IRAAS but it's dropped
3 Rolling Onward
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IRAAS but it's dropped
Author :TrueDawn
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3 Rolling Onward

It has been five hours since I've activated the [Roll] skill, who would've known that a screen would pop in front of my face—er, I mean soul?


[Roll] has been upgraded to Level 2.


Well that's great, really. Since there's another level to the [Roll] skill, I can feel like the wind around me being more helpful to pushing me along. The green glow around my body intensified slightly as well.

But then again, I've only moved like five meters from where I started. Even so, there was a difference in the surroundings.

The trees were in another order, and so were the rocks. If the trees and rocks were beside me a while ago, I'd say they're like five meters away from my stick body.

... did I become addicted to playing this game in the first place anyways?

The start of the game was painfully slow, where I even had the game running overnight, only to see a small difference the following day.

Did I really want to become a stick that badly? Or was it because it was the only unique game at the time and the idea of being a stick got me hooked?

Whatever got me onto the game, I guess I should be glad that I'm living a life that's pretty much the same as living in the game.

'Examine [Roll]'

Since there was nothing to do but continue to roll until I reach the 'experience heaven', why not check on the skill in the meantime?



[Level]: 2/3

[Experience]: 0/10

The basic movement skill for all sticks, with the help of the wind around the stick, the stick can harness this energy and turn it into movement.

Rate of movement: 3 meters per hour.


Hm. Exactly similar to the values in the game. As to how Shiro was able to get all of this, I'll never have a clue. But hey, at least I don't have to think that unpredictable situations will happen to me in the future.

With one level added to the skill, the distance I can move in one hour has been increased by two meters. And seeing that the experience it took to level the skill up before was 5 experience points, with a rate of 1 meter per hour, then I could say that this skill will reach its max level once I cross through another 30 meters.

How do I know this? Math.

In my previous life before I was killed by lightning, I used to be a nerd in Math. My classmates would always come up to me and ask for guidance on things they didn't understand. I used to help them even though I was quite anti-social. I'll never know why I did that though.

Back to the explanation, if it took me 5 meters to fill up the experience bar to level up the skill, then you could say that once a certain threshold is passed, which is the rate of movement per hour in this case, an experience point will be added.

So that means it took me 5 meters of distance to amass 5 experience points and level up the [Roll] skill.

Now with the [Roll] skill at Level 2 and it needing 10 experience points to level up to its maximum level, I guess you can figure it out.

Anyways, I'll update you once something interesting happens once more.


Within an unknown space in the vast expanse of the True Universe.

Shiroyuki was watching Aurus through a screen that was akin to a hologram. Seeing that Aurus easily adapted to his current life made her chuckle.

"Hehehehe... I'm glad I chose you Aurus."

In the midst of her looking at Aurus' experience, another screen popped up beside the screen, showing a sickly and pale face that belonged to a man.

Even though this man was sickly and pale, it was just a side-effect of the Law it cultivated, which was related to the Law of Death.

This was the God that governed over Death itself, to which all Gods knew by the name of "False Dusk."

Shiroyuki frowned for a bit before returning to her usual cheery smile.

"Hello there Dusky, what can I do for you~?"

False Dusk ignored the way Shiroyuki talked and went straight to the point. The moment he opened his mouth, a cold and lifeless voice was heard.

"Well I was just bored and wanted to talk to you about things."

False Dusk lightly smiled. Even though he smiled with a purpose to make the atmosphere comfortable, the way he smiled gave off a ghastly aura, worsening it rather than making it better.

Shiroyuki didn't mind the aura and continued to converse with False Dusk.

"Well, what do you want to talk about~?"

"I just wanted to ask you on how you create such exquisite God Weapons."

"Oh~? Well that's a trade secret because you know, I'm the only supplier of the best God Weapons in the True Universe~"

"I know that, but I wanted to craft one myself. Even though I'm a God like you, I still use a Pseudo-Archaic Weapon, which is not even close to the might of a God Weapon in terms of quality and power. I just wanted to know what kinds of materials you use, in hopes of possibly creating a true Archaic Weapon."

"An Archaic Weapon huh?" Shiroyuki lightly smiled. "I can tell you that a certain material known as the Archaic Zenith Soulwood can significantly increase the chances of successfully crafting an Archaic Weapon."

"Where do I get one?" False Dusk hurriedly asked.

"Hehe~ That's up to you to figure out~" At that moment, Shiroyuki closed the screen and continued to look at Aurus.

"I wonder how long it would take for you to mature to use you as a material for a Transcendent God Weapon?"


Ten hours have already passed since the [Roll] skill has leveled up.

First of all, I can definitely tell that it is night time. Ten hours ago, it was probably around 3 or 4 in the afternoon, but I'm sure it's night time now.

If I had a clock, this would be better.



Current time: 1:32:56 a.m.


Oh. It is night time. Well anyways, look what happened.


[Roll] has been upgraded to Level 3.

[Roll] has reached MAX level.

[Roll] can be evolved.


After 10 hours and crossing 30 meters, the experience bar was filled once again and [Roll] has reached its max level.

I don't know if I should be excited about this, but I guess I'm glad that I'm moving at a faster speed towards the 'experience heaven'.

'Examine [Roll]'



[Level]: 3/3

[Experience]: MAX

The basic movement skill for all sticks, with the help of the wind around the stick, the stick can harness this energy and turn it into movement.

Rate of movement: 5 meters per hour.

[Can be evolved]


Well that's that. The [Roll] skill has now been maxed. What do I do now? I'm not going to sleep, even though it's night time, I still feel alive and well.

But instead...

'Evolve [Roll]'


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