IRAAS but it's dropped
8 Perks of Evolving
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IRAAS but it's dropped
Author :TrueDawn
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8 Perks of Evolving


[Wind Branch] has been chosen.

Once accepted, [Aurus–Twig] will evolve into [Aurus–Wind Branch]. Would you like to continue?


'Yes,' I respond since I'd have to progress either way.


[Aurus] has accepted.

Evolution process ongoing...


With that done, it's just a matter of time before I end up becoming stronger...wait.

All of a sudden, I can feel like there's some sort of heavenly power trying to remove my soul from my stick body. I don't know why this is happening, but does this have something to do with me evolving?


Wait, what sound was that? Where did that come from? That doesn't sound normal at all. Now that I think about it, why can I hear it so clearly? Does it also have something to do with me evolvi—


Oh...fuck. I think it's...the heavenly power from...awhile ago. It shot something soul...shit...

I'm gonna...fall...unconscious...see you...later...

I guess...?


Within an unknown space in the vast expanse of the True Universe.

Shiroyuki had her brows furrowed after looking at Aurus' first choice of evolution.

"Even though I scoured his memory before giving him the choice of reincarnating as a stick, I'm surprised that he picked the same path he chose in his memory," Shiroyuki couldn't help but mutter as she thought up of plans to counter Aurus' decision.

After a while, she thought that it was futile since Aurus would still be a soul-infused stick in the end, which is enough for her to craft a Transcendent God Weapon.

'Who knows? Maybe his unique choice would bring better effects to the weapon I'll craft,' Shiroyuki giggled at the thought. To an outsider, she would look like an innocent girl thinking about a funny memory, but to the other Gods, it was the complete opposite.

Becoming a God had its downsides. You needed something to do to pass the time even though you live forever. Some Gods would start planting unique herbs and trees, some Gods would kill heinous villains to make the world a better place, and some Gods...

Would torture the shit out of innocent people.

Shiroyuki was termed by the other Gods as the best weapon crafter, but she was also known by another name.

The Heretic Goddess of Despair.


Agh. How long was I...out...



Current time: 12:00:32 p.m.

Day: 5


I've been out for...around 12 hours. Well, good thing is that...I'm still at the same place where I evolved. I'm glad that no person or animal took me while I was unconscious.

It took me a few more minutes to become fully conscious. And not long after, I checked my stick body.

The first thing that set me apart from being a twig is my size. I've grown slightly larger than before, I think I've grown around 2 centimeters in radius perhaps? Other than that, I feel more sturdy and heavy.

Oh, and there's splotches of extremely faint green on my body. This is the greatest difference between me and a twig. Well me and a normal branch as well.

These green splotches are the manifestation of my [Wind Affinity] stat, the more splotches I have, the higher my [Wind Affinity] stat is.

Anyways, why do I feel like I can feel like I'm partly one with my body. Before the evolution, I didn't have this sensation at all, but now, I feel like I can see the rough shapes of the cells within my body.

Well, there's only one thing to do at this point.




[Existence Level]: Inanimate

[Grade]: C

[Species]: Wind Branch (Special)

[Level]: 1/5

[Experience]: 0/10

[HP]: 5/5

[MP]: -/-


[Toughness]: 5

[Thickness]: 5

[Density]: 5

Special Stats:

[Wind Affinity]: 5

Synchronization Rate: 20%

Unused Experience Points: 3

Unused Genesis Points: 2


Hmm...everything looks normal, except for the Synchronization Rate thing.

'Identify Synchronization Rate.'


Synchronization Rate is the level of synchronization a soul has between its body. Once the synchronization rate reaches 100%, the being is fully sentient.


Oh. It's basically the level of control I have over my body. So that's why I feel like I'm closer with my body, now I know.

Before I check my skills, let me just...

'Use all experience points.'



All unused experience points have been used.

Experience + 3.


Okay, with that taken care of, let's move onto my skills.




Thanks to [Aurus] evolving into C-grade Inanimate, the passive skill [SP Storage] has been unlocked.

SP can now be used.


Oops, I almost forgot about this. Since I evolved, this skill is included in the evolution as well. Even if I evolved into a Branch or a Long Branch, I'd get this skill as well.

Now you may ask, what is SP? SP is basically MP but instead of M for mana, it's S for stick, not stamina.

Well, moving on.


Active Skills:

[Steam Roll]

[Wind Splinter]

[Wind Infusion]

Passive Skills:

[Soul Perception I]

[SP Storage]


Okay, [Wind Splinter] and [Wind Infusion] as well. That's great.

Eh? You didn't know that [Wind Infusion] was also given to me as a gift? Well, of course you wouldn't know since you haven't played the game.

'Examine [Wind Splinter] and [Wind Infusion]'

Haah...the things I do to make you understand the game better.


[Wind Splinter] (D-grade Mortal)

[Level]: 1/3

[Experience]: 0/5

A variation of the most basic offensive skill a stick can get. Using the energy the stick has amassed in its body, the stick can manifest a wooden spike that can move over long distances.

The [Wind Affinity] stat increases the skill's damage and speed.

Cost: 2 SP

Cooldown: 5 seconds



[Wind Infusion] (D-grade Mortal)

[Level]: 1/3

[Experience]: 0/5

A supporting skill obtained by the Wind Branch species, this skill allows the stick to harness the wind energy around it and imbue it into skills and items.

Cost: 1 SP per second


So, [Wind Splinter] is pretty much my main skill for attacking, and [Wind Infusion] is my supporting skill, allowing me to move faster or attack faster since it has something to do with wind energy.

Ah, I forgot about [SP Storage].

'Examine what I just said.'


[SP Storage] (D-grade Mortal)

[Level]: 1/3

[Experience]: 0/5

With the stick's growth in size, an orifice can be created where the energy from the surroundings can be compressed and utilized to do multiple things. This is the stick point, the energy used by all sticks and evolved species of sticks.

With each level up, the orifice does not grow bigger, but the SP grows more compressed.

Current capacity: 10 SP


So yeah, that's that. I have 10 SP to use for skills and 5 HP before I die completely.

...Shit I almost forgot about one more thing.

'Open Genesis Tree!' the part where shit gets real.


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