I'm Dating an Idol
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I'm Dating an Idol
Author :DAR_WIN
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@@[After 9 years]

Sana: are you sure you want to go ?

Han: Yes mom, Don't worry i can do it

Jk: I'm sure you can do it

Han: I'm going now dad,mom

Sana: Goodluck, Say bye to your brother Eun-ja

Eun-ja[5 years old]: Bye brother!

[AMs Ent. had an audition for new boy group so han try to audition withouth his parents help and he successfully got in the ent. After a few more years he officially debuted as one of ST Kids Members]

[After 3 years]

Sana: [Crying] Han is finally debuted

Jk: why are you crying? Aren't you happy for him

Sana: I'm not crying! This is tears of joy! Go Han!

[Jeon's house]

Momo: Congrats han, hyunjin and my son!

Han/Hyunjin: Thanks Sis!

Minho: Mom stop it

Jimin: Your debut song was lit!

Taehyung: Yeah I like it very much

Han: really? actually I'm one who write the lyrics

Jimin: really? wow !

Hyunjin: yeah he's the one who write it

Momo: That's cool !

Tzuyu: Wow!

Sana: Han like to write lyrics so much

Jimin: How about eun-ja? Do you want to become an idol too just like your oppa's?

Eun-ja[8 years old]: No

Jk: [Suprised] No? then what you want to be?

Eun-ja: i want to be like Jisung oppa!

Sana: well he's an idol Baby

Eun-ja: no mommy i want to write lyrics too and Produce music

Jk/Sana: [Suprised]

Jimin: Produce music? wow, your daughter is smart

Taehyung: do you have an idol you like now?

Eun-ja: Well my idol is always be only Mommy

Sana: come here baby, [Hug her]

Eun-ja: I love you momm, daddy, oppa!

Sana/Jk/Han: I love you too ♡



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