A Demon's Paradise
18 Moving In
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A Demon's Paradise
Author :FluffyKiller
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18 Moving In

Xia Moyin immediately got to work, putting everything she bought in its proper place.

The living room, dining room, and the kitchen were soon furnished, filled to the brim with stylish and valuable things. Even the utensils were expensive. The pantry was full of ingredients, as was the refrigerator.

This world did have basic modern appliances, since they could be made using spirit beast cores that was attributed towards whatever is needed, though it is toned down a bit.

The third floor loft was converted into a cultivation space where she set down all of the ingredients to the cultivation technique, the whip, and a large cauldron. The master bedroom was set up, complete with a bookshelf full of new books, a bed, dresser, and closet full of clothing.

Xia Moyin had no problems spending money that she 'technically' didn't own.

The other two rooms were left untouched and empty. She wasn't planning to have guests over, nor a roommate anytime soon.

It took her only half an hour since everything was in her Cosmos Sacks and she didn't have to lug anything inside. If she put it in place that she later deemed incorrect, she could just push it into the proper place. At the end of the night, she had a stylish, fully furnished home.


The next day, at around four in the afternoon, Xia Moyin rose from her bed, finally ready. The previous night she had completely crashed, the fatigue from the past three days finally catching up with her.

She had ran nearly the length of a country and immediately gone into furnishing her new home and setting up for the next day, all in the span of a few days. No wonder she was so tired, others wouldn't have made it in the first place and even if they had, they would have passed out for days the moment they stopped moving.

The first thing she did was go up into the loft, where she had put all of the important things. There were the tubs of Heavenly Spirit Water [1] and the casks of Buzzing Fire, along with the Cosmos Sacks she had saved and the gourd she was planning to use, a large cauldron with the high level spirit beast cores next to it.

[I changed the composition of it in the earlier chapter]

In the corner there was a pile of low level cultivation materials, a piece of chalk, and the whip from the auction house. All in all, the tiny upstairs loft was quite crowded with stuff.


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