A Demon's Paradise
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A Demon's Paradise
Author :FluffyKiller
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The buildings that Xia Moyin could see from her standpoint were all hulking and solid, looming above her and dominating the sky. Most of them were at least twenty meters tall and made out of a stone similar to but of a lighter hue than that of the city walls.

On the outside, Black City was so quiet that it was as if it had no people and was completely deserted. But the moment she entered the city, she could see that not only was Black City not deserted, it was overcrowded!

People were everywhere, walking down the streets, entering and exiting shops, talking, shouting, hawking their wares. It had a very lively appearance. The scene looked very much like the capital of the Moon Empire.

Xia Moyin started to tour a bit by herself, looking in the various shops and the people in general. The city guard had ditched her to go back for the persons in the carriage, so there was no one to lead her around.

Most of the stores seemed to hold weapons and ingredients suitable for cultivation, with a few restaurants and grocery stores here and there. A few clothes shops, a few furniture places, but not much else. The majority of the space was taken up by the weapons shops and smithy's, where people were going in and out of them like bees in a hive.

She browsed leisurely, noting down the things of true value in her mind before moving on. Occasionally she would take a few extra minutes to look around a shop before going to the next one, not touching anything.

For the first time since she had transmigrated to this world, Xia Moyin actually had some free time. It was a very weird feeling for her, coming down from her busybody high and actually being able to relax a bit.

At this moment, she didn't really have anything to do. She didn't need to worry about immediate lodging because of the various inns that were just down the street. She had clothes on her back and food in her bag. All the really needed to hurry up on was the cauldron needed to mix the ingredients for her to cultivate. That was it.

As Xia Moyin looked through weapons in a shop about a block from the city wall, a memory niggled at the back of her mind.

The whip she had picked up in the auction house was still with her, hiding away in her Cosmos Sack.


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