A Demon's Paradise
17 Shopping
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A Demon's Paradise
Author :FluffyKiller
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17 Shopping

About twenty minutes later Xia Moyin walked into her new abode, checking it out. The previous owner had long since moved out and cleaned out the inside. There was no furniture or ornaments, completely bare.

The previous owners had given it over to the city and left it abandoned, saying that there wasn't anyway for someone to cultivate inside of it and thus scaring off any customers they may find. A maid came through once a month to keep it up to shape, but other than that it wasn't tended to at all.

Despite it being a pretty decent house, potential buyers just shied away from it, because of the reputation it had of being a place where people couldn't do the exact thing they came to Black City to do, cultivate. Xia Moyin didn't really care about all that, figuring that it was just a tall tale, and signed anyway, much to the relief of the employee presiding over the property.

It had two bedrooms and three bathrooms, though all of them were small. The first floor was dominated by the giant kitchen and living room, squishing the bedrooms into the second floor, with a loft adding extra square footage in the attic. Many others would consider this a medium to large sized house, but not Xia Moyin. In her eyes, it looked like a closet. A very cute closet, but a closet nonetheless.

As she looked through this home, she couldn't help but admire the potential and work put into the house. The floors were made of a sort of hardwood that was tougher than most, and there wasn't a rotten board or dull scratch in sight despite it being neglected for who knows how long. The outside was made of a dark stone brick that shined with spirit power, and the inside was lined with something similar to drywall but tougher and harder to break.

Spirit power didn't work for living things in Black City, but inanimate objects still retained its power, even though it was depleted by a lot. However, for a piece of wood or a stone to keep it's power for that long without being replenished was practically impossible without outside Help. But there were no arrays drawn anywhere, so it must have just been that powerful the entire time.

As long as she added some cosmetics and cleaned it up a bit, this would be a very beautiful home. Subconsciously she was already planning the layout in her mind, where everything would go and the proper coloring to go along with it, how it would fit into her budget and the shops she had seen on her way there that sold them.

In her past life she had gone all out on her house, completely blowing her budget and coming out with a house that billionaires would be envious of. Now would be no different.

She checked her Cosmos Sacks. She had less than five hundred gold coins, not nearly enough to get the things she was thinking of. A sinister smile brightened her face as her gaze darkened.

She would have to go hunting.


Three hours, ten furniture shops, thirteen decor shops, two Cosmos Sacks and fifteen broke rich guys later, Xia Moyin had bought everything she needed, plus extra. Her hands were full of all the bags that couldn't fit in her Cosmos Sacks, giving her an appearance similar to that of a teenager who had just blown all her money on useless stuff, which technically she was.



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