Cheater revenge system
33 Arc 2: NhamTa 15
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Cheater revenge system
Author :kimbroken
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33 Arc 2: NhamTa 15

The premier day of the <The Love Of Our Past Life> finally arrived. It's was a really grand opening. Many superstars from the Chaa Company had all come, even most of the influence peoples also been invited. None of them dare to not come as Tian Hao is the one who send them the 'invitation'.

"Baby....Why don't you let's me accompany you in?" Tian Hao was making a fuss in wanting NhamTa to make him be her partner in this opening ceremony. 'I want to show of my girlfriend!! I wants all those bees and butterflies know that NhamTa was his!!' Tian Hao was grumpy inside.

"In the public eyes, i and Krai Navat still dating. I'm planning on reveal my break up with him today!! If you accompany me in as my partner, the public idea about me will be bad!" NhamTa sternly explained him with her little patience. She can't failed this plan today. 'Don't you dare ruined my plan or i will skin you alive!!' NhamTa give him a warning mixed with dangerous glare and get into her own car before let's Phi Nai drive her to the opening ceremony.

Tian Hao can only sign at his fate, his baby is such a stubborn one. She never let's him help her with anything except the scripts time.

NhamTa arrived at the Grand opening of her new film. The moment she got out of the car, all the the reporters attention was shifting from Dorkmai to her.

Dorkmai had arrived before NhamTa, she feels extremely joyful as most of the reporters was paying so much attention on her. She smilingly answers all the reporters questions with her sweet voice and shyly look. She was posing for them to take a good photographs of her, when someone arrived and all the peoples attention hurry run toward the new comer. She was left in awkward posing as her attention suddenly vanished in thin air. She biting her lip trying not to curse out loud when she saw the person who stole all her limelight. 'Why is that slut always shining brightly than me? I was better than her at everthing, even her boyfriend also snatched away by me! Hump! It's won't be long before you fall from your throne.' In Dorkmai eyes she always jealous of NhamTa, her background even her boyfriend was so perfect. She thought that's NhamTa can become what she is today because of Krai Navat's fame. This is why she had used every methods to snatched him away from NhamTa. She thought that NhamTa will fell into hell the moment everyone known about their break up. She look at NhamTa with her malicious gaze as no one was paying her any attention.

NhamTa was questions by reporters one after another. She gracefully answers them with her gentle temperament, all the reporters like her the most as they always feel comfortable around her. if you asked them which superstar they liked, they will answers that it was NhamTa without hesitation.

"Miss. NhamTa, Why did you come alone? Where's Mr. Krai? Aren't the two of you always come togethers at any events?" A reporter was asking a question.

NhamTa's smile diminish, her heartbreak emotions can't be hidden from those reporters. "We didn't come togethers this time. Because--"

"Because we already broke up!" NhamTa didn't got to finished, Krai Navat pop up with Dorkmai and answers instead of NhamTa.

"What's happened? Why is the two golden couple break up? Please answers us Mr. Krai." All the reporters was suprised by the sudden news. They was frantically questions him for the reasons.

"Nothing much. We just don't fit togethers our ideas was different, so it's good to break up early and let's no one get hurt." Krai Navat answers nonchalantly and hold on Dorkmai hands tight. This goes into all the people's eyes who had presence here.

"What's do you think about his answers, Miss. NhamTa? Is there a third person in your relationships? We can't believed that's someone is blind enough to broke up with you!!" A female reporters suddenly said something that's all of the peoples here was thinking, and so they all nodding theirs head in agreement.

"Who's do you said was Blind? Such a vicious woman like her, i broke up with her is a right things to do!!" Krai Navat agitated roaring at that female reporter.

"Ahh...Sorry Mr. Krai is that 'Blind' person, is you? So did you just agree that you had cheated on Miss. NhamTa before you break up with her?" That's female reporter didn't scare of his roared. She provoking rebut to him. She also had such a boyfriend like Krai Navat, so she unconsciously hating Krai Navat and Dorkmai. She purposely leading all the peoples to think as she did.

"D-don't speak nonsensed. *Sniff I and Phi Krai only a normal friend. Please don't slander us without any proof." At first Dorkmai wanted to make NhamTa shame infront of these peoples, by letting Krai revealed their broken relationship. But things was turning against her and Krai instead, so she hurriedly faking sobbing like the female reporter was slandering her.

"Normal friend? Hey look at how intimated you two are before you using such an excuses!!" The female reporter said with a disgusting tone with Dorkmai. She really hate this type of White lotus bi*ch.

"I...I..." Dorkmai quickly pushed away Krai hands and run into the ceremony hall like someone had hurt her so painfully.

"Dorkmai!! You!! I will remember you!! Hump!" Krai left the Female reporter his words and run after Dorkmai.

Everyone shifting their attention back to NhamTa, just in time they saw how she secretly wiped her tears. Their hearts feel stuffing and painful for her.

"Miss. NhamTa! Don't worry, we will find justice for you!! How can a cheater like him still had a gut to bring his slut and trying to shame you!!" Those reporters nodding, some even had a tears in their eyes. They never thought that's their favorite superstar met such a painful love life.

"No!! Please don't shunt him out in the media!! I...I...don't wanted him to lost his popularity because of me....He already hate me enough now..." NhamTa was begging mercy for Krai Navat with her eyes brimming with tears. As for the last part she was speaking to herself but purposely let's the Female reporter who had criticized Krai heard its. "As for how his new lover is..Please report as you see how she is, don't biased because of me." NhamTa act like she can't continues this topic any longer and hurries leaved them.

"Of course...We will reported as we saw, right guy?" The female reporter looked like the leader of this peoples everyones seems to always agree with her. "Let's go inside, we still need to watch this new film and make a report" They following one another into the film hall.

The film had been screening at the supposed time. The film process as it's not a film but a real life of those on the screen. Especially the five keys figures of this film. They act so real that's make the audience couldn't help but think the actors and their role was come from their inner self. Almost all of the audiences hate Chompa in the film but also subconsciously hate Dorkmai.

Dorkmai herself also saw how Chompa character was really the same as her own. Watching is different from when she was shooting its. She didn't feels anything when she was acting, but watching the film now, she feels like her realself was showing infront of everyone. Her head was covered with sweat, she force herself not to scream at Chompa on the screen to stop acting like that.

Not only Dorkmai who had feels that way. Chaa Nunthip and Krai Navat also feels something. They feels like the king and the king's brother was blind and stupid to fall in love with such a Pretending and malicious woman. They suddenly thought about Dorkmai, and was suspicious that's she is also the same as 'Chompa'. They turned to look at the woman in the middle of them and turned to look at the screen that's also playing a scenes where the two brothers was putting Chompa in between them. When the two siblings busily pampered her, they didn't saw the satisfaction smile on her face. She look like she was enjoying the two man care very much.

The more Chaa Nunthip and Krai Navat watch the film, the more they feel like Dorkmai had been deceived them. They try to suppressed this idea by thinking that it's only a film, but the root of doubts already planted into their heart.

Lum Phalang was sitting besides NhamTa, the scenes where NhamPheng always secretly take care of him was striking his heart heavily. The more he watching the film the more his tears flow out. For him as a man and a General when he still a live, to cry was such a shameful things to do. But he can't stop himself, his memories about a woman that's he thought of not important to him appeared as the film continues. He remember the little girl who hide away and peeking at him when she first saw him. At that time he had thought she was a lovable girl. As time passed, the little girl become a woman. Because she never showed her face infront of him, that's make him concluded that she doesn't like him. So he didn't want to make her feel uncomfortable if he was around her. He started to had a crush on Chompa the day he had knows that she was tending to his wounded without even rest a bit. Her care for him increasing day by day, his crush for her also become love. To had a woman such as good as Chompa who's always taking care of him secretly without wanting any credit, was his life time happiness. This is what's he thought at that's time.

The little girl face that's always blurred in his mind had finally become clearer. When all the clouds on her face completely vanished, he saw a familiar face that he only saw for one time when he still a live. That's face was completely the same as ....

"Master!! Your are---" Lum was suprised to remember NhamPheng's face. He only saw her once when she fell into the water. And NhamPheng look the same as NhamTa, he was about to said what's he thinks but NhamTa cut him.

"No! I'm not what's you think i am. I will answer you later. For need to watch! Watch how you die....." 'How the woman you love the most pushing you to the death just to save herself....' She fixed her eyes on the screen and said with a powerful yet soft tone.

Lum was always wondering how NhamTa knew about his life much better than he himself. 'Is she really not NhamPheng? Why did she so mysterious?' Lum stopped his curious thought and focused back to thr screen.

"Your majesty!! Help me!! *Sniff He...He..wanted to **** me. I always thought of Lum as my brother but he...he..Wuuwu." On the screen Chompa was weeping in the king arms and accused Lum as a r.apist that's wanted to r.ape her.

"Don't worry my empress, even without you telling me i still kill him for daring to touch my beloved wife." The king hugging her in his arms and didn't saw her smile viciously and secretly let's out a sign of relief.

The scenes ended with NhamPheng die with regret filled her eyes, even Lum soul was forever sealed.

NhamTa didn't care about others peoples comments for the film, she only turned to Lum and asking him. "Do you believe your memories or this film? You already know i am the one who wrote it." NhamTa looking at Lum whose face stained with tears and disbelief. He was completely broke down by the truth the film show him.

"I...believed you..Master" He is not stupid any longer. He had suspicious about Chompa's personality was fake, but because of love he didn't think deeply about its. Everything in the film really do happened, it's just that's some he knows and some he didn't. He decided to believed his Master. Lum looking at NhamTa with a strange eyes since he had remembered NhamPheng's face.

"Stop looking at me with that's eyes! I'm not 'her'" NhamTa give him a dangerous gazed.


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