A Demon's Paradise
14 The Corridor
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A Demon's Paradise
Author :FluffyKiller
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14 The Corridor

@@As Xia Moyin was led through the wall, something very queer began to happen.

The Spirit Power around her thinned out, going from a practical pool of power to wisps found here and there, shrinking down until it finally disappeared. The feeling of emptiness around her was glaringly obvious, and she shivered slightly at its absence.

The gravity seemed to increase on her consciousness, weighing her down. She previously felt perfectly fine, almost to the point of being energetic. Now she felt like she was walking through mud, though her actual body wasn't impeded at all. It instead affected her dantian and meridians, dragging them down and restraining her soul.

Xia Moyin paled slightly and slowed down, trying to control herself. This feeling was very weird and a bit unnerving, though not unbearable.

The guard led her through, frequently glancing back at her and gauging her reaction. Some people directly collapsed the moment they stepped past the threshold while others had no problem.

This kid didn't look very strong, and it took a certain amount of mental and physical prowess to bear the pressure and the lack of spirit power. If you were used to it it was no big deal, but if you had just entered the city it was very difficult to adapt to.

Xia Moyin straightened her back and kept going, carrying her bag along with her, much to the guard's surprize. His eyes flashed and he looked at her a bit more closely. 'Just who is this kid?...'

He didn't pry, however. It wasn't his place to and he probably wasn't going to get a truthful answer anyway. The city guard had been doing this job for years, and there was a general rule of thumb when it came to the people entering the city: Don't ask questions and you'll stay safe. Ask questions and sleep with one eye open. So he stayed silent, leading her down the corridor and out the other side, into the city.



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