I Am The System
2 Gloria
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I Am The System
Author :M_T
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2 Gloria

"Ajax , wake up "(Alice)

opening my eyes looking at the sun I overslept it seems ,well it seem that just sleeping on the bed gave me a sense of security that I haven't felt in a long time

"good morning Alice , did Alfred send you?"(Ajax)

"Ajax , when we were escaping to the swamp 4 years ago ,and I collapsed from fever you were the one who carried me on your back , when I asked you why I wasn't a particularly good-looking women ' because we are humans ' ,then I swore that I am going to help you all my life. I spent years studying from both you and Alfred . am I qualified to help now ?"(Alice)

her sound soft yet forceful.

i looked at her,she has a weak body she is about 170 cm had a dark black hair .


[Name : Alice ]

[Rank : -]

[traits : smart , determine , strong-willed ,Resourceful ]

I nod my head

she seem happy by my approval.

" report ?" (Ajax)

" after arriving yesterday as usual 10 people were assigned to inspect the lake source , they found that the lake water is drinkable, other 10 were put to scout the area ,they found no threat in 1 km ,but were are running short on food . "(Alice)

" I will solve the food issue . gather the first squad , Kwan the blacksmith ,and call Gloria and wait by the temple " (Ajax)


'system open'

[Log : your people feel warm and safe for the first time in years , their belief and trust in you increase ,increasing your Sp by 1200 ] [total Sp :1560]


[Food ]

there is a lot of options [apples 1 kg : 1 Sp] [meat 1 kg: 5 Sp ] [rice 1 kg : 2 Sp] [grains 1 kg :0.5 Sp]

and there also some ridiculous shit like [dragon meat 1 km :1000000 Sp]

I bought meat and rice and grain spending 400 SP they appeared in [inventory ]

[ potions ]

[HP potion : 9 Sp ]

[Elixir :500]

[potion of grows :10]

[poison : 30]

I pecked up the 50 potion and 1 Elixir ,then I walked to the temple.

[location : temple]

I found Alice ,30 men and a women who covers her face and body by a cap . I open the inventory and the food appear suddenly , all of them looked at my like yes dame .

" Alice take the food , and those 8 potions . Mix the potions with the water and let every villager drink a cup tonight , and don't panic if we stay at the temple for some days ."(Ajax)

I took the last potion put it in a water container that I prepard before .

" every one take a cup ,except you Gloria "

I took my cup first then I found force running though my body I felt that all my fatigue go away all , ,the damage built up from the hunger and fatigue went away . Alice already left , so Eric the commander of the 30 men took a cup first , then Kwan the blacksmith took a cup , then the 29 men took a cup one by one. the colour return to their pale faces the looked healthier, joy surfaced on their face , although I called them an army and gave them an extra amount of food it wasn't much,but they were better than other villagers, they can run and scout .

" do you know why humans are the weakest race ?"(Ajax)

" because we don't have mana stone in our body , nor our body is strong " (Erin)

" that's right , the mana is stored in the stone , and the stone grow after training .some race are born with bigger stone than others ,some race doesn't need mana like dragons ,although they have mana they rarely use it , they just swing their tail and the sky will fall, but humans are physically

weak and the don't have a mana stone to train "(Ajax)

"Gloria "

I threw the Elixir to her

she opened her cape her face is full of scars and her left arm is missing her hair is burned ,her body is full of torture marks . she slowly drink the elixir and only her skin begin to heal fast , her scars fall and new skin emerged ,her hair fall down and grow, and her arm began to grow .

after a half an hour ,her arm grow back to normal , her body is completely healed .

she is 185 cm tall , has strong yet beautiful face , rose lips , her body is toned .

all the men watched her with their eyes wide open .

she moved closer to me , then she grip me by collar , then she kissed me violently her tongue was in my mouth , her lips were locked into mine , even when kissing her eyes were looking right into my eyes

" that was my thanks ,as a women in all the five years that I knew you ,I felt that I never looked ugly in your eyes, though I am tough ,the look in the people when looking at me made me feel diffraction you looked at me like I was normal, thank you " (Gloria)

" Gloria , I promise to make you strong , strong enough to have your revenge" (Ajax)

she put her hand on her heart

" and I promise my undying loyalty "

[Name : Gloria ]

[Rank : F ]

[skill : weapon mastery (beginner) , one vs many (beginner) , one man army lv 1]

[Trait : strong-willed , focused, unbreakable ]
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    《I Am The System》