A Demon's Paradise
16 Broke
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A Demon's Paradise
Author :FluffyKiller
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16 Broke

Xia Moyin had been so busy with trying to get away from the Moon Empire, the changes in her body, researching her lineage and focusing on the cultivation technique that she had completely forgotten about the priceless weapon stored in her Cosmos Sack. It was off to the side, waiting to be picked up whenever she was ready.

Her eyes narrowed, thinking of her next move. Bringing out an item like that whip in an inn or a hotel was too dangerous. It had no protection whatsoever and she would be completely vulnerable. The spirit power locked up in the whip and in the cultivation technique were enough to notify the entire city that someone had found something nice, and everyone would come running. Even though there was no spirit power here and the pressure stopped them from using it, people could still sense spirit power, and the fluctuations alone were enough to have thousands of ruffians knocking at her door.

She would have to have a residence that she could easily defend, and that she wouldn't have to worry about nosy neighbors popping in every five seconds. Where no one would question her if she stayed inside for multiple days. Where she could set up defenses permanently and not worry about someone snooping around without being obvious.

Xia Moyin asked for some directions from a store owner and set off to the center of the city, towards city hall.


Xia Moyin shuffled through the city hall of Black City, her heart crying.

When she had walked in, she had had the full intentions of getting the deed to a small home and buying it quickly before moving on so she could have some extra time to go shopping for furniture and whatnot. However, the moment she started looking at decent sized houses, she realized something.

Every last one of them was outrageously expensive!

In the capital of the Moon Empire, in the most expensive part of town, a hundred thousand gold coins was easily enough to pay off an unreasonably large home. That same house in Black City, could cost five times as much! A small cottage could be nearly five thousand gold coins here versus one thousand anywhere else!

Xia Moyin was feeling very aggrieved in her heart, and her wallet was throbbing in pain. She could easily afford it, even though she would have to plunder a bit more to make it work, she could still do it. It was just the fact that she would hit her stash so bad that was killing her.

She didn't mind getting a smaller home or having to give up a bit in terms of furnishing, but the hit to her savings just made her want to cry.

After quite bit of griping and groaning on her part to get the price down, Xia Moyin finally bit the bullet and paid for it, becoming the owner of a small cottage in the northern part of the city.

As she saw the gold coins fall from her bag into the receptionist's hands, her eyes cracked a bit, showing genuine pain.

That was her hard earned money!


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