Crazy Chick's Thoughts
190 Lesson No. 8
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Crazy Chick's Thoughts
Author :kathy_uykiat
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190 Lesson No. 8




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Transfer Calls:

---> transferring call is a form of assistance.

---> never say you can't help the customer's needs.

*Transferring Call Spiels:

"I'll be happy to connect you to our credit granting department to complete your request aside from this, is there anything I could do for you?"

Two Kinds of Transfer:

(1) Cold Transfer - "Blind Transfer" (something we do not practice.)

(2) Warm Transfer - (with transferring call spiels)

How Do We Deliver Bad News To Customers:

---> Through positive positioning.

***make a negative positive

*** accentuate the positive

Note: No one desires to hear bad news.

Type of Calls (Bad News):

1. The customer's shipment is delayed.

2. The item is unavailable

3. The package is lost

4. The order is cancelled.

5. The payment is not processed.

*** *While what you say matters, how you say it is just as significant."

Sandwich Method Call Flow:

1. Apologize/Acknowledge

2. Present the bad news

3. Offer options

When presenting bad news, you have to do the following:

(-) Empathize what you can do

---> customers will feel that they are getting something.

---> Uses phrases like, "What I can do [optional process]."

---> Avoid using trigger words

***Trigger words are phrases or words that emotionally set someone off.

Sample Spiels:

(-) "I have no idea. This is not possible I can't do [service requested]. But, I can [optional process]."

(-) "I'll find out what happened. One alternative for you could be [optional process]. What I can do is [optional process]. However [possible outcome or resolution]."






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