IRAAS but it's dropped
1 Prologue
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IRAAS but it's dropped
Author :TrueDawn
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1 Prologue

One stray lightning bolt was all it took to end my life.


I didn't expect to be struck by one, but it happened anyway. The result? My body was charred beyond recognition to the point where I can't even recognize my face. My house burnt into ashes, and my progress on my favorite game...gone.

But for some reason, I'm still capable of coherent thoughts. Is this some sort of side effect after getting struck by a lightning bolt? The answer is beyond me.

Well, before I continue rambling on about myself, my name is Aurus. I died at the young age of 16. And I...was addicted to games.

Well not just any game, but the game I've played for many years, Infinite Stick Evolution.

Every single day of my life, from the day it was publicly released, I contributed most of my blood, sweat, and tears into it.

And just last week, I was finally able to achieve the existence level of Godhood. You know how I felt at that time? Truly happy.

But then the next day after, I got struck by a lightning bolt and my life as a God in the game was over in a flash.

Life sucks right? Well it definitely does for me. But then again, being dead is not a bad thing at all.

You can think about anything where others won't bother you, or do anything where others won't bother you. It feels like a carefree life if you'd ask me.

But the main point is...I'm dead. I don't have a physical body, so that leaves me with presumably a soul.

Souls are always touched on by fantasy stories, but people don't really go deep into it, you know? All I know is that, souls are easy to destroy, and have a small energy pool.

Which means...

I'm gonna die. I know, I know, dying is bliss for you people out there, but trust me on this one. The feeling of death feels like shit.

Anyways, I still don't want to die, you know. So if someone out there reaches out to me saying I have another chance at life, please do it as soon as possible.

"Do you want another chance at life?"

I guess we have our first customer. Anyways, I don't really want to do yet so...


In mere seconds, a vortex appears just a few meters away from me. It has that strong suction force, so I guess this is where I get reborn?

I'm dead anyway so all or nothing...I guess.



A few minutes later, I end up inside a totally white space. The floor is white, the walls are white, even the girl in the middle is white as well. Well not pure white, but you get the point.

"It seems you have answered my call!" The girl looks at me and smiles lightly.

The thing she's looking at is my own soul right? Because I don't believe that I still have eyes even though I'm in soul form.

"Yes, yes I have. You were talking about another chance at life?" I reply.

"Indeed!" the girl smiled. "I have two options for you, the first one is to be reborn a human. The second one is to be reborn as a stick."

Hearing the last statement, a question formed inside my mind that I really wanted to ask her. "Why a stick?"

"Well, the thing that made you happy in your previous life is playing a game called Infinite Stick Evolution right?"

I nodded...I think. "Yeah. So?"

The girl frowned a bit once she heard my answer. "Why do you sound like you're disinterested?"

"It's not that I'm disinterested," I refute. "It's that, my progress in the game was all lost thanks to a fucking lightning bolt."

"Oh..." the girl understood. "Don't worry, the second choice allows you to live the same life as if you're a stick within that game!"

" this some sort of bonus before I reincarnate?"

"Yep! I won't wipe your memories as well, free of charge!"

"Well okay then, I'm ready as I could ever be. But wait... what's your name?"

"Me?" the girl lightly chuckled. "I'm Shiroyuki, the goddess of reincarnation."

"Shiroyuki, huh?" I asked. "Well thank you for giving me another chance at life Shiroyuki. Can I call you Shiro because Shiroyuki is too long."

"No problem at all! Also, I don't mind, call me Shiro-chan if you want~" she smiled and snapped her fingers. Within seconds, a vortex similar to the one I entered before appeared just beside her.

I guess this is the start of my life of becoming a stick.

I just hope the bonus is similar to the game.



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