sky is now like a shining and blinding light blue which kinda looks like the ocean but more pale and transparent, but then there's the sun which dispels that idea.

Wait what am I saying right now? I'm losing my mind. Anyways, I've started talking once again because of...


[Steam Roll] has been upgraded to Level 2.


This one. If I was moving fast a while ago, then I'm moving a little bit faster than I used to. I've crossed around a kilometer already since I enabled the [Steam Roll] skill from a while ago, and I can say for sure that I only have a kilometer to go before I reached that place.

Now you might ask, why am I so sure that I'm close? Well my dear friend, for every MMORPG, you have the interface. In the interface, you have the stats screen, skills screen, settings screen (which I checked while you were gone and sad to say that there's none), and...

The map.

Now you might be wondering, Aurus you've lied to all of us, you have hidden the map feature from all of us and you made us believe that you had some sort of eidetic memory that remembered all of the places you went to before you died in your last life.

First of all, I'm just 16, I don't have that big of a capacity to hold everything. Not to mention, I'm somewhat losing my mind. I try to be calm and collected at all times but I'm losing my grip every second okay? How about you get hit by lightning and reincarnate as a stick? How would you feel if you couldn't talk to anyone and you'd just talk to yourself a lot? Jeez, I'm the main character here, not you.

Anyways, back to the main topic.

I have to cross another kilometer until I reach that place, see you soonish.


In an unknown castle, noon.

"Your highness, your highness, we've found it!" A man screamed as he continued to run towards a room.

The man then slammed the room's door open, revealing exquisite decorations that could be found within.

Within this exquisite room sits a young and handsome man that could be considered to be in his early 20s.

The handsome man frowned slightly before composing himself back into a smile. "Oh Leonel, my attendant, why have you entered my room without knocking?"

Leonel, the man who screamed a while ago, instantly felt like a chicken being grabbed by the throat and couldn't help but kneel down. "Y-Your Highness, p-p-please forgive me. I-I didn't mean to enter your room without permission, it was just..."

"Just...?" the handsome man raised his eyebrows.

"See for yourself, Your Highness," Leonel rummaged through his pocket and brought out a white crystal, to which the handsome man grabbed with his two hands and looked at it.

After a few seconds, an image of a man could be seen on the crystal as a voice could be heard.

"Ah, Prince Vanadir, I'm sorry to have interrupted your good mood but this is truly urgent."

The handsome man, known as Prince Vanadir, replied with a calm expression, "It's fine. So tell me, what's the big news?"

The man replied back with a hint of glee, "After searching the whole country, we were able to find a Wind Branch. If we obtain it, we can nurture it into a High Wind Log and craft Prince Vanadir's sword!"

Prince Vanadir's eyes lit up after hearing the news. With his spirit rekindled, he continued to ask more questions. "Tell me, have you obtained the Wind Branch?"

The man sighed after hearing the question as it despondently replied, "Sadly Your Highness, we haven't obtained it. We have only gotten news of it thanks to a civilian finding the branch as it was foraging for food. We'll try to pinpoint its location though as the Wind Branch is known for moving fast."

Prince Vanadir sighed before shaking his head. "Since it's the only Wind Branch we have found so far, try to put a bit of your association's budget into finding that branch. If we are able to successfully craft the sword then I might have a bigger chance of winning the throne."

The man nodded before answering, "As you wish, Your Highness. I shall now take my leave."

After a few seconds, the man smiled as he bowed while the crystal turned pure white again.

Prince Vanadir looked at the crystal for a while before giving it back to Leonel. "Leonel, tell Zak's association to grab 100 crystal coins from my treasury and use it as a budget to find the Wind Branch."

Leonel, who was kneeling all this time looked at Prince Vanadir, blinked his eyes twice before asking, "Huh?"

It took Leonel a few more seconds to realize what the Prince has said before replying as fast as he could. "O-Of course, Your Highness. I'll make sure to relay the message to Zak as fast as possible."

Afterwards, Leonel bowed before leaving Prince Vanadir alone in his room.

Prince Vanadir used his fingers to massage his forehead as he continued to think about his plan to claim the throne.

'With the Crown Tournament coming up soon, I'm sure that big brother will be able to claim the throne since he's the only one out of all of us princes to have attained the Rank 3 Class.'

'I'm only a few levels shy from maxing out the Apprentice Windwalker class and I'll be able to evolve my class into a Rank 3 Windrider class soon enough.'

'If I don't, I'd have to rely on that sword I'll craft.'


20 hours have passed yet again since I've continued rolling.

Well, good morning I guess. I've composed myself so I'm sure I won't go into a tantrum so soon. Anyways, I've reached the place. The place I was talking about which would benefit me more than the 'experience heaven'.

What could this place be you may ask?

Well, it's the...

Experience haven for evolved sticks!

And now your expectations have gone downhill, and that's great. Anyways, I'll benefit a lot from here since it'll take me a lot more time to max my level out if I grinded in the other place.

Why? When you evolve, species that are of a lower evolution than you will give out less experience than species that are of the same evolution as you.

Also, this place is surrounded with trees and other wooden things?

What does that mean?

That means it's time to grind levels with [Stick Siphoning] on full power!
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    《IRAAS but it's dropped》