IRAAS but it's dropped
5 Sticky Situation
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IRAAS but it's dropped
Author :TrueDawn
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5 Sticky Situation

So, here I am, in front of the place called the 'experience heaven' in the game back then. Even though it was just applicable for early-game, it still made grinding for a lot of players easier, including me of course.

First off, let's start with the enemies found with this place. There are three types of enemies here: the twigs, the branches, and the large branches.

The twigs are the smallest type of enemy, which also leads to its small health pool of just a measly 0.2 HP. But even though this is the case, they hurt like hell because of how fragile their body is, with them breaking into splinters and all that.

Branches are the second type of enemies found in this place, which are of course stronger than the twig in all of the attributes. They have a weaker attack compared to the twig, but their health pool is at 2 HP, twice as big as my current health pool.

Last but not the least are the large branches, these branches have different shapes and sizes, with some having a stronger attack than others while some having higher health than others. Most of the time, their health ranges between 5 to 10 HP, a health pool incredibly time-consuming for a new player to chip off.

Well let's not waste any more time, I still want to reach the existence level of a Godhood and savor it to its fullest.

I maneuver around the various sticks found throughout the area because once I collide with another stick, I'm basically forced to fight against it...which is shitty if I collide with a large branch.

It takes me a few hours until I find an enemy that suits my needs. A stray twig on the edges of the area, away from other sticks.


It takes me around half an hour to perfectly position myself in front of the twig. If one were to compare my current body to the twig, I would definitely be bigger than the twig, but even though that's the case, I can't underestimate these things.




[Level]: 1

[HP]: 0.2/0.2

~~~~~~~~ we go.


Within seconds, a green light covers my stick body and allows me to move at a speed that would usually be impossible for a stick to do. Even the rate of 1 meter per hour back then was impossible for a stick to do, but I can't really complain now, can I?

I'm trying to make this as interesting as I can for you because if you were to view this fight, it would be extremely slow. Well what could I say, the start of the game is slow, so of course, early-game fights are slow as well.

With a gap of around 2 meters between us, it took me 5 minutes just to get there with my high speed of 22 meters per hour. At my current distance, I could feel the twig's fear for me and also a hidden ferocity within it, wanting to attack me.

But maybe that's just my imagination because I'm fighting against a non-living twig. Wait, I am just making it up. These things don't have emotions, but they give me experience and they hurt as hell.

Using my big body, I used my upgraded movement technique to pretty much steamroll the twig...without literally flattening the twig.

Now you might be asking to yourself, "Eh? Why is he using his movement technique to attack? Doesn't the game offer like an attack skill for sticks?"

First of all, remember that a player in the early games is a small stick, not a human. If you think about it, it would be extremely weird for a stick to wield a sword as if it was floating in mid-air. Even though it's possible in the later stages of existence levels, it isn't possible right now.

The only asset a stick has for fighting early on is their body and their movement skill, which is possibly upgraded to a slightly advanced version of the initial skill.

Wait a second, I'm getting off-track here. Even though I'm explaining everything to you, I'm still fighting.


[Twig] has received 0.1 HP damage.

[Aurus] has received 0.1 HP damage.


Mutual destruction huh. Even though I don't feel any pain since I'm a stick, it's still disheartening to see that my previously perfect 1 HP being reduced to 0.9 HP, and that really grinds my gears, you know?

Since it attacked me, I'll just go the reverse direction.



It took a couple of minutes to completely roll over the twig again, but it was worth it.


[Twig] has received 0.1 HP damage.

[Twig] has been slain.

Experience + 1.


It has been three days since I reincarnated as a stick, and I have killed a twig. Even though it is the simplest enemy, if I had this progress in the game, people would be shocked.

Not letting the feeling of killing an enemy consume my entire stick being, I look around and find another twig that fulfills the same requirements as the first one. It took me around 2 hours to navigate through the different sticks and position myself in front of the twig once more.

It took only a couple minutes this time to kill the twig since I have better control over my stick body this time around. On the first twig, I was still deviating from my intended path but this time, I was able to roll at a somewhat straight direction.

2 down, 1 more to go.

I need to kill one more twig to level up to Level 2 and kill 5 more twigs to max out my level and evolve.

Pretty systematic for the most part, really.


It's now 8:00 p.m. as I have been rolling through the area for four hours now. I'm trying to find another twig that fulfills the same requirements so I can level up and kill more twigs, but it seems luck is not on my side this time.

Where could they be?

Thump. Thump. Thump. Thump. Thump.

5 thumps. I knew this would happen sooner or later.

I turn around and see five enemies that currently have a red bar floating over their bodies. 4 of them are twigs, while 1 of them is a branch.

Fuck. 2 HP. Even though they give more experience than twigs, they're more time-consuming to kill.

As long as I don't move, they won't chase me. These twigs and branches might be non-living, but the game usually makes these enemies chase after players if they retreat. I'm assuming these things do it as well. am I going to get out of this sticky situation?


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