A Demon's Paradise
22 The Next Morning
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A Demon's Paradise
Author :FluffyKiller
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22 The Next Morning

There was a heavy sense of déjà vu as Xia Moyin woke up. She was back in her bed and unharmed. Her eyesight had reverted back to normal, she was still in one piece and wasn't even hungry.

It was a feeling that came on the very rare times in which she actually drank in her past life. The previous day was just a huge blank in her mind. From the time when she had gotten that one sip to when she had woken up this morning was gone. A heavy fog obscured the memories, and no matter how hard she concentrated she couldn't remember anything.

Her eyebrows scrunched together and she stood up, walking into the adjacent bathroom. The Moon Silk robe was covered in some sort of dried grease, hardening on the cloth and giving off a spicy smell. Her hands were covered with a mysterious animal hair and the Killer Lizard mask had reverted back to it's original appearance.

Her body felt unusually tight and full, as if she had eaten a ten course meal, making it near painful to move. She walked to the mirror and slipped off the robe to study herself. She looked almost exactly how she had looked two weeks earlier. Claws, fangs, horns and all.

The only difference was that the symbol from before[1] had shown up again. This time, however, it was on her stomach, right below her belly button, and it was a different color. It had turned a deep obsidian that shimmered when she walked, like black waves.

[The seal that spelled out 'Demon' from Chapter 6. Disappeared after she touched it and kinda told her backstory]

There was a feeling of permanence about it, like it would be there forever. When Xia Moyin touched it there was a slight warmth and the word glittered even brighter.

After making sure nothing was wrong with her outside she turned to her inside. Her body was in what could be considered perfect condition, with no physical ailments. However, the condition of her spirit power determined her overall condition and if that tanked her tangible body would soon follow.

When she looked into her dantian she discovered that not only was it in good condition, it was filled to the brim with spirit power and three sizes bigger, signifying she had broken through at least four times!

If she just sat down and took in a drop more of spirit power and circulated it once she would breakthrough into the next realm.

The ranking of cultivation in this world are listed as follows:

-Spirit Disciple

-Spirit Master

-Spirit Grandmaster

-Spirit Expert

-Spirit Lord

-Spirit King

-Spirit Emperor

-Spirit Saint

-Spirit Echelon

Each rank also had its own subcategories of low, medium, high, and peak.

She was currently at the peak of Spirit Disciple, inches away from becoming a low-ranked Spirit Master.

Xia Moyin opened her eyes and grinned, flexing her hands and circulating her spirit power. A surge of power created a red fog around her as the spirit power in the atmosphere coagulated around her, signifying her breakthough. It seemed to appear out of nowhere, suging from some unknown place.

Black City was completely starved of Spirit Power and she had gotten to the feeling of emptiness around her, so when it suddenly gathered she was slightly surprised.

The feeling coursing through her meridians was amazing, making her eyes cloud with memories.

It was so familiar that she couldn't help but look back on her past life for a moment. She used to have breakthroughs like this all the time, and the amount of times she had gone into seclusion to acheive them was numerous. She used to be the best, standing on top of the world, but now she was starting back from square one.

She shook head briefly, dispelling those thoughts from her mind. That was in the past, and she wasn't one to live anywhere but the present. Dwelling on it wasn't going to get anything done anyways. Xia Moyin went back into her room and walked downstairs.


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