I Am The System
5 First memory
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I Am The System
Author :M_T
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5 First memory

"sir , is Gloria alone enough to keep the village safe " asked a solider ,looking at Mike

before even Mike mange to answer him , Erin interrupted

"the boss trust in her is not unfounded "

the soldiers looked at each other . actually not all of them were together from the same village most of them were freed from goblin camps or found running , so they don't know much about the boss or Gloria because they suddenly appeared on the slave pit 7 years ago , they both seemed special in a way .

Erin remembered that day when they burned the goblin village ,and that look in Ajax eye

'cold ,yet there fire burning behind them , hope that fire doesn't burn us '


[ host there is a memories that is hidden in your brain do you want to view them ? ]

[Yes / No] cold and mechanical voice sounded in my head

i was stunned " what memories ? I can remember everyday in my life "

[people don't grow on trees . idiot ]

"...." my face was black , I was despised by a dame machine .

'people don't grow on trees '

'yes , I never thought about it where is my parent , how was I hurt that bad when I arrived here . and Gloria , when I found her she was like my shadow even in her state she protected me , and how the hell I never thought about that '

" system explain "

[ Host never thought about it because it never mattered anyway . Host had a target to reach . the mental skill modified the behaviour of the host to take advantage of his situation , and host body in this world has a mental trauma which will make your emotion highly unstable that is why system isolate them till your seal is released ]

' I can feel a cliché coming '

"will the memory viewing take a long time? "

[ No memory will be viewed very quickly ]

[view the memory ?]


I took a deep breath then I sat on my bed , closed my eyes

"start viewing "


I opened my eyes and I found a beautiful face looking at me , black hair ,blue eye , cream skin , so beautiful that you can't describe it .

" congratulation your highness it a healthy boy "

i saw a middle age man looking at the kid , then he looked at the women with a frown

" his bloodline talent is thin , no , it non-existent he is a pure blood "

I saw shock on the face of the women

" how could that be both you and my blood talent is so high ,is it not impossible "

" if he had any bloodline I would have felt it ,I wouldn't have known its grade ,but at least felt any reaction "

the man said , with tight frown .

" It doesn't matter , he is my son " the women said

" he is a pure blood, a Human pure blood , . " the man said

" so , you won't acknowledge your son ? "

the women said angry , and the world felt like it was shaking

" don't look at me like that, you know that not what I meant . he can't cultivate " the man suddenly looked scared shitless , his cold face immediately changed to apologetic smile

"so what if he can't cultivate , does anyone dare to bullies my baby huff huff "

the women said then she looked at the baby she is holding

" no one dare to bullies you " her face looked incredibly gentle .

suddenly I saw the world blurred then the women ,and the man ,the babe seemed frozen

I heard a voice

" My son " it was the voice of the man , but it didn't come from the man in front of me . the voice was commig from the world it self .

" I sense mana from you , small amount ,yet it exist" the voice sounded confused then

" ha there is hope ha ha " it burst into crazy laughter , for a few Seconds , then

" son there isn't much time don't rush to discover the past , get strong first, when you are strong enough the past will open it self for you "

[Host the memory has been halted by unexpected outer seal eliminate the seal then reopen ? ]


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    《I Am The System》