IRAAS but it's dropped
2 Existence Evolution System
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IRAAS but it's dropped
Author :TrueDawn
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2 Existence Evolution System

After what felt like a day or so, bright light covered my eyes. Well not really my eyes, but the eyes on my soul perhaps?

Anyways, it took a while for me to adjust to my surroundings because of the bright light. But after a while, I could see clearly.

Looking around, I could see a lot of trees and even a stream nearby. The rocks beside the stream look smooth...I think.

All of a sudden, a distant memory flashed inside my mind. It was basically this same place, but with a ton of sticks included.

'Ah,' I blurt out. 'This is what she meant by tailored to my happiness. The world I'm in is the same world as Infinite Stick Evolution.'

Maybe this is Shiroyuki—Shiro's way of apologizing to me? Letting me live as a stick in the same world as the game? I appreciate the thought but...

At that moment, I sighed. If I died in a peaceful way, then this would definitely make me happy, but the thought of my previous progress being unsalvageable makes me want to cry.

Then again, there's no use crying over spilled milk. If my life today is to be a stick rolling forever, then I should cherish it.

'Looking at the surroundings, this is exactly the place where all players start in the game, the Starting Forest.'

The Starting Forest, the beginning of a stick's journey to godhood. Sure, it may sound interesting, but the amount of time players were in this area lasted from weeks to even months! It was a slow start for everyone, of course, but for me living a new life as a stick, my previous experience could be my advantage.

Looking at my current body, it looked flimsy and thin. If some person happened to step on me, I would be dead for sure. So I need to get stronger...well sturdier.

' do I move?'

At that instant, an influx of information entered my mind. It was like a torrential storm in its ferocity, but for some reason, it didn't hurt at all. The sensation only lasted for a moment before disappearing.

After a while, a semi-transparent screen appeared in front of what appears to be where my soul is located.


[Existence Evolution System] has been enabled.

User [Aurus] has been assigned owner of the system.


'Existence Evolution System huh. Definitely brings back memories. That's the name of the interface in the game as well. Is this the bonus she was talking about?'

Thinking for a bit, I concluded that it was probably that. I feel happy...slightly. When will I get over the fact that I died? When I reach the existence level of a god again?

I shake my non-existent head. No time for that Aurus, let's just focus on the good parts of this rebirth. I have the Existence Evolution System, so that means I have access to...



Just like a snap of the finger, the content shown the screen was changed, showing me my current—well the stats of the stick I'm currently residing in.



[Existence Level]: Inanimate

[Grade]: D

[Species]: Twig

[Level]: 1/3

[Experience]: 0/3

[HP]: 1/1

[MP]: -/-


[Toughness]: 1

[Thickness]: 1

[Density]: 1


' expected. I experienced it back then but it still feels so disappointing even now.'

You might not have played Infinite Stick Evolution yet, but basically there are three stats a player should always focus on: Toughness, Thickness, and Density.

Toughness is basically the defense stat in normal MMORPGs, but in this case, this tells you the hardness of your external layer, your bark.

Thickness is the vitality stat in normal MMORPGs, the one that dictates how much HP you have. It tells you how thick your body is. I remember it being a 1:0.1 ratio in the game, 1 being the stat and 0.1 being the measurement, centimeter if I remember correctly.

And Density is the attack stat in MMORPGs. In this case, the more dense your body is, the heavier you are, and the higher the force in your attacks. That's how it works anyway.

I remember some players having extra stats like Spirit and Flexibility, but I don't know how to acquire that back then. You could say that I'm probably the only player in the game that relied on the main stats the game gave us.

Anyways, Existence Level is the amount of intelligence a being has...probably. With me being a soul, this definitely puts my Existence Level at the Animate level, but I guess it doesn't factor that in?

Oh, what's Animate level? Well it's the second Existence Level after the Inanimate level. It's my goal for now, at least.

Every Existence Level has 5 Grades, being D, C, B, A, and S respectively from lowest to highest. Once a being reached the maximum level of the S grade on a certain Existence Level, they can break through to a higher Existence Level but their grade resets to D, simple as that.

'If the Stats screen is something I can access, then I guess I can access the Skills screen as well.'

As I said this, the content on the screen changed, revealing all of the skills I have...well the few that I have.


Active Skills:


Passive Skills:

[Soul Perception I]


'Oh? I remember [Roll] being the only skill at the start of the game, but where did [Soul Perception I] come from?'

'Examine [Soul Perception I]'


[Soul Perception I]

[Level]: 1/10

[Experience]: 0/10

A skill given to those born with a stronger soul compared to others, this allows the being to sense the surroundings around it without having to directly look at it.


'Oh. I see where it came from then. This skill came from my soul. Let me check if [Roll] was changed in any way.'

'Examine [Roll]'



[Level]: 1/3

[Experience]: 0/5

The basic movement skill for all sticks, with the help of the wind around the stick, the stick can harness this energy and turn it into movement.

Rate of movement: 1 meter per hour


'It seems that it wasn't tampered in any way. I was expecting some sort of bonus here, but oh well.'

Anyways, my first plan is to evolve this [Roll] skill and allow me to go further in the same amount of time.

The players at the start of the game back then didn't know that just a few hundred meters away from the Starting Forest was an area you could call 'experience heaven.'

And that's where I'm planning to go next.

I take a deep breath in and command in my mind.


Not long after, a faint green glow started to emanate from the stick...well my body to be exact, and then I started to rotate...slowly.

Just think of it as going for a walk with a constant cool breeze blowing over your body. That's what I'm feeling at the moment.

I'll just update you when something interesting happens in my life, not like there is anything interesting happening anyway.


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